Register now for 2024 WMGC Associate Member Registration



ASSOCIATE MEMBERS:  This registration is for a GHIN handicap only for 2024; not a membership into the Wellshire Men's Golf Club as a tournament player.


Welcome to the 2024 Wellshire Associates Member Registration.  We truly appreciate your decision to become an Associate Member with the Wellshire Men's Golf Club. 


Please note the pricing for registering for a GHIN handicap thru the Wellshire Men's Golf Club and using Wellshire Golf Course as your home course:

$60 – Associate Membership


All Associate Handicap Only Members are strongly encouraged to use the GHIN App or to enter any scores into GHIN and when doing so, USE the HOLE-BY-HOLE method of entry (you need only input your actual gross score and GHIN will calculate the correct score on each hole to use for handicap posting purposes) and post the score timely on the date of actual play.  This will help with ensuring handicap accuracy of your GHIN handicap.


All members registering, both Tournament Players Club and Associates, will use a Guest Registration and require a Golf Genius login.  To create a Golf Genius (GG) login it will use your email as your ID and ask you to create a password. You need this login for registration purposes only, nothing more.


NOTE - If you had a GHIN last year (at Wellshire or another club) and are changing your email address this year or are new to GHIN or reactivating a GHIN number from before 2024, then you will need to set up or change your Digital Profile in GHIN.  Please contact Todd Jansen, Handicap Chair, at regarding the same.


To complete registration you will need:

  • A valid email address (that is unique in GHIN and is the same email that you will use to create your digital profile in GHIN)
  • Credit Card
  • GHIN number if you've had one in the last 2 to 3 seasons- or leave the GHIN field blank if you do not have a prior GHIN number


We also suggest that you review and consider joining the Wellshire Men’s Golf Club (WMGC) to play in our competitive tournament schedule.  We offer flighted tournaments, multiple different tournament formats and membership discounts at Wellshire Golf Course. Your GHIN handicap fee is also included in the league registration fee. If joining as a Tournament Player is an option, please visit our web site at on the home page for the New Member requirements, Information Guide and the 2023 Tournament Schedule. 



Again, we truly appreciate your decision to become an Associate Member with WMGC.  Please contact Todd Jansen with any questions you have regarding Associate Membership at