Welcome to the 2024 Team Match Play Registration



Welcome the the Wellshire Men's Golf Club (WMGC) 2023 Match Play sign up.  Below you will find details on Team Match Play formats.


  • Team Net Tournament ($42):  There will be two (2) flights for this season! The Bronze tees will be used for the "A" Flight and Gold tees for the "B" Flight. If you sign up for Team MP and need a partner, we will try to pair you but cannot guarantee we will be successful. Please ask around amongst the membership to find a partner. 


Please note the dates and requirements for participation in the Match Play format.  


Additional Details:


Registration - Opens on February 4th and close on April 15th at 11 PM. 


Payment -  Payment will be made through the WMGC Golf Genius online service.  


Dates - Match Play dates for each rounds completion will be determined by the Match Play Director once signup is concluded.  Brackets and dates will be available for view on the league web page by April 16th.  


Handicap -  The handicap to be used for each match will be determined by your Club "Playing Index" at the time of the match (available on Golf Genius under the Handicaps tab or posted at Wellshire on the Club bulletin board).  Please refer to the 2023 WMGC Handicap Guidelines and Information and the Match Play Rules which will be provided at the time the brackets are issued.   Posting of scores on the date of play of the match is very important, therefore it is imperative that you email/text your legible scorecard with all the required information concerning the match to Todd Jansen, Handicap Chairman (wmgchandicapcc@gmail.com or 303-475-6242) on the day the match was played.  Please use the match play scorecard to be provided by the Club for all matches. NEW THIS SEASON - The winner of the match is the responsible party for submitting the official and final scorecard of the match to Todd Jansen. 


Team Match Play Scoring - Net Match Handicaps will be established by wheeling off the low man in the match.  For example:  in a match with net handicaps of 4, 7, 10 and 15, the player with a 4-handicap will receive (0) strokes, the 7-handicap (3) strokes, the 10-handicap (6) strokes and the 15-handicap will receive (11) strokes on the lowest course handicap holes. 


Payout - Prize money will be awarded to the top four finishers in each flight.


POY Points - In 2023, POY points will be limited to a max of 2 points per registration even if you register for Gross, Team and Individual. Additional POY points will be awarded for winning Match Play


Scoring   Important, Once the match is decided – You must continue keeping an accurate score for the entire round if you continue to play the course ( If you continue to play after the match is decided but do not complete all 18 holes, then you must keep an accurate score until the hole you last complete and the handicap committee will fill in scores for the holes not played ).  USE THE GIBSON SCORECARD FOR ALL MATCH PLAY MATCHES. The Gibson scorecard can be found under "MP/SLBB" in the member portal "Gibson Match Play Score Card". Instruction on how to use inside of the Gibson Scorecard area of the portal. All scorecards: use both first and last names, the card must be signed, attested, dated and left in the WMGC envelope tacked to the bulletin board near the GHIN computer and immediately emailed/texted to Todd Jansen (see above).  DO NOT POST IN GHIN YOUR OWN MATCH PLAY SCORES. Scores will be posted by the WMGC Handicap Committee. NEW THIS SEASON - The winner of the match is the responsible party for submitting the official and final scorecard of the match to Todd Jansen. 


Other Considerations

- Please be considerate of other players in the Match Play Tournament and consider your availability to schedule matches throughout the entire season (May thru October) before signing up. YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE TO PLAY WEEKENDS and ask that you attempt to be available during the week. Matches must be played by the due date listed on the brackets, or both players or team, could be disqualified. 

- All tournament match guidelines, including handicaps, scoring, and posting, will be posted online.  Please review these guidelines before completing your first match, as disqualification can result from non-compliance.


Thank you for your participation!  Please email with any questions.


Steve Rooney

Match Play Director