Rules of Golf Online Learning Portal



Welcome to the CGA's Rules of Golf Resource Center. Before competing in your USGA qualifier, CGA qualifier or CGA state championship, please take a look at the updated Rules that will impact you the most this year. As you begin to play by these new Rules, you'll certainly notice a few key differences, but will also notice how much of the game remains the same.


You can navigate the pages by clicking on the "RULES OF GOLF EXPLAINED" tab and selecting a particular Rule through the drop down menu. If you are interested in further learning the Rules, click on the "CGA RULES OF GOLF SEMINARS" tab to view a list of half day seminars the CGA is hosting in the spring of 2023 at a club near you. These seminars are all open to the public and all attendees must register through the links on any given seminar pageoin order to attend.


These pages are meant to be a helpful guide to better explain many of the new changes. As everyone knows, the Rules of Golf can get complicated very quickly out on the golf course. While this online portal is meant to be a tool to help you understand and apply the Rules, there is no substitute for opening up the Rules of Golf and reading the actual book for yourself.


If there is ever a question or need for clarification, please feel free to submit your questions to the CGA by calling 303-366-4653 or emailing