Local Rule for Replacement of Club that is Broken or Significantly Damaged



Effective 4/2019




Model Local Rule G-9:


1. Local Rule G-9 for Replacement of Club that is Broken or Significantly Damaged:


Model Local Rule G-9


“Rule 4.1b(3) is modified in this way:


If a player’s club is “broken or significantly damaged” during the round by the player or caddie, except in cases of abuse, the player may replace the club with any club under Rule 4.1b(4).


When replacing a club, the player must immediately take the broken or significantly damaged club out of play, using the procedure in Rule 4.1c(1).


For the purposes of this Local Rule a club is “broken or significantly damaged” when:

➢ the shaft breaks into pieces, splinters or is bent (but not when the shaft is only dented)

➢ the club face impact area is visibly deformed (but not when the club face is only scratched)

➢ the clubhead is visibly and significantly deformed

➢ the clubhead is detached or loose from the shaft, or

➢ the grip is loose.


Exception: A club face or clubhead is not “broken or significantly damaged” solely because it is cracked.

Penalty for Breach of Local Rule – See Rule 4.1b.” (Added 4/2019)