WELCOME to the 2019 Harbour Pointe Men's Club league portal.  Members and guests alike can utilize this portal to gain access to everything from calendar of league events and results to league standings, statistics, rules of competition and much, much more.  You can also use the portal to sign up for upcoming events, and socialize with your fellow members. Thank you for being a part of the Harbour Pointe Men's Club!




(Left: 2017 HPMC Member-Member Champions Steve Graham & Jim McDonald; Right: Ron Rashell, Wayne Lauerman, Brian Conn, Rob Townsend, Caleb Kraus, Dave Castleberry, Keith Coleman, Bruce Patrick, Chris Coleman, Chris Bercot, Sean Veighey, John Wardlaw, Mike Ross, Al Gonzales & John Pfeister at the 7 Cedars 5-Man)


(Szilard Zombor, Wayne Lauerman, Ron Monaco, Mike Ross, Ted Herd, Brian Conn & Mark O'Donnell at the

2017 HPMC Member-Member)