Competition and Scoring


9-Hole Matches Within Each Flight


Teams will be divided into flights based on the USGA index (*the maximum allowable course handicap differential  between team members is 12).  *Team members can have more than a 12 stroke differential but the higher handicapped teammate will have their handicap reduced to within 12 strokes of his partner.


*Each team will play five 9-hole matches against the other teams in the flight using a best ball match play format.  There will be three matches on Saturday with shotgun starts at 8:00am, 11:00am and 2:00pm and two matches on Sunday with shotgun starts at 7:30 am and 10:30 am.


Scoring.  A total of 10 points will be awarded for each 9-hole match as follows:


1 point for winning a hole                             ½ point for tying a hole

1 point for winning a match                         ½ point for tying a match


The team with the most accumulated points within each flight and three Wild Card Teams (the team with highest point total after flight winners from Flights A-C, D-F & G-I) will qualify for the Final 9.


Handicaps.  Indexes from the June 15th revision will be used for the event. Handicap strokes will be played off the low player in the group and will be assigned as listed on the scorecard. Half strokes will be in effect.



White Tee Players. All Players may have the option of playing from the white tees for the entire tournament. You will receive your white tee handicap minus 1 stroke per 9 hole match. You must select in advance when registering and you will be playing from the same tee for the entirety of the competition.



Tiebreakers.  The first tiebreaker within a flight is the head to head results between the tied teams.  The second tiebreaker is to re-play the 9th hole. If the match is still tied, there will be a chip-off.



Pace of Play.   While each match will consist of the full nine holes to allow each team to win the maximum points available, pace-of-play will be an important factor in the tournament.  Each match is expected to be completed within 2½ hours.  In order to maintain this pace, teams are required to concede a hole and “pick-up” when it is obvious they have lost that hole to the opposing team.  Teams that unduly impede pace-of-play may be subject to a reduction in points.



Flight Winners & Final 9 Championship


Flight Winners


The top 3 point earners from each flight will be paid as follows. Payout based on 6 team flights (Credit Book)


1st Place Points  -  50%  -  $200 per team

2nd Place Points  -  30%  -  $150 per team

3rd Place Points  -  20%  -  $100 per team



Final 9


The Final 9 will be held Sunday afternoon to determine the overall Member-Member Champions. The team with the lowest one net best ball on the Final 9 will be crowned Member-Member Champions and take home the crystal.


The flight winners from each flight and the wild card teams will compete in a 9 hole net best ball format to determine the Member-Member champions.


Players will receive 90% of their course handicap. Handicap strokes will be assigned as they fall on the scorecard. Players must play the same tees as played in matches.  Players playing the white tees will get their white tee handicap minus one stroke.


Ties for the 1st Place will be resolved by a sudden death playoff on the 9th hole.


Local Rules


We intend for all players to follow the spirit of the game and enjoy the tournament.  With this in mind, please help fellow players understand the rules by pointing out infractions before strokes are taken and continuing play.


Unless otherwise noted, the rules for this tournament follow USGA Rules.


· Summer Rules are in effect.

· Ground Under Repair will be marked with white paint. You may take relief, nearest point, (stance and club length) no closer to the hole

· “Maintained Areas” (holes 2, 3, 4, 5, 13,) See local rules

· White PVC pipes and painted white lines will indicate Out of Bounds.

· Red Stakes and lines will indicate penalty areas. (Note: the flower bed right of the pond on #10 is considered to be in the penalty area)

· Holes that run along a road with no OB stakes, Out of Bounds will be defined by the inside edge of the sidewalk

· Stones in bunkers are moveable objects Rule 24-1 Applies    


Penalties.  Any rules infraction shall be evaluated by the Rules Committee.  A rule infraction shall be enforced by disqualifying the player in question for that hole.  If the ruling is in question play a second ball and record both scores.  You are welcome to call the golf shop for advice on any ruling.


Scoring.  Scores will be recorded by the opposing twosome in your group.  The scorer shall sign the card and have it attested by one of the players he is scoring for prior to the card being turned in to the scoring table.  Each twosome is responsible for keeping an accurate hole-by-hole score for the other twosome in the their foursome.


Concession of play.   Any putt, shot or hole conceded by any team member speaks for the team, so please be aware of what you concede. The furthest team from the hole must play first.  They may play either of their balls.  Play a provisional ball to speed play, when in question.  Please be sure to place an identifiable mark on your golf balls.


Recording of Scores.  For posting purposes, all players must post an equitable score for each hole played. If you're out of the hole, then write the score you most likely would have received if you had finished the hole. If score cards do not have scores for each hole, then you'll be given par plus handicap for each hole not marked.


Posting of Scores.  The professional staff will be posting all scores.