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Championship Portal                                                   

Senior Championship Portal

Follow the links for pairings, live scoring, results and player information. You can also access the portal by using the USGA Tournament Management app on your mobile device.

To access the Championship page, login using the GGID: WSGAMBB19
To access the Senior Championship page, login using the GGID: WSGASRMBB19



All contestants must register in person with the WSGA at Canterwood G&CC prior to playing in the championship. Player Registration will be located in the breezeway outside of the pro shop during the following times:


              Wednesday, May 15:                               11:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

              Thursday, May 16:                                   7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.



Four-Ball Stroke Play (Best-Ball). The Men’s and Senior Men’s Championships are separate but run concurrently. The Men’s Championship field will be divided into three flights based on combined team course handicap. The Senior Men’s Championship field will be divided into two Senior Flights based on combined team course handicap and one Super Senior Flight (players must select this division during registration).



Tee times will be off of the #1 and #10 tees each day.  


THURSDAY, MAY 16: Round One. Pairings will be released on Thursday, May 2.
              Senior Men’s Championship:                 7:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

              Men’s Championship:                             12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Teams will be re-paired according to 18-hole gross scores for final round play. 


FRIDAY, MAY 17: Final Round

              Men’s Championship:                             7:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
              Senior Men’s Championship:                12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

WSGA-hosted lunch following the round from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.





See attached hole-by-hole yardages at the end of this document. The Men’s Championship, Senior Men’s Championship and the Super Senior Flight will all play from different yardages. Yardages are subject to change.



Contestants may play one complimentary practice round. Practice round starting times will be available after 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 15 for out of town contestants. Local contestants can play a practice round after 1:00 p.m. during the week prior on a space available basis. Contestants can call the Canterwood G&CC golf shop at (253) 851-1745 to schedule a time. All practice round times and are at the discretion of the golf shop staff. Contestants must identify themselves as WSGA Men’s or Senior Men’s Best-Ball Championship participants.



The snack bar will be open each day beginning at 7:00 a.m. with breakfast sandwiches and other grab and go items. The restaurant will open each day at 11:00 a.m. with the full menu available.



The golf shop will be open from 6:30 am. – dusk.



Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Cash is accepted in the snack bar only and not in the golf shop or restaurant.



The WSGA will host lunch for contestants on Friday, May 17 following the round from 12:00 p.m. to
3:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.     



The driving range will be open with hosted range balls from 6:30 a.m. – dusk each day.



Contestants are welcome to use the men’s locker room during the championship. Individual lockers will not be available.



The use of automotive carts during the Men’s and Senior Men’s Best-Ball Championship is permitted.  Carts have been reserved for teams who paid the $44 per day cart fee during registration. Teams who did not reserve a cart during registration will not have a cart available to use during the championship.  The use of outside private carts will not be permitted unless it is by a club member or approved in advance by the golf shop.  



To provide an equal championship platform for all competitors, the use of carts by spectators is not permitted at any time by the WSGA.



The WSGA is committed to providing an enjoyable spectator experience for people with disabilities at WSGA Championships. Requests from spectators seeking transportation onto the golf course due to a permanent disability, as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), must be submitted to a WSGA staff member on site. While spectator carts are not allowed, the WSGA will make every effort to accommodate these requests by assigning a WSGA volunteer driver based on availability. The driver will transport the spectator to viewing locations throughout the golf course, not shot-by-shot or hole-by-hole.


Spectators with transportation needs should contact the WSGA Championship Department at
(206) 526-8605 prior to the championship so that arrangements can be made to have a driver on site.


Requests due to temporary injuries or impairments will not be granted.


Only spectators who have complied with the above procedures and met the requirements will be permitted to ride. Every possible effort will be made to ensure that spectators with permanent disabilities are able to view the competition.



Host Club caddies will not be available. Players may provide their own caddie. Caddies will be required to wear a caddie bib which will be provided on the starting tee and must be turned in at the scoring table with the player’s scorecard.



Entrants must have an active GHIN number and USGA Handicap Index, issued by a WSGA member club, not exceeding 36.4 (partners' course handicaps must be within 8 strokes of one another or an adjustment will be made to the player with the higher course handicap to meet this requirement). The maximum allowable course handicap will be 36 (players above this will be reduced to meet this requirement). 

Contestants will receive 90% of their course handicap for net scoring, and receive those strokes on the appropriate handicap stroke holes.


The WSGA will update contestants’ handicap indexes as of the May 15, 2019 GHIN Handicap Revision and convert them in accordance with Canterwood Golf & Country Club’s slope rating for use during the championship.



The WSGA Championship Committee reserves the right to adjust the course handicap of any competitor in the WSGA Men’s or Senior Men’s Best-Ball Championship. A reduction of a competitor's course handicap will be based on the following criteria:


High finishers in the NET portion of the above named WSGA Championships during the past two year period will be awarded points accordingly as per the table below. Points may also be given to include a team that collects a gross division prize as the points are not limited to the 5 highest net finishers, but the 5 best net scores in the field.


For the 2019 WSGA Men’s Best-Ball Championship, reductions will be based on points accumulated from the 2017 and 2018WSGA Men’s Best-Ball Championships.


For the 2019 WSGA Senior Men’s Best-Ball Championship, reductions will be based on points accumulated from the 2017 and 2018 WSGA Senior Men’s Best-Ball Championships.


Any contestant, who accumulates 7 points over the two year period, will have their course handicap reduced by 2 strokes for use during the championship. Any contestant who accumulates more than 7 points during the two year period, will have their course handicap reduced an additional 1 stroke for each additional two points accumulated. 


In the case of a tie for one of the first 5 places, each of the team members would earn the full number of points for that placing. For example: Two teams tie for 2nd place. Each team member would earn 4 points under this system. You would not give out 3rd place points (or add 2nd & 3rd place points together and divide by 2) under this scenario. The next finisher in line after the two teams that tied would earn 2 points for the 4th place.  No fractions of points are awarded.




Total Players in the Field


Up to 20




First Place





Second Place





Third Place





Fourth Place





Fifth Place







The gross Men’s Best-Ball Champions will have their names inscribed on the Ray Koch Memorial Trophy. The gross Senior Men’s Best-Ball Champions will have their names inscribed on the Robert Ihlanfeldt Memorial Trophy. In addition, WSGA championship crystal and merchandise certificates will be presented to the overall gross and net champions in both the Men’s and Senior Men’s Championships as well as the Super Senior Flight. 

Merchandise certificates will also be awarded to high finishing gross and net teams in all flights of both championships.


NOTE: All merchandise certificates must be redeemed in the Canterwood G&CC golf shop. Merchandise certificates should be redeemed before December 31, 2019.  


Kusak crystal awards will be awarded to any contestant who scores an eagle or hole in one during the championship.



An awards ceremony will commence immediately after completion of final round play, in each championship, on Friday, May 17. The WSGA Championship crystal and merchandise certificates will be presented at this time.



The 2019 Men’s Best-Ball Champions will receive an exemption into the 2020 Men’s Best-Ball Championship and the 2020 WSGA Men’s Champion of Champions. The 2019 Senior Men’s Best-Ball Champions will receive an exemption into the 2020 Senior Men’s Best-Ball Championship and the 2020 WSGA Senior Men’s Champion of Champions. Teams must be comprised of the same players to receive the best-ball exemption.



Performance Points are not awarded for the WSGA Men’s or Senior Men’s Best-Ball Championships.



The WSGA requires that players post their adjusted tournament scores on the USGA GHIN System for handicapping purposes. 



The WSGA expects all contestants and their caddies to wear suitable attire on the host club property throughout the duration of the championship, including practice rounds. Suitable attire does not include cutoffs, short shorts, tank tops, jeans or denim of any kind or color, tee shirts, sweat pants, or unkempt clothing of any kind. Contestants must wear neat and clean slacks or Bermuda or walking shorts. Shorts must be of an appropriate length and must adhere to the dress code of the host club. Golf shirts with collars are mandatory. Hats and visors must not be worn in the clubhouse and must be worn forwards.  Shoes and socks must be worn at all times. Sandals of any kind, even sandals with soft spikes, are not allowed on the golf course at any time, including practice areas. If additional measures are required by the host club, they will be communicated to all contestants prior to the championship and must be adhered to. Gallery must adhere to the host club dress code policy. Failure to adhere to the dress code may result in disqualification and removal from the course.



Shoes with the traditionally-designed spikes (regardless of composition, i.e., ceramic, plastic, etc.) or spikes, regardless of design, comprised either entirely or partially metal (if such metal may come in contact with the course) are prohibited during the stipulated round. Penalty for breach of this condition: DISQUALIFICATION



The WSGA expects all contestants, caddies, gallery, and guests to exhibit proper conduct and behavior on the golf course and anywhere on club property during a WSGA championship. Unbecoming conduct or behavior may be grounds for immediate disqualification, at any time, from any WSGA event. The following are some examples of unbecoming conduct or behavior:

  • Repeated use of loud, abusive, and/or profane language
  • Throwing and/or breaking equipment (club, ball, etc.) in anger or frustration
  • Damaging host club, WSGA, and/or fellow contestant property
  • Public criticism or verbal abuse of host club, officials, volunteers or staff, and/or WSGA volunteers, staff or fellow contestants
  • Potential endangerment of others
  • Intentionally violating stated club policy
  • Violation of WSGA Dress Code and/or Footwear Policy
  • Other conduct deemed unbecoming


The Committee in charge of the competition shall be the sole judge of determining Conduct Code violations.



All refunds prior to the entry deadline are subject to a $10 administrative fee. Refunds are not available after the closing deadline except for documented and approved medical reasons. Refunds approved after the closing deadline, and up until round one pairings are released, are subject to a $25 administrative fee. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED AFTER ROUND ONE PAIRINGS HAVE BEEN RELEASED.


During play of the championship, a competitor must notify WSGA staff and state his need to withdraw. Entrants who unofficially withdraw (by not notifying the WSGA staff or without having sufficient reason to withdraw) will not be granted entry into any future WSGA championship for a minimum of two years.




STROKE PLAY - Revised (2019)

Rule 5.6a. Unreasonable Delay of Play states: “A player must not unreasonably delay play, either when playing a hole or between two holes.”


Rule 5.6b. Prompt Pace of Play states: “A round of golf is meant to be played at a prompt pace. Each players should recognize that his or her pace of play is likely to affect how long it will take other players to play their rounds, including both those in the player’s own group and those in following groups.”


Rule 5.6b(I). Pace of Play Recommendations states: “The player should play at a prompt pace throughout the round, including the time taken to:

  • Prepare for and make each stroke,
  • Move from one place to another between strokes, and
  • Move to the next teeing area after completing a hole.

A player should prepare in advance for the next stroke and be ready to play when it is his or her turn. When it is the player’s turn to play:

  • It is recommended that the player make the stroke in no more than 40 seconds after he or she is (or should be) able to play without interference or distractions, and
  • The player should usually be able to play more quickly than that and is encouraged to do so.”

Players are expected to adhere to the pace of play recommendations outlined in Rule 5.6b(I) as well as complete play of each check-point hole in the time determined by the on-site Championship Committee. When a group is out of position at any check-point, the players in the group are subject to penalty under these guidelines.


Check-points will be on completion (flagstick in the hole) of either the 4th, 9th, 13th and 18th holes, or the 5th, 9th, 14th and 18th holes. Exact checkpoint locations will be determined prior to the start of each event. Players will be notified of checkpoint locations on the starting tee.


Allotted Time: Flagstick in the Hole 
Maximum times to play will be determined for each day of the championship by the on-site Championship Committee. Maximum times to complete each hole will be printed on each competitor’s scorecard.  Competitors will be advised, prior to starting, of that day’s maximum time to complete the round. It is the group’s responsibility to finish each check-point within the times outlined on the scorecard or within position of the group directly in front of them. When a group falls behind – regardless of the reason – it must regain its position. Time for ball searches, rulings, and walking time between holes is included in the allotted time.


Definition “Out of Position” – Stroke Play


First Group Only: The first group is out of position if it takes more than the allotted time to complete a check-point hole (see check-point time on scorecard).


All Following Groups:
A following group is out of position if it:

(a) Takes more than the allotted time to complete a check-point hole and
(b) Completes play of a check-point hole more than 14 minutes after the preceding group completed play of that hole.


Group Out of Position
The first time a group is out of position at a check-point hole they will be issued a warning. When a group has been notified of its first breach, that group is expected to regain its position before reaching the next check-point. If that group is out of position at the next or any subsequent check-point, the group may incur the following penalties:

              • 1st breach* – warning
              • 2nd breach – one stroke penalty
              • 3rd breach – two stroke penalty
              • 4th breach – disqualification


* If a group clears the 3rd check-point without any breaches, but is out of position at the 4th check-point, the potential penalty for each player in the group is one stroke.


Any group that is out of position is subject to being monitored by a Rules Rover.


Player’s Rights 
Any player may appeal the penalty at scoring.

A player concerned about a non-responsive fellow-competitor in his group should request a Rules Rover to monitor the group in case the group is/or becomes subject to penalty under these guidelines.


Final Determination Regarding Breach / Review Process
All breaches will be reviewed at scoring by the Pace of Play Committee. If the player/group appeals the penalty, the Pace of Play Committee will consider only the following in an appeal:


(a) The player was delayed by the Committee; or
(b) The player was delayed by a circumstance beyond the control of the player or the group; or
(c) The player was delayed by another player in the group.


A player who was out of position during his round and who elects not to consult with the Pace of Play Committee to determine whether he was in breach of these guidelines is considered to have been in breach of these guidelines and to have incurred a penalty or penalties according to the above schedule of penalties.  If a group is subject to penalty, all penalties will be applied to the check-point hole where the breach occurred.



Campers and/or recreational vehicles may not be parked for use as overnight accommodations on golf course property without prior approval from the host club.



To book a hotel reservation, please use the following link – HOTEL RESERVATIONS. You will be prompted to login or create an account using your GHIN # which will allow you access to the site where you can search hotels by proximity to the course at a large discount.