Stonebridge Golf Club - Rome


September 7-8, 2019


Entries are open to male amateur golfers.  Handicap indexes listed in the current revision at the time entries close will be used in determining eligibility.  Players must have been a bona fide public course player having not held privileges of any club which does not extend playing privileges to the general public or privileges of any club maintaining its own course since January 1, 2019.   See specific eligibility requirements at the end of this document.


May 22nd  – August 21st  


144 players.  The low 72 players based on handicap index will comprise the Championship flight.  The remaining 72 players will be drawn by lottery after entries close.  The host club will receive three exemptions from the lottery.  One spot will also be reserved for each of the previous year’s flight winners.  Exempt flight winners must still file an entry.


36 holes stroke play, flighted. The field will be flighted based on handicap indexes from the August 15 revision.  All flights that include handicap indexes of 4.4 and below will play from the championship tees.  All other flights will play from the tournament set of tees. 


One practice round per player. Please call Stonebridge GC to reserve your practice round starting time after you have received your acceptance confirmation on August 22nd.  Practice round cart and range fee is $30 plus tax. Credit cards and cash will be accepted.

  • Monday-Thursday, anytime based on availability.
  • Friday-Sunday, after 1:00 p.m. based on availability.


The RED tee markers and yardages will be utilized for the championship and the BLUE GSGA tee markers will be utilized for the remaining tournament flights.  Yardages are approximate and may be adjusted due to inclement weather or other factors that may affect the playing conditions during the competition. A complete practice yardage sheet will be provided for players playing practice rounds.


The golf shop and driving range will open by 7:00 a.m. on the day of competition.


Starting times for tournament play will be assigned by the GSGA and posted at the club the day before the competition starts. You may visit for complete pairing information and starting times beginning on August 30. 


No formal registration will be held on site. Player withdraws must be called in or e-mailed to the GSGA office so that an alternate may be contacted.


Practice round cart and range fees are $30 plus tax. Cash and credit cards will be accepted. Tournament round cart and range fees are included in the championship fee. 


The GSGA Rules of Play, Pace of Play and Spectator Cart Policy shall be in effect. Click here to view policies.


Food service will be available at the grill from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  


A $30 service charge will be retained by the GSGA on all refunds granted prior to the close of entries. Entry fees will not be refunded after entries close unless there is a waiting list and your spot can be filled. Withdraws after the close of entries must be made by calling the GSGA Rules and Competitions Department at (770) 955-4272 or (800) 949-4742 or via email.


If players wish to send thanks to the host clubs upon conclusion of the tournament, click on the following link for contact information: 

Stonebridge GC


Eligibility Rule

Entries are open to amateur golfers who, since January 1 of the current year, have been bona fide public course players, and have not held privileges of any course which does not extend playing privileges to the general public.

Exceptions:  A bona fide public course player may hold incidental privileges of a course not open to the public when such privileges to the course are provided by (1) an educational institution at which he is a student, or (2) a Federal armed service of which he is a member, or (3) an industry by which he is employed.

Following are some interpretations of the eligibility rule which may be of help to you:

(a) A player whose father is a member of a private club has the privileges of the club but plays all his golf on a public course.

Interpretation:  The player is not eligible.

(b) A public links player enters military service and then has access to only a military course from which the general public is excluded.

Interpretation:  The player is eligible.

(c) A player is a public links player in his hometown.  He goes to college on January 1; between January 1 and June 1 he plays all his golf on the college golf course (which is not open to the general public) except for a couple of rounds on the public course in his hometown during spring vacation.

Interpretation:  The player is eligible.

(d) A player has membership at a private club purely on a social basis.  His social membership entitles him to six rounds of golf per year and to all other facilities of the club.  The membership is not defined as a golfing membership.  The player plays a great deal of golf, but it is played primarily at public courses.

Interpretation:  The player is ineligible on the ground that one who has privileges at a club from which the general public is excluded is ineligible, regardless of any limitation on his playing privileges.

(e) A player's parents belong to a small club which permits residents from that town to pay a green fee and play up to but not more than 5 rounds of golf a year.

Interpretation:  The player is ineligible.

(f) A player is a retired armed services representative or works at an armed services facility.  He belongs to a public links organization and plays a great deal of golf on a public golf course.  However, he also enjoys the privileges at the armed service club because of his retired status or because he is an employee there.  How much golf can he play at the armed service facility and still be eligible to enter GSGA Public Links Championship?

Answer:  Less than 50 percent.

(g) A player is a bona fide public links player.  However, for the past few years he has been either in the armed services or a student at a university, both of which have private courses that are available only to students of the university or those in the armed services.  Because he has been and will continue to be away from home for the biggest part of each year and thus plays very little golf at home, is he eligible to enter the GSGA Public Links Championship?

Answer:  Yes.

(h) A player is the superintendent at a private club and, therefore, has privileges of the course during evenings and on Mondays when the course is closed.  He also plays at XYZ Public Course.  Is he eligible for the GSGA Public Links Championship?

Answer:  No.

(i) A player works at a private club in the golf shop, dining room, or the maintenance staff.  The player does not have privileges of the course except on Mondays when the course is closed except to staff members.  Although the player plays most of his golf at a public course, he does play at the private club almost every Monday.

Interpretation:  The player is eligible.