Tuesday Team Play


Dates: April 30 through August 20 (rain dates will be added to the end of the schedule)


Dates the League Will Not Play: None


Tee Times: 4:33 PM, 4:41 PM, 4:50 PM, 4:58 PM, 5:07 PM, 5:15 PM, 5:24 PM, 5:32 PM


Description: 9 holes of best ball of two played on the front nine of our 18-hole course. Players will be issued a league handicap for equitable competition. Teams will receive one point for every match won. Each week a team can win 2 points (one for each twosome that wins). The league is set up into two 8-week halves. The eighth week of each half is a position round. Position rounds are worth double points. The winning team of the first half will play against the winning team of the second half for 1st and 2nd place of the league. The 2nd place team of the first half will play against the 2nd place team of the second half for 3rd and 4th place of the league.


Prizes: The league will pay out 4 places. Total purse to be paid out is determined by the total number of players in the league. All prizes will be in the form of pro shop credit.


1st Place

40% purse (approximately $320.00)

2nd Place

28% purse (approximately $224.00)

3rd Place

20% purse (approximately $160.00)

4th Place

12% purse (approximately $96.00)


Eligibility: The league is open to men and women and is comprised of 8 teams. Each team will need to have 4 active players each week to play for all available points.  Teams may have more than 4 players on their roster to have subs. All players must pay the $25.00 league fee to be eligible to compete.


Deadline for Entry: The league is open to the first eight teams to enter. Each team must have a minimum of 4 players but is not limited in how many players can join a team. The league must be completely full by April 24, 2018 to begin. If the league does not meet the required number of players, all monies collected for the league will be refunded.


Costs: $25.00 league fee per person includes weekly league handicap services and prize purse. Weekly green fees are as follows:


Resident card holder


VIP card holder





Sign Up: Sign up by contacting Mike Campbell at (630) 469-8180 or mcampbell@villagelinksgolf.com.