Northern California Golf Association

Foursome Championship

Poppy Ridge Golf Course

Saturday-Sunday, July 20-21, 2019

Player Information Sheet


Club Information (website/directions):                

Poppy Ridge Golf Course

4280 Greenville Rd

Livermore, CA 94550




36 holes foursome stroke play, 18 holes per day. Two players form a side and the partners play one ball. The

partners play alternately from the teeing grounds and alternately during the play of each hole. Before each round

partners need to decide who will play from the even numbered tees and who will play from the odd numbered tees.

Penalty strokes do not affect the order of play. ROUND 1: The Chardonnay course will be played as holes 1-9 and

Zinfandel will be 10-18. ROUND 2: The Merlot course will be 1-9 and Chardonnay course will be played as holes 10-18.


FLIGHTS/HANDICAPS: There will be two flights (Open and Parent/Child). Awards will be given for the overall low gross team (which can come from either flight) and first, second, and third net in both flights. The July 15th Handicap revision will be used during the competition to determine the sides’ Course Handicap. The allowance for the side is 50 percent of the partners’ combined Course Handicap. Men in both flights will play the WHITE yardage. Women in both flights will play the GOLD yardage.



Competition Schedule:

Starting times will start at 12:00pm off of hole #1 Saturday, July 20, and 7:30am off of hole #1 on Sunday, July 21. Please

click here for groupings and starting times. Please be at your assigned tee at least 10 minutes prior to your starting



AWARDS LUNCHEON: At the end of Sunday’s round (2nd Round) there will be an Awards Luncheon/BBQ for all teams from 11:30am-2:00pm. Costs for the BBQ lunch is covered with your team’s entry fee.



Practice Round Information:                                     

For practice round starting times/availability please call 925-456-8202. NCGA Member rates apply.



Cart Fee Information:                                                   

Golf carts are optional at the player’s expense. Cart rental is $17 per player. A maximum of three golf carts per group is

permitted. Push carts are permitted. Golf carts must be driven by a player with a valid driver’s license. SPECTATOR




Practice Balls:                                                                   

Provided for players during competition rounds at no cost. The golf shop and practice range will open at 6:00am.


Payment Information:  

Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted for all purchases (golf shop and food and




Food and Beverage Information:                             

The Grill will open at 6:30am on Saturday and Sunday. No outside food and beverage is permitted.



Additional Information:                                               

Prior to the first day of the event, you must make yourself familiar with the Regulations and Policies, (including 2019

NCGA Hard Card, 2019 NCGA Pace of Play Policy, and Clarification on Smart Phones).