If you plan on participating in a championship run by the Vermont Golf Association, it is important that you read the following information. It is your responsibility to know the rules and policies that govern all VGA events.


CONDITIONS OF COMPETITIONS & VGA CONDUCT: The Vermont Golf Association (VGA) reserves the right to accept or reject any entry submitted. Any act of un-sportsmanlike conduct, as written in the VGA Conduct Policy stated below, will be cause for removal from a tournament. Players who have not posted a minimum of five (5) scores in the last calendar year will be subject to having their entry rejected. Participation is at the sole discretion of the VGA. A contestant may be removed from any competition at the discretion of the VGA at any time before or during the competition. Incidents of unbecoming conduct or actions deemed to be detrimental to the image of the VGA or the “Spirit of the Game” are grounds for such removal and possible suspension from future VGA events. These include, but are not limited to the following: cheating; willful destruction of the golf course/property; public criticism of golf course or verbal abuse of VGA staff, officials, volunteers, host club staff or other contestants; club throwing and/or physical endangerment of others; offensive or excessively loud behavior; inappropriate golf attire; or other conduct deemed to be unbecoming.


TOURNAMENT ELIGIBILITY: Tournament eligibility varies per the event. Please consult the entry application of the event for these guidelines. Registration is available online for many events. If you choose to sign up online you will be able to pay by using Master Card, Visa or Discover. Registration information is available at our website, www.vtga.org.


TOURNAMENT INFORMATION: Information concerning course assignment, pairings, starting times, etc., will be available at least 4 days prior to the event and will be posted on the VGA website or at the host club. All tournament players with an email address on file will receive tournament information via e-mail.


WITHDRAWALS/NO SHOWS: Players who have applied to participate in a VGA event and wish to withdraw for any reason after the cancellation deadline must contact the VGA office at (802)-497-3897 prior to the event. Players who fail to follow this procedure will be listed as a “no show”. Repeated “no shows” by a player may result in the player’s entry for future events being rejected.


QUALIFYING: The number of spots available at each qualifying site will be determined based on the number of entries received at the entry closing date for each event listed. The final number of spots will be posted on the day of qualifying at each site.


VGA DRESS CODE: For all VGA competitions, players and caddies must be neat in appearance with respect to personal grooming and clothing. All males are required to wear shirts with collars and sleeves. Examples of attire NOT ACCEPTABLE include: short shorts, cargo shorts, athletic shorts, tank tops and t-shirts. Please be aware that some courses do not allow jeans of any kind. When in doubt, please check with the host club before the event.

WITHDRAWAL DURING A VGA EVENT: All players are expected to complete the competition which they start. Acceptable reasons for withdrawal during a competition are physical injury, illness or an emergency. Poor play is not an acceptable reason for withdrawal. A player who withdraws without an acceptable reason or without notifying VGA staff may be subject to suspension from their next VGA event. All players who start a round must return a scorecard personally to VGA staff even if they are officially withdrawing.


SCORE POSTING: The VGA will post all scores for contestants participating in our Championships.


PHOTOGRAPHIC/VIDEO: By submitting any application, the player agrees to allow the VGA to use the player’s photographic/video image for VGA media-related use(s). 2019 VGA Championship Regulations and Tournament Player’s Information


LATE ENTRIES: If a player who is not on the waiting list wishes to enter a tournament after the entry deadline, and if there is an available spot for that player, there will be an additional $10 or $25 charge depending on the event and the player must contact the VGA office at (802)-497-3897.


REFUNDS: Players withdrawing prior to the close of entries for a particular tournament will be refunded the entry fee less a 3% credit card processing fee. Players withdrawing after the close of entries and prior to the start of a tournament, will be refunded the entry fee less a cancellation fee. This cancellation fee varies depending on the type of event and is detailed on the information page provided for each specific tournament in the tournament registration program. No refunds will be given for any reason once a tournament has started.