Women's Match Play Championship


The 2019 Women's Match Play Championship will be held June 4-6th at Swope Memorial Golf Course. The entry fee is $80. The tournament will begin with an 18-hole qualifying round and then head to match play. The Championship match will be held on Thursday, June 6th.


Last year's Women's Match Play had a great championship match between 2017 Champion Lacy Shelton and Carmen Titus. Carmen Titus. Titus and Shelton went to 19 holes with Titus taking the match and the Champions title.


We look forward to another great field in 2019 and hope to grow the field as the Women's Match Play is now separate from the Girls Match Play.


See kansascitygolfer.org/ for more information and registration details. Also see Womens Match Play History by Jack Garvin for a complete history of the Kansas City Womens Match Play Championship.


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