2019 KPGA Senior Match Play Championship

Site: Hurstbourne Country Club (Final Match)

Date: Friday, September 13


(Tournament Guidelines and Policies)



The 2019 KPGA Senior Match Play Championship will consist of two separate phases of competition with the first phase consisting of players arranging their own match play competitions prior to the posted deadline for these matches. Once the all preliminary rounds including round of 16, quarter-finals, and the semi-finals the finals will be contested at Hurstbourne CC in September; date to be determined. Play begins early morning with a presentation lunch to follow.
All players must be eligible at the time of the entry deadline. If a player becomes ineligible and is not reinstated by the deadline of their next match or prior to the commencement of the championship, the player will be disqualified from the competition.



The match play seeds were determined by using the 2018 Player of the Year Points and, where needed, a blind draw. The results of each match must be reported to the KPGA Director of Competitions within 72 hours of completion of the match by email, text or phone call. Players will follow the match play bracket schedule and complete each round as indicated on the bracket chart.


Based on a field size of 32 or 16, whichever is applicable, the points distribution will be as follows:

Winner = 1500                                   Runner Up = 1050                                            3rd & 4th Place = 825              

5th – 8th Place = 575                        9th - 16th Place = 350                                       17th – 32nd Place = 225



Scheduling each match will be the responsibility of the players. There are no provisions for placement of an official or referee at any of the preliminary matches, but the players are required to consult with the host facility’s management staff to determine if any variances should be applied to the terms of the competition. The tee selection will be by agreement of the competitors. If a proper “request for a ruling” is made by either player, they will refer to the KPGA Director of Competitions for a final interpretation of the rule(s).



A match which is not completed by a scheduled deadline will cause the elimination of both players by default (except when subject to weather conditions on the final day of the deadline period, an extension of one day is allowed). If players in any match cannot schedule a time for the match, either player may default the match with notification in writing to the tournament director, tournament committee chair or the KGA-PGA, Inc. Executive Director within 72 hours of the deadline.