2019 Senior Match Play


Entry Fee: $125

Registration Deadline: April 15th at 5:00pm

Limited to the first 16 players


Matches will be posted as soon as the field is first or on June 1st.


Entrants will be divided into four geographic regions and the matches will be scheduled by blind draw inside those geographic regions.
You shouldn't have to travel very far for your first two matches.

Competition will be gross match play.  

Competitors are to arrange their own site and date to play their matches, inside the time frame established by the Tournament Committee.  A competitor not present for his match shall be deemed to have conceded the match.  If neither player is present for a designated match, the match may be rescheduled as long as it is before the deadline.  If a match cannot be played prior to the deadline, both are deemed to have forfeited and the next opponent will receive a bye. All disputes shall be resolved by the Tournament Committee and its decision shall be final. 



Round One - June 30th

Round Two - July 31st

Round Three - August 31st

Final Match - September 30th