2019 Father Daughter Championship

The Ranch Golf Club

July 30, 2019


Player Information Sheet

The Ranch Golf Club

65 Sunnyside Road
Southwick, MA 01077

(413) 569-9333

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Format:  18-hole modified foursomes - selected drive, alternate shots. Bother partners drive from their respective tees.


Rules of Play:  The Rules of Golf are in effect and are supplemented by the Mass Golf Hard Card. The Committee will provide any additional Local Rules needed at the tournament site. It is the individual player’s responsibility to know the Conditions of the Competition.  


Policies & Procedures: Please refer to the Mass Golf Policies & Procedures page.


Golf Carts, Caddies and Pull Carts: Golf carts are included in the tournament entry fee.  Players are strongly encouraged to use golf carts during the tournament round. Caddies and/or push carts are permitted.


Time of Starting: Groups will be teeing of the first tee starting at 7:30 am. Please make sure to be at your starting tee at least 10 minutes prior to your starting time to ensure that all proper instructions are received from the starter. The clock at the 1st tee is the official time.


Tees:  Fathers will be playing from the White tee markers at approximately 6,200 yards, Forward Division daughters will be playing from the Gold tees at approximately 5,000 yards, and the Champion Division daughters will be playing a White/Gold hybrid tee from approximately 5,600 yards.


Practice Rounds:  Courtesy practice round is solely at the discretion of the club and your schedule. Friday through Sunday rounds may only be played in the afternoon, and there will be a $23.00 cart fee. Please call ahead to schedule your tee time.


Golf Shop, Practice Facilities and Clubhouse:  The golf shop and clubhouse will be open 6:30 am, and the practice range will be open at 7:00 am.


Food and Beverage Services: Breakfast items will be not be available. Lunch services will be available after 11:00 am, consisting of a traditional BBQ buffet.


Scoring: Turn in scorecard at designated scoring area following your round.


Awards: There are overall (gross) winners for each division. Ties will be decided immediately by a hole by hole playoff format.