2019 Biggest Loser Handicap Challenge Rules  


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Eligibility: Entry is open to all female LPGA Amateur Golf Association members in good standing who have a verifiable USGA Handicap Index.


LPGA Amateur Golf Association Member-in-Good-Standing: Participants must be LPGA Amateur Golf Association  members with current membership processed and on record at LPGA Amateur Golf Association Headquarters. In addition, dues must be paid current at the time of registration into the Biggest Loser Handicap Challenge. At Large members are eligible to compete.


Handicaps: Players must have an established USGA Handicap Index as of the Beginning Revision Date of May 15, 2019. To establish a USGA Handicap Index, a player must post a minimum of the equivalent of five (5) 18-hole equivalent scores one day prior to a revision date (Handicaps are revised on the 1st and 15th of each month). 


Registration Deadline: May 15th, 2019.


Beginning Revision Date: May 15th, 2019  - The participant’s Handicap Index on this date will be used as the beginning point for determining improvement through the duration of the Challenge.


Ending Revision Date: November 30th, 2019 - The participant’s Handicap Index on this date will be used as the ending point for determining improvement through the duration of the Challenge.


Flights: Flights will be determined at the end of registration and will be based on the size of the field and distribution of Handicap Indexes.


Awards & Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the overall most improved player of the field and the most improved player of each flight. Overall Winner will receive a round of golf for two with LPGA Professional Brittany Lincicome*.


*Airfare, hotel and rental car fees are covered for the winner. Greens fees are covered for the winner and her guest. All other expenses are the responsibility of the winner and her guest.


Determination of Winners: Winners will be determined using the USGA recommended method for determining the most improved Player (USGA Handicap System Manual,  Appendix H). The method is as follows:


Add 12* to the player's Handicap Index at the start of the season. This is value A. Add 12 to the player's Handicap Index at the end of the season. This is value B.


Divide value A by value B, calculating to three decimal places. This is the improvement factor. The player with the highest improvement factor will receive the most improved player award.


Example: Starting Handicap Index = 22.6, Ending Handicap Index = 17.4

  Value A: 22.6 + 12 = 34.6 ;
  Value B: 17.4 + 12 = 29.4

      A / B: 34.6 / 29.4 = 1.177

   Improvement Factor: 1.177

Continue this process for every player who improved during the year. The player with the highest improvement factor is the most improved player.


*The number 12 has been determined by the USGA as equitable in gauging the improvement of players encompassing the entire spectrum of handicaps. For example, it is relatively the same improvement factor to go from a 20.0 to a 10.0 Handicap Index (improvement factor of 1.454) as it is to go from a 5.0 to a scratch, or zero Handicap Index (improvement factor of 1.416), yet the change in Handicap Index is "10" (20 - 10) versus "5" (5 - 0) strokes. The number 12 takes into consideration the level of a player's improvement rather than the net change in Handicap Index.

Breaking Ties: Ties will be determined by extending beyond three decimal places until a winner is determined.


Player A Improvement Factor (IF): 1.134 (Beg. Index = 15.1, End Index = 11.9)

Player B Improvement Factor (IF): 1.134 (Beg. Index = 31.3, End Index = 26.2)


Player A Expanded IF: 1.1339

Player B Expanded IF: 1.1335


Since Player A’s IF is larger by .0004, she is the winner.


Current Standings: Current standings will be posted periodically on the Results page of this website, beginning after the August 1, 2019 revision.

Posting Scores: In the spirit of the Handicap System, players are expected to post ALL ELIGIBLE SCORES immediately after play.


Click here to download a copy of these Rules.