Player Roster

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First Name Last Name Handle
Alec Berrey Alec Berrey
Andrew Kimbell Andrew Kimbell
Andrew Reinhardt Andrew Reinhardt
Austin Spicer Austin Spicer
Benjamin Strong Benjamin Strong
Blake Kukula Blake Kukula
Bobby Monaco Bobby Monaco
Calvin Green Calvin Green
Cameron Nicklos Cameron Nicklos
Carson Little Carson Little
Carter Lee Carter Lee
Casey Cameron Casey Cameron
Charles Sitton V Charles Sitton V
Chris Polski Chris Polski
Cole Madey Cole Madey
Collin Hodgkinson Collin Hodgkinson
Connor Johnstone Connor Johnstone
Craig Ronne Craig Ronne
Daniel Sun Daniel Sun
Danny Hext Danny Hext
Ethan Evans Ethan Evans
Evan McCurdy Evan McCurdy
Garrett Ramsey Garrett Ramsey
Greg Sanders Greg Sanders
Isaac Buerger Isaac Buerger
Jack Dukeminier Jack Dukeminier
Jack McMullin Jack McMullin
Jack Pennington Jack Pennington
Jacob West Jacob West
Jake Wiley Jake Wiley
James Kelley James Kelley
Jaxson Daskalos Jaxson Daskalos
JC Riter JC Riter
Jesse Lawrence Jesse Lawrence
John Kim John Kim
John Pollock John Pollock
Joshua Miller Joshua Miller
Joshua Wu Joshua Wu
Justin Kadin Justin Kadin
Keaton Gudz Keaton Gudz
Keith Lobis Keith Lobis
Khan Lee Khan Lee
Landon Joy Landon Joy
Matthew Werner Matthew Werner
Max Herendeen Max Herendeen
Michael Johansen Michael Johansen
Naoki Easterday Naoki Easterday
Nate Stember Nate Stember
Nicholas Ditzler Nicholas Ditzler
Nicholas Timm Nicholas Timm
Nicholas Watts Nicholas Watts
Nick Lasko Nick Lasko
Nick Soldan Nick Soldan
Nick Van Vleet Nick Van Vleet
Noah Yano Noah Yano
Oscar Kanada Oscar Kanada
Owen Mackin Owen Mackin
Patrick Horve Patrick Horve
Perry Johnson Perry Johnson
Richie Mikesell Richie Mikesell
Riley Hutchinson Riley Hutchinson
Robbie Ziegler Robbie Ziegler
Ryan Ho Ryan Ho
Samuel Pyon Samuel Pyon
Scott Owen Scott Owen
Scotty Kennon Scotty Kennon
Tom Sponheim Tom Sponheim
Trevor Harding Trevor Harding
Trevor Yu Trevor Yu
Victor Choi Victor Choi
William Fleck William Fleck
Zaahidali Nathu Zaahidali Nathu