Current Alternate Rankings


1. Mitch Winzer

2. Nick Venditto

3. Benton Williams

4. Clay Anderson

5. Griffin Plumb

6. Ryan Mitts

7. Jacob Cook

8. Michael McAdams

9. Michael Cantwell

10. Billy Cason

11. Nick Stivers



The following information details the process of how alternate players will gain access to the Kentucky Open championship field if an exempt or qualifying participant withdraws from the field.


  • The field will consist of exempt players and players which have qualified during the preliminary qualifying rounds.


  • Several qualifying rounds will be conducted at various sites across the commonwealth to determine the balance of the field. Three alternates will be determined at these sites and listed in order of rank.


  • If a qualifier from one of these sites withdraws prior to the start of the championship, the spot will be offered to the highest ranked alternate available from that same site.


  • If an exempt contestant withdraws prior to the championship, the highest ranked alternate from the qualifying site with the largest field will be offered that spot. If the spot is not filled by that selection, the spot goes to the highest ranked alternate from the next largest qualifying field and so on.


  • On Friday at 5:00 p.m. EDT preceding championship week, this process will be closed. At that time a numerical alternate list will be determined and posted on the KPGA website using the following format:


  1. The highest rank alternate from all qualifying sites in order of field size and not already in the championship will be listed in order until all alternates are accounted for.


  1. The top three alternates listed will be notified of their position and will be invited to participate in the official practice round on Monday of championship week.


  1. If a championship contestant withdraws after the Friday deadline or there is an open spot created by other means, the 1st alternate from the list will be invited to participate in the championship. Any further withdraws will be treated in a like manner.