Junior Tour

In order to join the SDGA Junior Tour, make sure that you have created your Player Profile and have signed in to your account. Once your membership fee is processed, you may register for events in a seperate transaction.  Each event is $10.   You may add or remove events from your schedule prior to the event deadline, and if space is available in your division.  Event Registration is now available. 

SDGA - Sanford Golf Series + JR Tour

In order to join the SDGA | Sanford Golf Series, you must first create your Player Profile and sign in to your account. If you are a returning member or have received an inviation to join, you will be able to pay your $99 Series membership. After your membership is paid you will be able to enter events on the Series and the SDGA Junior Tour.


If you would like to submit an application to join the series, email SDGASanfordSeries@sdga.org or call 605-376-2148.