Player Roster

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First Name Last Name H.I. Handle
Aaron Cherney 3.6 Aaron Cherney
Bob Bracht 3.8 Bob Bracht
Bobbie Nichols 17.0 Bobbie Nichols
Brandon Zasio 5.2 Brandon Zasio
Brent Fletcher 10.0 Brent Fletcher
Brent Grabinski 7.3 Brent Grabinski
Brian Kim 4.3 Brian Kim
Cameron Sjolund 3.7 Cameron Sjolund
Dale Linder 17.8 Dale Linder
David Creed 10.0 David Creed
David Duran 3.6 David Duran
David Foreman 6.1 David Foreman
David Linder 12.7 David Linder
Drew Volz 11.6 Drew Volz
Dustin Ruth 30.3 Dustin Ruth
Emery Meeks 21.9 Emery Meeks
Gary Volz 1.6 Gary Volz
Gavin Sutherland 4.2 Gavin Sutherland
Gregory Abel 15.7 Gregory Abel
James Brooks 12.0 James Brooks
Jason Aspelund 1.0 Jason Aspelund
Jason Randall 23.8 Jason Randall
Jeffrey Linder 18.3 Jeffrey Linder
Jeramie Hill 6.9 Jeramie Hill
Jim Nash 10.7 Jim Nash
Jimmy Barker 15.0 Jimmy Barker
Jon Lindbom 4.7 Jon Lindbom
Joshua Ashline 4.1 Joshua Ashline
Karen Bolton 15.4 Karen Bolton
Kristopher Grinnell 1.6 Kristopher Grinnell
Kurt Nelson 18.9 Kurt Nelson
Lance Gildea 5.8 Lance Gildea
Larry Lark 12.5 Larry Lark
Larry Mika 15.0 Larry Mika
Lee Rushton +0.2 Lee Rushton
Linden Brown 6.0 Linden Brown
Mark Linder 17.2 Mark Linder
Mark Ohrenschall 3.8 Mark Ohrenschall
Maxwell Carter +0.2 Maxwell Carter
Michael Pivar 10.2 Michael Pivar
Mike Brade 7.2 Mike Brade
Nick Metcalf 14.3 Nick Metcalf
Randall Wall 28.8 Randall Wall
Rex Noffsinger 3.9 Rex Noffsinger
Rich Sartain 8.3 Rich Sartain
Ricky Owens 0.8 Ricky Owens
Rob Glenn 9.2 Rob Glenn
Ryan Blas 9.5 Ryan Blas
Ryan Bunger 13.8 Ryan Bunger
Sam Lever 6.7 Sam Lever
Shawn Heidel 1.5 Shawn Heidel
Stanley Schultz 18.6 Stanley Schultz
Steve Brown 8.5 Steve Brown
Steve Hanson 15.2 Steve Hanson
Steven Shroyer 4.4 Steven Shroyer
Tim Lookabaugh 15.2 Tim Lookabaugh
Timothy Libby 11.1 Timothy Libby
Todd Mozzone 11.4 Todd Mozzone