The Hawaii State Golf Association Presents:

13th HSGA Four-Ball Golf Tournament





          TOURNAMENT INFO:                Ted Makalena Golf Course
                                                                 February 16, 2020 (Sunday)                A & B Flights                               1st Round
                                                                 February 22, 2020 (Saturday)             Champ, Womens, & Senior      1st Round

                                                                 February 23, 2020 (Sunday)                All Flights                                     Final Round

                                                                 Tee Times will start fom 6:52am each day

                                                                 Tournament Chairperson:  Jay Hinazumi


          FORMAT:                                   36-Hole Four-Ball Stroke Play format

            CUT:                                            All flights cut to appox 50% per flight*


            ELIGIBILITY:                                HSGA Members that are amateur golfers with an active GHIN handicap.
                                                                 GHIN Low Handicap Index (H.I.) as of February 10, 2020 will be used.


                                                                 The tournament committee reserves the right to reject or accept any application.


            TEES:                                           Women Flights will be playing from the Red Tee Markers.

                                                                 All other flights will be playing from the White Tee Markers.


            FLIGHTS:                                     Championship                   0-4.9                                     Low H.I. of players used for flight           
                                                                 A Flight                               5.0-9.9                                  Low H.I. of players used for flight           
                                                                 B Flight                               10.0 and over                      Low H.I. of players used for flight                  
                                                                 Senior Flight                      55years and older              Low H.I. of players used for flight

                                                                 Senior NET Flight              55years and older              Four-Ball Stroke play with hdcp           
                                                                 Women's Champ              0-4.9                                     Low H.I. of players used for flight

                                                                 Women's A Flight             5.0-9.9                                  Low H.I. of players used for flight

                                                                 Women's B Flight             10.0 and over                      Low H.I. of players used for flight

                                                                 Women's NET Flight        All hdcps                               Four-Ball Stroke play with hdcp

            ENTRY FEE:                                 $80.00 per 2-person Team:  (includes $7 tournament fee per person per round to golf course)

                                                                  Green Fees and Cart Fees extra, walking allowed


            ENTRY INFO:                               NOTE:  ALL PLAYERS MUST REGISTER ONLINE AS A NEW USER OF USGA TM

                                                                  REGARDLESS OF PAYMENT TYPE.  Please visit


                                                                             Credit card payments can be taken on the HSGA website               

                                                                             Mail checks to the HSGA office (see address below).
                                                                             Entry Deadline:  February 10, 2020 (A & B Flight), February 18, 2020 (Championship, Womens & Senior Flight)

                                                                             Late fee:  $25.00  *Withdrawal deadline for refund:  Monday prior to start of 1st round