2020 OJGT Kickingbird Fall Challenge


Date:  August 22-23, 2020


Format:  Events will be 36 holes in length unless stipulated otherwise.  Events will be ranked nationally as long as the ranking institution qualifications are met.  Events will be priced somewhat differently based upon the costs of play for that event. Refunds will not be made if at least 18 holes are played and tour points have been awarded.


Field:  102 Players


Eligibility:  Open to any player regardless of residence between the ages of 12-18 on the start date of the tournament.  High school graduates may participate in events until they become 19 years old or August 1st of their graduation year. High school graduates are not eligible to gain tour points. They are playing for trophies only. All players must pay annual OJGT/OGA dues of $80 prior to entering their first event.  All open regular season events must be entered prior to closing date online at okgolf.org.


Entry Fee:  $130 Regular Event (Tour Championship $145)


Entry Deadline:  August 17, 2020 - 12:00 pm


Practice Round:  None