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Past weekly TeeBirds play results for 2021. 

Listed in descending order with the most recent week at the top.


2021 TeeBirds May 6th Opening Meeting & Scramble Play at Weibring GC

Be sure to check the scores on the website for each player and/or team.


The Teebirds started the 2021 golf season!

The weather was cold and damp with times of spitting rain as the 2021 Teebird group gathered in the ISU Weibring golf course shelter. The group engaged in lively spirited conversation as we shared hot coffee, juice, other drinks, and tasty muffins. Thanks to Sandy Groves for the setup. Twenty-seven members showed for this first meeting with 27 paying the $15 dues. Appreciated was the use of the envelopes with the names on the outside. There were 3 members who did not attend and owe their dues. 

Chuck McGuire repeated the sad news of the untimely passing of our good friend and member Roger Cann. Roger served ISU for years, served as VP of ISU SUAA and was a member of the Veterans Honor Guard at meeting functions and funerals for Veteran soldiers throughout the central IL area.  Donations were received from our Teebirds in the amount of $410 and will be given to the American Legion Post #635 in Bloomington in honor of Roger. Thank you, Teebirds.

Chuck introduced our new members. They are Brent Arseneault, Larry Lyons, and Kenny Weaver. Welcome to the Teebirds!

Wayne Lockwood reported that all starter positions have been filled for the season. Please let Wayne know if you cannot make your assigned date or if there will be a substitute. Starters should arrive about a half hour (7:30 am) before the start of the match. Make team adjustments as needed. Review the format and pass out the Teebird Scorecards to each Captain and move them on their way to the first tee. 

Dave Williams thanked the Planning Committee members for their work preparing for the 2021 season. He emphasized that the main goal of our Teebirds is to have fun playing golf and enjoy each other. Dave continued to review some of the rules of play.  He emphasized avoiding slow play by playing ready golf and being aware of your pace of play. There is a 3-minute rule for searching for a lost ball. Please enter scores using Golf Genius. Note any player who had an outstanding shot on a hole and note it on the scorecard. Submit the paper scorecard to the clubhouse at the end of the match. 


Several brave golfers (13 Teebirds) teed it up in spite of the weather.

  1. The top finishing team was Dave Williams, Jim Kellogg, Larry Lowe, and Wayne Lockwood. They scorched the Weibring Links with a -5 score of 31. Way to start the season!
  2. Larry Lyons, Bob Bradley, Bob Bahnsen, Sandy groves, and Chuck McGuire managed to keep the bogies off the scorecard but made one birdie for a round of 35 for second place.
  3. Third place went to the team of Hank Campbell, Dave Strand, John Shea and Gary Klass. They posted a +1 score of 37. Their scorecard reported a 240-yard drive in the fairway for John Shea on #3. Gary Klass sank a 24-foot putt for the team birdie score of 4 on hole # 6. Their lone birdie of the round.

Prize balls go to Dave, Jim, Larry and Wayne.


Next week, May 13th, we play at Ironwood at 8 am with a Scramble format, Chuck McGuire is the starter. Thanks to all the teams for using Golf Genius to record their scores and submitting scorecards.



Past weekly TeeBirds play results for 2020. 

Listed in descending order with the most recent week at the top.


Teebirds weekly report September 24 Bramble at Weibring Final Outing


Another terrific Thursday morning as the weather was nearly perfect for this final outing for the Teebirds season. The Bramble format was the game of the day. Dave Williams had the teams formed and Golf Genius ready to accept individual Bramble scores as well as Team scores. Wayne Lockwood was our STARTER and directed golfers to assigned tees for the Shotgun start. This format assured that all groups could finish at about the same time to gather for the luncheon.


Hank Campbell came up with 12 Challenges for the 9 holes and a list was provided for each Team Captain. Signs were taken to each hole on the front 9 by our friendly staff at the Weibring Golf course. Roger Cann and Hank also provided beverages before and after the round. Sandy Groves arranged for our Lunch delivery from Avanti’s.  For all those that helped to get things going and have a fun golfing experience, a hardy THANK YOU!


PRIZE WINNERS: A table of prizes were provided by Teebird funds and by the following sponsors: Weibring Golf Club (4 rounds with carts); Bone Student Center (ISU Teeshirt); Avanti’s (3 $10 gift cards); D. Ezell (golf balls and shoe bags); ISU Teebirds (ISU scarfs, 5 Weibring pro shop $10 gift certificates); individual donors (golf balls, socks, golf tees, etc.).


Before announcing our prize winners, our guest were introduced namely Trudy Strand, Pat Grogg, Cathie Lockwood and Dawn Pote. At the end of lunch, Tom Szymoniak, Head PGA Pro at Weibring, addressed the group. He gave his background and experience before coming to ISU. He and family live in Mahomet. He is very pleased to be at ISU Weibring. Tom fielded questions dealing with changes that might be coming with the course or improvements with the clubhouse facility. He thanked the Teebirds for their season and encouraged all to forward their ideas to add to a fun playing experience for all visiting golfers. We Teebirds thank Tom and his staff for assisting us by having a fine season and helping us be safe by providing single use carts for us during this COVID situation.


Our individual MEN medal winners with scores of 38 were Bob Bradley and Dave Anderson.

Sandy Groves was the low score for WOMEN with a 44.


The best Team score of 73 was posted by Al Pote, Steve Kern, Bob Stefl and Dave Williams. A prize for each member of the Team!!


Challenge winners: Prizes filled the table. Each winner could select one item of their choice.

Hole # 1: Longest putt WOMEN- Sandy Groves   Longest putt MEN- Dave Anderson

Hole # 2: Longest drive in Fairway- Al Pote

Hole # 3: Shortest drive from the Tee box- Melinda Walker

Hole # 4: Closest to the pin in the drive- Bob Bradley

Hole # 5: Longest drive in fairway- Gary “BDC” Klass

Hole # 6: Longest putt- Al Pote

Hole # 7: Closest to pin from the Tee- Gary “Tiger” Klass

Hole # 7: Closest to pin on second shot off green- Steve Kern

Hole # 8: Closest to pin from a sand bunker- Dave Williams

Hole # 9: Longest putt Women- Jo Bahnsen   Longest Putt MEN- Dick Moore

A ticket drawing was held by Chuck McGuire. Over 20 prizes were given out.


All tickets were returned and combined for all those present. The final drawing for the four golf rounds with cart at Weibring was a ticket held by Larry Lowe! Congratulations to Larry, everybody’s best friend!


Thanks to all Teebirds, their friends and our supporters for playing and staying healthy for each other throughout season. Let’s look forward to finding new members to join our Teebird Golfers next year in addition to the return awesome 2020 golfers.


There is still opportunity to play on Thursday mornings in October.  Instructions for open play were sent out by co-leader of the Teebirds, Dave Williams, on Friday morning.  For more information go to https://isuteebirds.net/start-times-2.htm


Thank you so much!

Hank Campbell


Teebirds weekly report September 17 Texas Scramble at Weibring


The Weibring golf course hosted our TeeBirds for this week’s Texas Scramble. Bob Bahnsen was our STARTER for the 22 hardy golfers who needed to adjust to the introductory fall-type day. The six groups were reminded to play the best ball all the way to each hole while including a drive at least once from each golfer for the 9 holes. Thanks, Bob, for getting all groups off the first tee with scorecards. Those who cared to get a beverage checked out the cooler that was stocked by Roger Cann and Hank Campbell. Thanks guys!

Our TeeBird Teams scored well today with all groups finishing par or better. Scores ranged from a high of 36, even par, to the low of 32, 4 under par. Sixteen birdies were scored for all Teams! Three Teams had a member drive the # 8 hole.

  • Shooting the even par score of 36 were Chuck McGuire, Al Pote, Melinda Walker and John Walker. Al P pleased the team with his 232-yd drive on # 5. John caused some excitement by sinking a 24-ft putt for the birdie 3 on # 5. Al P again pounded the ball 230 yards to the green on # 8 leading to a birdie 3.
  • The Team of Sandy Groves, Bob Bahnsen and Gary Klass finished with 35, -1 for the 9 holes. Gary drove the green on # 8, a 250-yard drive. However, the Team only managed a par 4 on the hole.
  • Wayne Lockwood, Gary Duffy, David Strand and John Kirk came in with a 34, 2 under par. No special shots were included on their scorecard.
  • The Team of Dave Ezell, JoEllen Bahnsen, Steve Kern and Bob Bradley also came in with a 2 under 34. Steve Kern drove within 3 yards of the green on # 8 finishing the hole with a birdie 3. Reportedly, there was some sort of weird karma on hole # 3 as the team witnessed 4 lip-outs. That par was not very satisfying. So frustrating, that game of golf!
  • Roger Cann, Larry Lowe and Jim Kellogg logged a nice score of -3 or 33 for their team efforts. The scorecard was empty of notable shots.
  • The low score of -4 of 32 was a Team effort from Hank Campbell, Dick Moore, Dave Williams and Ron Smith. Birdies were made on # 3, # 4, # 6 and # 8. Ron and Hank each had 3 good drives, Dave 2 nice drives off the tee while Dick placed a drive in the middle of the fairway on # 5. Timely chips by each Team member helped, too. Ron drilled a nice 20-ft putt to birdie # 4. All agreed that it was a fun day!

PRIZE BALLS: Ron Smith, Dick Moore, Dave Williams and Hank Campbell for their fabulous 32!

Next week is our last outing at Weibring GC on September 24th. It will be a shotgun start at 9 am and a BRAMBLE format. A final luncheon will be held outside in the shelter around 11:15. There will be 12 fun challenges during the 9 holes along with some nice prizes for our Teebirds!  Please sign up for the lunch to reserve your spot. Any invited guests are welcome for this season ending event. Let’s celebrate!

Thanks for playing and staying healthy for each other throughout season.

Hank Campbell


TeeBirds weekly report September 10th BRAMBLE at Weibring GC

The Weibring golf course greeted our 19 Teebirds with cool temperatures and damp somewhat foggy conditions. With undaunted spirit our STARTER Wayne Lockwood (thanks, Wayne) coaxed the five teams to the first tee for a BRAMBLE match with a newly revised scorecard. The BRAMBLE format was formerly known as SHAMBLE but the rules are the same. Additionally, we played for the best Team score by using the two best scores of individual players per hole over the 9 holes. A shout out ‘thanks’ to our CAPTAINS for recording scores both on the scorecards and Golf Genius. It really helps with weekly reports.


Roger Cann was spot on again by providing water and a selection of soda drinks iced in a cooler for our Teebirds. Thanks go to Roger. Thanks to all Teebirds that continue to help us all be safe by wearing masks during any time in the Weibring clubhouse.  Results from the Bramble format play:

  • Gary Duffy warmed sufficiently on this chilling morning to post the best individual score of one over par 37. Good consistency paid off by having one bogie and 8 pars.
  • Al Pote and Jim Kellogg nailed down the next best scores of 38, two over par. Chuck McGuire shot well today with a 39. Rounding out the next men’s best scores were Wayne Lockwood, Dave Ezell and Gary Klass with 40’s. Three cheers for Melinda Walker for an exceptional women’s score of 44.
  • The remaining scores were: Bob Bradley 41, Steve Kern 41, Bob Stefl 41, Hank Campbell 42, Larry Lowe 42, Dick Moore 42, Bob Bahnsen 44, Dave Williams 45, Roger Cann 45, John Walker 48 and John Kirk 51. 

The Team Best Ball results were tightly contested and ranged from a low of 73 to a high of 82. The top Team of the day was Chuck McGuire, Gary Duffy, Dick Moore and Melinda Walker.

  • Showing a 74 for their efforts were Bob B, Gary K, Dave E and Bob S.
  • Third place was secured by Wayne L, Al P, Larry L and John Kirk with the Team score of 76.
  • Finishing out the Team scores were Hank C, Dave W, Jim K and Roger C digging out a 78 while John W, Steve K and Bob B had 82.

All the scorecards were blank in the space for noting special shots, drives or long putts made. Maybe the chilling effect of the weather held back some of those special shots. Better luck next week!

PRIZE BALLS: Gary Duffy was our medalist with the low score of 37 and Melinda Walker for the low women’s score of 45. The top Team with a 73 was Chuck M, Gary Duffy, Dick M and Melinda Walker. A prize ball to each Teebird! Congratulations.


Next week, back to ISU Weibring Golf Course on September 17th for a TEXAS SCRAMBLE match. Our STARTER will be Bob Bahnsen. Use this round to prepare yourself for our last outing at Weibring GC on September 24th. Note that the 24th will be a shotgun start at 9 am.


Again, all Teebirds should wear their masks while in the clubhouse and practice safe distancing, too. Drinks will be provided before and after the round. Stay healthy and safe and thanks for playing. See you next Thursday, Teebird golfers!  


Hank Campbell


Teebirds weekly report September 3 SCRAMBLE at Ironwood


Teebird golfers returned to the challenging links at Ironwood. In addition to perfect weather on another Thursday, all noticed the new electric carts available for single person use at no extra charge. Thank you, Town of Normal. Our masked Teebirds were signed in and ready to go as Larry Lowe was our starter for the TEXAS SCRAMBLE. On the way to the first tee many Teebirds grabbed a complimentary cold drink thanks to Roger Cann and Hank Campbell. Thanks, guys.


The GG Leaderboard showed that it was quite a competitive day as two Teams ‘zoomed’ in with fine scores of 32 at 4 under par. No, this was not a virtual match! This happened on the real Ironwood golf course.


  • Dave Williams, Steve Kern and Gary Klass managed their 32 scoring birdies on hole # 3, # 6, # 7 and # 8. No bogies marred the scorecard. Gary hit a 270-yd drive on # 7. Dave sank a 20-ft birdie putt on # 8.
  • John Walker, Bob Bahnsen, Al Pote and Dick Moore were a potent Team scoring the other 32 with birdies on holes; # 1, # 2, # 4 and # 6. Bob B drained a 30 ft putt to birdie # 1. John W contributed a 15-ft putt for birdie on # 2 while Dick M sank a 20-ft birdie putt on # 4.
  • Gary Duffy, JoEllen Bahnsen, Dave Ezell and Dave Anderson scrambled nicely for a 34, two under par. Gary Duffy got the round started with a solo birdie on hole # 1. Another birdie was recorded on hole #7. It was a bogie free round for the Team. Dave A did contribute a 246 yd drive on hole # 7.
  • Hank Campbell, Larry Lowe and John Kirk finished their round with a 34 score with 3 birdies and a bogie on hole # 3. Larry found some magic with his game, especially the putter. Larry sank putts for birdies of 18-ft on # 2, 29-ft on # 4 and a 12 inch on # 8. The par three # 8 birdie was due to Larry’s drive that came to rest less than a foot from the cup!
  • Wayne Lockwood, Sandy Groves, Melinda Walker and Roger Cann finished with a Team score of 39. Hopefully, they had a grand time during their round. A highlight was the group seeing Sandy sink a 40-ft putt on hole # 6 saving par for the team. Congrats, Sandy!

PRIZE BALLS: The Teams with -4 under par 32 earned their way to prize balls to each member. That would be Gary K, Steve K, Dave W, Bob B, Al P, Dick M and John Walker. Outstanding scores to match the outstanding weather!

Next week, our outing will be at ISU Weibring Golf Course on September 10th for a SHAMBLE, best drive then your on your own. Our STARTER will be John Shea.  


All Teebirds should wear their masks while in the clubhouse. Practice safe distancing, too. Drinks will be provided in a cooler. Stay healthy and safe. Thanks for playing. See you next Thursday, Teebird golfers! 

Hank Campbell


Teebirds weekly report for Aug 27 A SCRAMBLE at The Links


The Teebird golfers got a real break for their morning outing at the Links. The temperatures were in the 70’s with light humidity and overcast clouds. Thanks to our Teebird golfers who showed up with masks and an eager attitude for a fun round. While the Teebirds gathered to sign in and get their carts, John Walker, our STARTER, made some player adjustments due to a no-show. However, the first group got off the first tee a few minutes early from the 8:00 start. Thanks, John. Many Teebirds took a complimentary cold beverage for the round, too.

A heavy dew was settled on the first several greens as none of our 5 groups scored birdies on the first two holes. But 2 of our five teams managed to overcome the conditions and post scores of 27 on the par 29 course to tie for first place. The other 3 teams scored 28, 29 and 30.
Chuck McGuire, Al Pote, Steve Kern and Dick Moore were very consistent with 7 pars and 2 birdies for their round of 27. No shots or exceptional putts were recorded on the scorecard.


John Walker and Melinda Walker teamed together and were rewarded with a -2 score of 27. They attributed this, in part, to having two shots each on every hole. John had a chip-in for a birdie on hole # 3 while Melinda made a 20 ft putt on # 4 for the birdie. They had a fun time being paired together!

The second place Team finish was awarded to Dave Williams, Bob Bradley, Dave Ezell and John Shea. They posted a 28 on the scorecard for a -1. The lone birdie was a 3 on the # 6 par 4 hole. No memorable shots were posted for the Team.

Third place. Sandy Groves, Gary Klass, Larry Lowe and Dave Strand came through with an even par 29. Kudos to the team for overcoming an early bogie 4 on hole # 2 with a hard-earned birdie 3 on the tough par 4 # 6.

Zooming in to last place were Wayne Lockwood, JoEllen Bahnsen and Hank Campbell with a one over par 30. Missed putts on hole # 2 and # 4 yielded bogies. Hank contributed a tee shot on # 7 that stopped 11” from the cup. He tapped it in gaining the lone birdie for the Team.

PRIZE BALLS: All members of the two Teams scoring 27! That would be Chuck Maguire, Al Pote, Steve Kern and Dick Moore plus the POWER TEAM of the Walkers- John and Melinda! Congrats to all.

Next week, our calendar turns to the first week of September. Our outing will be at IRONWOOD Golf Course on September 3rd for the 9-hole SCRAMBLE. Our STARTER will be Larry Lowe.  All Teebirds should wear their masks while in the Ironwood clubhouse. Practice safe distancing, too. Drinks will be provided in a cooler. Stay healthy and safe. Thanks for playing. See you next Thursday, Teebird golfers!               

Hank Campbell



ISU TeeBirds Weekly Report, Aug 20: Individual play, High Five and a yard of putts at Weibring GC

Another terrific Thursday morning greeted all Teebirds at the Weibring golf course. The outing was for INDIVIDUAL play with the added HIGH FIVE scoring challenge. To keep scores in check, a YARD OF PUTTS could be used on any hole saving a putting stroke. The HIGH 5 starts on each hole by keeping the shot off the tee in the fairway giving the individual golfer 5 points. Once their ball is on the green, each putt taken to get the ball in the cup is subtracted from 5 points.


An instruction sheet, scorecard and the one-yard tape for PUTTS was presented by our STARTER, David Strand. After our masked TeeBirds finished registration and paid cart fees, the 19 golfers were directed to the first tee by David. He also reminded each group about the complimentary cold water and sodas available before and after the round. Thanks, Dave, for keeping groups moving off # 1 tee. Thanks to Roger Cann and Hank Campbell for the cold refreshments.


  • The winner of the HIGH FIVE was Wayne Lockwood with a stellar score of 30! Review of the scorecard revealed that Wayne kept his drives in the fairway during 8 of the 9 holes. Only on the second hole did Wayne fail to get started with 5 points. Outstanding effort, Wayne!
  • Gary Duffy and Roger Cann were in second place with scores of 23. Dave Anderson and Steve Kern were in 3rd place with scores of 22. Sandy had the best women’s score of 19.
  • A question about the lowest HIGH 5 scores? Gary Klass had a 3 and Dave Williams a 4. Now you know.
  • INDIVIDUAL play scores were quite good for our leading TeeBirds. Jim Kellogg and Dave Anderson tied for medalist honors with -1 scores of 35. Gary Duffy finished even par 36. Al Pote finished with 37 while Gary Klass had a +2 38 and Chuck McGuire a 39.
  • Finishing out the scoring were:  Hank Campbell 40;  Wayne Lockwood  41; John Walker 42; Larry Lowe  43;  Steve Kern 43; Bob Bahnsen  43; Dave Williams  44; Dave Strand  49; Dick Moore  49; John Shea 50; Sandy Groves  50; John Kirk  50;  Roger Cann 52.  


Some outstanding shots were reported this week. John Kirk went all out to sink a 57-ft putt on # 5. Jim Kellogg drained a 45 ft putt on # 3 for a birdie. John Walker EAGLED # 9 (2 on a par 4)! Chuck McGuire had a 241-yd drive on #5. He followed on # 6 by being on the green in 2 and scored a birdie 4. Al Pote smashed two drives on #6 that reached just off the back of the green. He finished the hole with a birdie 4. Al really hit the ball for a 260-yd drive in the fairway on # 9 leading to a birdie 3. Sandy Groves made a 20-ft putt on # 3 for her par. We all know # 3 is a tough green to putt!


Gary Duffy had a fine round going with a minus 3 until hole # 8. With a bad sand shot and others, Gary scored a triple bogie 7. His only bad hole. He finished even par 36 for the round.


PRIZE BALLS: HIGH 5 winner Wayne L (men) and Sandy G (woman). Jim Kellogg, Dave Anderson and Gary Duffy for their low scores for INDUVIDUAL play. John Kirk for making his 57-ft putt and John Walker for his EAGLE 2 on # 9.


Next week, August 20, we return to The LINKS. We will play a SCRAMBLE. John Walker will be our STARTER. All TeeBirds should continue to wear their masks at The LINKS during registration. Drinks will be provided. Stay healthy and safe. See you next Thursday, TeeBird golfers!              


Hank Campbell


ISU Teebirds Weekly Report August 13th, 2020 Weibring GC


Whoever has been coordinating the weather on Thursday mornings for Teebird golfers, let’s hope it continues through the rest of the season (six more weeks). It was a fabulous morning for the gathering of 19 Teebirds, all ready for a SHAMBLE match. Kudos to all who continue to help us be healthy and safe by wearing masks in the clubhouse and getting carts off to the first tee.


Thanks to Roger and Hank for the cold drinks to start and end our match at Weibring. Dave Williams served as our STARTER. Thank you, Dave!


All the groups were looking for that best drive, good shots to get on the greens, then nice putts with accuracy. Based on a review of the scorecards, the average group scores were 40, 40, 43, 44 and 45. The average score for 9 holes was 42 with a range of 12 (36-48). The middle score was 42 with the most frequent score of 44. However, the test of the day was to get a low score!


Our lowest Teebird golfer was Gary Klass with an even par 36. Al Pote posted a one-over 37, closely followed by Jim Kellogg with a plus 2, 38 and Dave Ezell and Gary Duffy with a 39. 


The remaining Teebirds scored 40 or more for the 9-hole scramble. They were:

Bob Stefl  40​ Dave Williams  41​ Hank Campbell  41​ John Shea  42​ Chuck McGuire  42

Steve Kern  43​ John Kirk  44​​ Roger Cann 44 ​​Larry Lowe  44​ John Walker  44

Dick More  47​ Bob Bahnsen  47​ Sandy Groves  48


The Team Best 2-Balls Score were as follows:


Score of 71:  Lockwood, McGuire, Pote, and Stefl

Score of 74:  Williams, Ezell, Kellogg, and Shea

Score of 76:  Campbell, Kern, Moore, and Duffy

Score of 78:  Groves, Kirk, and Klass

Score of 83:  Cann, Lowe, Walker, and Bahsen


Nice shots for the day: Roger had a natural birdie 2 on # 4 (par 3); Jim Kellogg drove within 10 yards of the green on # 8 where he and Dave Williams recorded birdies; Gary Klass had a 220 yd drive on # 6 and continued to birdie the par 5 hole.


PRIZE BALLS for Teebirds with scores in the 30’s. Gary K 36, Al P 37, Jim K 38, Dave E 39 and Gary D 39.

Best Ball Team:  Lockwood, McGuire, Pote, and Stefl


Next week, August 20th, we return to ISU Weibring. We will play INDIVIDUAL scores, High-Five plus a yard of putts. Dave Strand will be our STARTER.


Again, all Teebirds are required to wear their masks while in the Weibring clubhouse. Drinks will again be provided. Stay healthy and safe for our next golfing challenge. Thanks to all our fine Teebird golfers!               


Hank Campbell


ISU Teebirds Weekly Report August 6th, 2020 Weibring GC


Results of August 6th Lone Ranger Scramble

  • Wayne’s team (Wayne Lockwood, Al Pote, JoEllen Bahnsen)
    LR = 39, Scramble group = 35, Total = 74
  • Hank’s team (Hank Campbell, Gary Klass, Dick Moore
    LR = 41, Scramble group = 40, Total = 81
  • Chuck’s team (Chuck McGuire, Jim Kellogg, John Shea, John Kirk)
    LR = 46, Scramble group = 36, Total = 82
  • Sandy’s team (Sandy Groves, Larry Lowe, John Walker, Gary Duffy)
    LR = 45, Scramble group = 38, Total = 83
  • Dave’s team (Dave Williams, Ron Smith, Steve Kern, Roger Cann) 
    LR = 45, Scramble group = 38, Total = 83


No doubt! This had to be one of the most pleasant weather mornings to play golf so far this season. Mild temperatures in the low 70’s, clear blue skies and low humidity. Weibring golf course was in excellent shape so how could 19 TeeBird golfers ask for anything better? Thanks to all who continue to wear their masks in the clubhouse with the hope that we all remain healthy and safe.

How about a challenging game of the LONE RANGER! Teams were rounded up and sent off the first tee by starter Hank Campbell. All golfers were reminded to ‘pack their saddle bags’ with a complimentary cold water or soda at the start and finish of the match. Thanks to Roger and Hank for the provisions.

Wayne Lockwood passed out a customized scorecard along with directions for play. Each hole had one golfer be the Lone Ranger playing their ball from tee to green and report the score. The others of the group played a Scramble from tee to green and record the score. The two scores were entered on the scorecard and added for the total score for the hole. A cycle of a different Lone Ranger for each of the 9 holes was used. Team Captains entered these scores to Golf Genius providing Leaderboard results.

•    Wayne Lockwood, Al Pote, JoEllen Bahnsen and Bob Bahnsen like a team of bandits blew away the competition with a resounding 74! Each one shared the burden of being the LONE RANGER by ‘riding through’ all 9 holes with no score greater than 5. The scramble group ‘backed up’ the Ranger with scores of 1 eagle, 1 birdie, 2 bogies and 5 pars. In addition to some exceptional Team drives, Bob B sank a 25’ putt on hole # 2 for an eagle!  The LONE RANGER scores were 39 with SCRAMBLE scores of 35, thus 74!

Legend has said that the Lone Ranger was famous for the “silver bullet” that he left behind after an adventure. However, the remaining 4 Teams could not find any ‘silver bullets’ during their rounds.

•    Hank Campbell’s Team with Dick Moore and Gary Klass finished second with a Lone Ranger score of 41 and Scramble score of 40 totaling 81. Gary had a clean getaway drive in the fairway of 240 yards on hole # 3. Hank matched that 240-yard drive on hole # 5. Gary then smashed his drive 260 yards!

•    Chuck McGuire, Jim Kellogg, John Shea and John Kirk kicked up their heels a bit searching for pars and birdies but had to settle for third place. Lone Ranger scores of 46 and Scramble of 36 totaled 82. No special happenings were reported. All golfers were relieved to return to the stable
•    Sandy Groves, Larry Lowe, Gary Duffy and John Walker were glad to figure out the scoring for the Lone Ranger game. They might have become a bit ‘saddle weary’ with Lone Ranger scores of 45 and Scramble scores of 38 rounding up a total of 83. The group witnessed John W chip-in from off the green on # 8.

•    Finishing with an identical score of 83 (Lone Ranger 45 and Scramble 38) the posse of Dave Williams, Roger Cann, Steve Kern and Ron Smith returned to the clubhouse with only their facemasks and one notable shot to share for their efforts, Ron’s 230+ yard drive on #3.

PRIZE BALLS to the winning Team of Al, Wayne, JoEllen and Bob B. And a hardy ‘Hi Ho Silver! Away!’

Next week we return to ISU Weibring for a SHAMBLE.  Dave Williams will be our STARTER. Again, all Teebirds are required to wear their masks while in the Weibring clubhouse. Drinks will again be provided. Stay healthy and safe for more golfing fun next week.


Thank you and Happy Trails to You! (Sorry. That was the Roy Rogers show.)                 

Hank Campbell



ISU Teebirds Weekly Report July 30th, 2020 The Links GC


The weather forecast for this Thursday morning called for rain. At 7 a.m. the call went out to the Teebirds that the game was on at the LINKS. It was great that all 18 who signed up were there on time. Sandy Groves was the STARTER and got the groups hustled off the first tee. Thanks, SANDY! All golfers were treated to complimentary cold drinks at the start and finish of the match due to the delivery efforts of Roger and Hank. Thank you.


The rain held off until the fifth or sixth hole but even then it was very light and misty. Not enough for all  groups to finish nine holes.

The Leaderboard on Golf Genius showed scores from 25 to 37 for a range of 12. Today’s 18 Teebirds averaged 32 for the 9 holes. Par was 29. Three Teams averaged 31, one Team 32 and one Team built unexpected memories with a 38. All 5 Teams did not submit any special events during the round.

Our top 5 Men Teebirds were:  Gary Duffy  25 (-4);  Bob Bradley  28 (-1); Wayne Lockwood, Dave Anderson and Al Pote with even par 29’s.  The women golfers also did well with Sandy Groves (31), JoEllen Bahnsen (33), and Pat Grogg (35).

Of note, however, was the threesome of Dick Moore, Gary Klass and Chuck McGuire. A scan of the scorecard suggested that they had their struggles getting a good drive to the green then making putts. Hole # 8 (a par 4) turned out to be ugly and loaded with frustration with scores of 6, 7, & 8! This led to final scores of 37, 39 and 37. A very tough day! It was rumored they lost 8 balls on the 8th hole, too.

A Prize ball to Gary Duffy for his four under par 25! Bob Bradley also earned one for his 1 under 28.  And Sandy Groves for her low women's score of 31.

Next week we return to ISU Weibring for a SCRAMBLE and the Lone Ranger game. Hank Campbell will be our STARTER.

Thanks to all who showed up on time and ready to go at their tee times. Our thanks to the LINKS for hosting our outing and providing single person carts.

Remember, all Teebirds are required to wear their masks while in the Weibring clubhouse. To stay well-hydrated during play, drinks will again be provided. Stay healthy and safe so you will be ready for more golfing fun next week.


Thank you, Teebirds!
Hank Campbell



ISU Teebirds Weekly Report July 23rd, 2020 Weibring GC

It was a splendid Thursday morning at Weibring Golf Course for the Teebirds July 23rd playdate. The format was INDIVIDUAL play thus each golfer had to rely on their own skill to score well. Helping with nearly missed putts was our Yard-of-Putts tape. There were also special challenges on 5 of the 9-holes.

Thanks to Gary Duffy for being the STARTER and Roger Cann and Hank Campbell for setting up the ice-cold complimentary refreshments at the first tee and in the shelter when completing the round.

It’s really helpful if each Captain fully labels the scorecard with the foursome names and scores. Please note and submit descriptions of notable shots on the bottom of the paper scorecard. Entering scores of each golfer/Team for each hole on Golf Genius is needed each week. Thank you!

Our five groups of Teebird golfers strived for their best scores as indicated by final results. The top five Teebirds and scores were:

Al Pote   35; Gary Klass  36; Gary Duffy  37; Ron Smith  38; and Jim Kellogg  39. A PRIZE ball to Al for the lowest score of 1 under par 35! The remaining 14 scores ranged from 40 to 54.

These are the Teebird winners of the hole challenges. A PRIZE Ball goes to each winner.


  • The LONGEST DRIVE on # 2 was a good drive by Ron Smith but John Shea had a better drive in the fairway. Way to go John!
  • The shot CLOSEST to the Pin on the par 3, # 4 hole was a fine one by Bob Bradley. However, Hank Campbell’s shot was about 5 feet closer to the hole and gets a prize.
  • On # 6 hole, Al Pote and Ron Smith tied for the same 10” distance for the LONGEST Putt made. That is until Gary Duffy shattered that effort with an 11” putt to win the Prize! Sorry Al and Ron.
  • Hitting closest to the pin from the tee on # 7 started well for Bob Bradley but a closer ball was struck by Dave Williams. Jim Kellogg stuck his drive several feet closer than Dave’s to win this challenge.
  • On the same hole (# 7) the challenge was to hit a second shot closest to the pin. Gary Klass hit his drive  off to the right of the fairway. From 70 yards out, Gary nailed his chip into the cup for the birdie 2 and winning the prize!! How exciting. With shots like that, no wonder Gary shot a 36 for the round! (And he didn’t have to use any tape to preserve that birdie!)
  • The challenge on # 9 was to sink the longest putt. Ron Smith saved his par by sinking a nice putt. Larry Lowe was better by sinking a 40-foot putt creating excitement for the foursome. A prize to Larry Lowe!


Prizes balls go to: Al Pote, John Shea, Hank Campbell, Gary Duffy, Jim Kellogg, Gary Klass, Larry Lowe.

All Teebirds should bring and wear their masks for next week at the LINKS for a SHAMBLE. To stay well-hydrated during play, drinks will again be provided. Our STARTER will be Sandy Groves .


Stay cool, healthy and safe so you will be ready for golfing fun next week. Thank you, Teebirds!

Hank Campbell



ISU Teebirds Weekly Report July16th, 2020 Weibring ISU GC​​


This week’s outing at the Weibring golf course was quite a contrast to last week at the Links. What started out as cool morning heated up both in temperature and the closeness of Team scores. Teebird golfers had to tough it out with the length of the course and the difficult challenge to consistently strive for par scores.


Our thanks to Steve Kern for being our starter for our Shamble match. We thought we were going to experiment with a fivesome Team but last-minute changes left us with 5 foursomes for 20 Teebirds.  Teams were adjusted and the results bear out that final Team scores were quite close. Thanks to Roger Cann and Hank Campbell provided complimentary cold drinks at the start and end of the match for our Teebirds as they contended with higher temperatures and humidity. Drinks will be provided again next week for our match at ISU Weibring.

For those who appreciate stats, Team scores were 183, 180, 180, 179 and 171 yielding a Range of 12 strokes. Individual scores ranged from 37 to 53 for a 16. Teams averaged 179, individuals 45 and a Median 44.


  • Our top Team of Al Pote, Sandy Groves, Bob Bahnsen and Steve Kern had 171 with individual scores of 37, 44, 46 and 44 respectively. Al’s 37 was the lowest score of the day, 1 over par! Way to go Al! Prize balls to Al and the Team. No reported events for the Team.
  • The second place Team of Gary Klass, John Kirk, Wayne Lockwood and Hank Campbell came through with a 179. The Team averaged 45 with Gary 41, John 48, Wayne 45 and Hank 45. John barely missed 3 putts that just hung on the edge of the cup. John did sink a 12’ putt from the edge of the green for a par 3 on hole # 4. Gary Klass hit his drive on # 8 short of the sand traps guarding the front of the green. Then hit his next shot into the bunker! That’s part of the game of golf with our Teebirds!
  • Dave Williams, John Walker, Dick Moore and Gary Duffy finished with a 180. In order scores were 45, 41, 54, and 40. Gary D had the second lowest score of the day. “Nothing outstanding- good consistent golf- almost!’ was reported on the scorecard.
  • A Team score of 180 was reported by Roger Cann (43), Bob Bradley (40), David Strand (48) and Larry Lowe (49). Bob Bradley tied Gary Duffy with a 40 for the second lowest individual scores. Good scores guys!
  • Chuck McGuire (45), Dave Ezell (41), John Shea (44) and JoEllen Bahnsen (53) came in with a Team score of 183. No reported events on the scorecard.

Prize balls go to Al Pote for his 37 and his Team of Sandy, Steve and Bob Bahnsen finishing with a 171.


All Teebirds should continue to bring and wear their masks in the clubhouse. The COVID-19 risk has not gone away! All of us need to stay well-hydrated on our play days.


Drinks will provided for all Teebird golfers again next week as we gather for INDIVIDUAL play along with a YARD OF PUTTS. We will have some special challenges on several holes, too.  Our STARTER will be Gary Duffy. Stay cool, healthy and safe so you will be ready to play your best next week. Thank you!


Hank Campbell


ISU Teebirds Weekly Report July 9th, 2020 The Links GC​​


As the weather forecasters predicted, hot dry conditions continued this Thursday morning. The staff at the Links golf course was ready to accommodate our 19 Teebirds with the desired electric carts. At least 3 TeeBirds ‘exercised’ their option to walk the 9 holes. Roger Cann was ready with coolers containing cold water or sodas as the temperature pushed into the 90’s. Thanks, Roger.


Our Starter for the Shamble match was Wayne Lockwood filling in for Dave Anderson who wasn’t feeling well. Thanks, Wayne for getting our 5 groups off the first tee and reviewing local rules for this SHAMBLE match.


Three of the 4 teams reported scores that were quite competitive with only 6 strokes between first and 3rd place.

•    The low Team score was grabbed by Bob Bahnsen, JoEllen Bahnsen, Steve Kern and Hank Campbell with a 119. The Golf Genius Leaderboard showed Steve with a sterling 26, Bob a 30, JoEllen a 31 and Hank a 32. Steve excited the group with his 42’ chip-in for a par 3 on hole # 5. Steve had the low score for men (26) while JoEllen had the low score (31) for the women.

•    The second place Team was Al Pote, Gary Klass, Larry Lowe and Dave Ezell. Their combined score was 122 with Al’s 28, Gary’s 30, Larry’s 32 along with Dave’s 32. Al hammered his drive on hole # 8 240 yards with it finally stopping 2 inches off the green! What a hit, Al, driving the green!

•    Scoring third as a Team were Dave and Trudy Strand, Gary Duffy and Wayne Lockwood with a 125. Individual scores were Dave a 33, Trudy a 35, Gary a 28 closely followed with Wayne’s 29. No special shots were offered for this report.

•    Roger Cann, John Shea, Dick Moore and Sandy Groves scored a Team total of 140. John and Sandy struggled a bit with 37 and 36 respectively while Roger and Dick had 34 and 33 for the 9 holes. The scorecard was completely clean of any special shots.

•    The final Team of a threesome with Chuck McGuire, Pat Grogg and John Walker reported perfectly consistent scores of 33, 33, and 33. (Welcome back, Pat.)


Although no notable shots were submitted, a review of the scorecard showed that each Team member contributed 3 drives! Was that good news or not such good news? Well, you decide.


Prize balls to low men scores for Steve Kern, Al Pote & Gary Duffy. JoEllen Bahnsen and Pat Grogg had low scores for women.


Thanks for participating and ‘keeping your cool’ on this hot humid day. No Teebirds continued to play another 9 holes. The heat really ‘grounded’ our Birds! We return to ISU Weibring next week, July 16, for a SHAMBLE match. Our Starter will be Steve Kern. Continue to be safe and healthy practicing social distancing and using a mask in public.



ISU Teebirds Weekly Report July 2nd, 2020 Weibring GC


What do you get when the Central Illinois temperature is 79 degrees with 75% humidity at 7:30 in the morning plus full sun and a slight breeze on the Ironwood golf course? We got 20 TeeBirds show up with their masks to sign in and get a single cart for a 9-hole SCRAMBLE. With added hats, sweat bands and a supply of water 5 Teams teed off to find those birdies and pars while dealing with the temperatures approaching 90 degrees. Thanks to Gary Klass for being our STARTER. The TeeBirds were up to the challenge as four of the five Teams scrambled for scores under par!


  • The top performing Team of Chuck McGuire, Gary Duffy, Dave Strand and John Shea had 33, three under par. Gary Duffy helped the Team with two birdies by sinking a 16’ putt on # 2 and a 20’ putt on # 6. This group had 3 birdies and 6 pars.

  • Two Teams tied for the next best score of 34. Dave Williams, Jim Kellogg, Bob Bahnsen and Gary Klass pulled together for 2 birdies and 7 pars. The Team had nothing special to report ‘just boring par play!’

  • Wayne Lockwood, Roger Cann, Sandy Groves and Bob Bradley had 3 birdies but gave a stroke back with a bogie on hole # 5. Of note, Bob B did sink a 30’ putt on hole # 4.

  • The last Team reporting a sub-par score of 35 included John Walker, Al Pote, Dave Ezell and JoEllen Bahnsen. They had 3 birdies and 2 bogies. Nothing noted. However, a scan of the scorecard showed Al Pote with the best drive on six of the 9 holes.

  • Hank Campbell, Larry Lowe, Melinda Walker and Dick Moore had a fun outing with a 37. Melinda Walker had her best drive on the par 3 # 4 hole leaving a 16’ putt to the cup. Team members barely missed putts and settled for a par. The Team had 8 pars and 1 bogie. Hank had two drives exceeding 220 yards for holes # 1 and # 9.

Prize balls go to the winning team of Chuck McGuire, Gary Duffy, Dave Strand and John Shea. Congrats on that 33!


Hopefully, all TeeBirds stayed well-hydrated during the high temperatures of the day. as we hope to see again next week for our ‘hot’ match at THE LINKS! It will be a SHAMBLE format with David Anderson as the Starter.   Those up to walking will find The Links executive 9-hole course--much shorter than Ironwood GC--an enjoyable option for some extra exercise.


Enjoy this Fourth of July weekend. Continue to be healthy and safe.



ISU Teebirds Weekly Report June 25, 2020 Weibring GC

It was a special morning with a nice breeze and nice starting temperatures for our masked Teebirds to get signed in for our SHAMBLES match at the Weibring golf course. Some players were still recovering from their INDIVIDUAL scores of last week. No doubt, our Teebirds were looking forward to today’s Team play for the best drives, playing their own ball to the hole. Using the Yard of Putts tape to help each Teebird golfer with good hole scores put some additional ‘fun’ in today’s game.

Of note, we welcomed four women to join our teams today. Two first-time golfers with us were JoEllen Bahnsen and Melinda Walker (John Walker’s wife). Sandy Groves and Trudy Strand were the other two. Thanks so much for joining us today.

Our starter was Roger Cann. With some small adjustments due to a no-show, all 6 teams of 4 golfers got off according to their tee times. Thank you, Roger! Prize balls were passed out by Bob Stefl for last week’s individual and High Five winners. Additionally, there were complimentary bottles of water and soda in coolers for our Teebirds. Temperatures in the 80’s was forecast. Staying hydrated is so important for all our Teebird golfers.

  • The best Team this week was Dave Ezell, John Kirk, Gary Duffy and Bob Bahnsen with combined scores of 147 for an average of 37! As a Team, they had 9 birdies and one eagle. Dave Ezell really found his short game to post a 32! He had birdies on holes 1, 3 and 6. An EAGLE was caught by Dave on hole # 2! Duffy had birdies on # 8 and # 9, while Bob B had birdies on # 2 and # 6. John K had a birdie on # 6. What a day guys! Fun, fun, fun.

  • The Team of Dave Anderson, John Shea, Trudy Strand and Dave Strand averaged a score of 43. Dave A had the low score of 39. John Shea launched a 230 yard drive in the middle of fairway # 5.

  • Roger Cann, Larry Lowe, Al Pote and Dick Moore had a Team average of 41 while Al P scored a 38.

  • The Team of Melinda and John Walker, Jim Kellogg and Bob Stefl reported an average score of 42 with Jim K being the low scorer with a 37. Jim had a birdie on # 1 while Bob S had birdies on # 3 and # 4. Jim contributed a long 230-yard drive on # 5.

  • As a Team, Chuck McGuire, Wayne Lockwood, Dave Williams and Gary Klass averaged a 41. Chuck had the low score of 37. Note that Gary K had a 41, 17 strokes better than last week! Welcome back, Gary! The Team all had birdies on the par 3 #7 hole. Chuck had a birdie on # 4 while Gary had a 240-yard drive on # 1.

  • Hank Campbell, JoEllen Bahnsen, Sandy Groves and Steve Kern pulled together for an average Team score of 40. Steve scored a 38, Hank a 39, Sandy a 40 and JoEllen a 43. It was a lot of fun seeing Steve sink a 33’ birdie putt on # 6 followed by a 32’ putt for par by JoEllen. This was helped with Steve’s 200-yard second shot in the fairway on # 6. The shot of the day may have been Hank’s drive on the par 3 # 4 hole as it stopped 6 inches past the cup. Using the Yard of Putts tape gave the card score of a HOLE IN ONE! Steve, JoEllen and Sandy sank their 6” putts for a birdie 2. Perhaps they, too, could have used their tapes for a HOLE-IN-ONE. Is there a rule on this? No matter. It was fun for the whole Team.

Prize balls go to the Team of Ezell, Kirk, Duffy and Bahnsen for low score of 37 while amassing 9 birdies and one eagle. Dave Ezell for the men’s low score of 32. Sandy Groves for low women’s score of 40. And prize ball to Hank Campbell for the tape assisted Hole-in-one!


Thanks to the 24 Teebird golfers who played today. Hope you stayed hydrated. Next week, we travel to Ironwood for a SCRAMBLE match. Gary Klass will be our Starter. Please, sign up and then check the pairings and tee times for July 2nd. Wear your mask to enter the clubhouse. Stay safe and healthy as we bring June to a close. 


And, don't be a no-show.  Call or text Dave Williams at 309-287-6427 if you need to cancel the morning of play or by email if you need to cancel before the day of play (isuteebirds@gmail.com)

Our best to all our Teebirds for a fine weekend.



ISU Teebirds Weekly Report June 18, 2020 Weibring GC


What a day for nineteen Teebird golfers to show up and play at the challenging Weibring golf course. The weather was quite nice starting in the low seventies with the forecast to reach nearly ninety later in the day. It was so good to see our Teebirds show up with masks in the clubhouse to get signed in and greet each other. Keep it up so we can continue to be safe for each other.


The format for the match was individual play. To add more interest and challenge for each player was the HIGH FIVE game. Drive your first shot into the fairway and you have 5 points. If the fairway is missed zero points for the hole. For each putt taken on a green one point is taken from the 5. After 9 holes, scores are added up. For our group, a score of 14 or better is respectable. It may show that a Teebird golfer kept their drive in the fairway for at least 5 of the 9 holes and 1 or 2 putted to get the ball in the cup.


Our starter was Chuck McGuire. With some small adjustments, all groups got off smoothly. Thank you, Chuck.  Wayne Lockwood shared that almost all Starter slots are filled for the season. Please remember your date and show up about 15 minutes early in case minor changes are needed. Just ask other Teebirds if you feel you need some help.


Individual scoring is a difficult format for many of our Teebirds. We really like to play the game but we find we have trouble consistently hitting our drivers, fairway shots, chip shots and then putting the ball in the cup. The results indicated our group today averaged 47 for 9 holes with the most frequent score being 47 and the middle score was 48. Our range of scores was 25 with a low of +2 and a high of +27. Our goal is to have fun and to be encouraging to each of our Teebirds shot by shot. 


With the HIGH FIVE results, we had seven of our 19 golfers score 14 through 18 points. Three of them tied with a high score of 18!


Al Pote* had a fine day with a 38, only +2 over par. However, he could only muster 7 High Five points.

Jim Kellogg* logged a 40 with a +4 plus scored 18 High Five points. A very nice combo!

Hank Campbell* anchored third place with a 44 while only earning 9 High Five points.

Sandy Groves* had the best women’s score with a 54 and did well with 14 High Five points.

Trudy Strand* had the women’s best High Five score of 16 points! Only 2 less than the men! Way to go Trudy. We are glad you are with the Teebirds.  Our top 3 High Five players tied at 18 points were Wayne Lockwood, Steve Kern and Jim Kellogg.

We want to encourage the Captains to report notable shots or accomplishments during each week’s outing. This week, we only had reports from one Team. Al Pote sank a 39’ putt on hole # 1 for a birdie 3 on the par 4 hole. It gave him 4 High Five points on this first hole! (He only got 3 more for a total of 7.)


Hank Campbell had a nice 250-yard drive down the middle of # 3. He had a 245-yard drive down the middle of # 9 fairway. (Then was two over par for the hole! Go figure.)


Prize balls go to the top 3 individual scores by Al, Jim and Hank. A ball to Jim, Steve and Wayne with a tied score of 18 on the High Five. Sandy Groves, a ball for best women’s score and Trudy a ball for best High Five for women.


Thanks to everyone who played today. Hope you stayed hydrated. Next week, we return to ISU Weibring for a SHAMBLES match. Please, sign up and then check the pairings and tee times for June 25. Wear your mask to enter the clubhouse.

Stay safe and heathy



ISUTeebirds Weekly Report June 11, 2020 Prairie Vista GC



Driving horizontal rains with 20 to 30 mph winds happened here in the Bloomington-Normal area for the two days before the Teebirds outing. The Thursday morning at the Prairie Vista course had 24 golfers who arrived a bit early for their tee times. We all experienced cloudless skies with mild temperatures in the low seventies. The golf course was in fine shape with crisp views in all directions. Thanks to Matt at Prairie Vista course for checking us in and having separate carts available. All Teebirds checking in inside the clubhouse were required to have a mask. Wayne Lockwood was our starter with all six groups. Thank you!


The results for our six groups for this Scramble outing were unique as we had 3 Teams scoring two under par 34’s for the 9 holes and 3 Teams with 1 over par scores of 37!


The top Team determined by a scorecard review was Sandy Groves, Steve Kern, Jim Kellogg and Dave Ezell. They had 3 birdies on the first 4 holes and 1 bogie on the treacherous putting green of the par 3 # 5. (What a pin placement!) Prize balls to each of the Team members!


  • The Chuck McGuire, John Kirk, Gary Duffy and Dave Anderson Team had a 34 reporting 2 birdies and 7 pars for the round. Dave A hit a 107 yard shot to within 3 ft of the pin on # 4 and a putt for the bird.

  • The Team of Wayne Lockwood, John Walker, Bob Bradley and Al Pote reported a 34 with 3 birdies and 1 bogie on the tough # 7 hole. They followed with a bird on # 8. John Walker had a chip-in from 25 ft on # 2 while Al Pote had a fine 235 yd drive on # 4.

  • Roger Cann, Bob Bahnsen, Gary Klass and Dick Moore were a Team with a 37 score with 3 bogies and 2 birdies. No special shots were noted on the scorecard.

  • The Team of Dave Williams, Ron Smith, Trudy Strand and Dave Strand had a 37. Three bogies were offset by birdies on the two par 3 holes. Trudy S sank a 20 ft putt on # 6 while Ron Smith contributed with a 190 yd second shot over the water on # 7 and a 20 ft putt for a birdie on # 8.

  • Hank Campbell, Larry Lowe, Penny Stephens and John Shea teamed together for a 37. It was a day of very close but missed putts. Larry Lowe hit his drive to within 30 inches of the pin on # 5. A tough side-hill lie for a birdie was missed by all, but the par putt was made.


It was a fun day to play at Prairie Vista! Next week, we return to ISU Weibring for Individual play.


Please, respond to the Play/No Play email and then check the pairings and tee times for June 18 on our website, isuteebirds.net. Wear your mask to enter the clubhouse. Stay safe and healthy.




ISUTeebirds Weekly Report June 4, 2020  ISU Weibring GC


Welcome to the  Teebirds golf group as we start our 2020 season of Play. Thanks to all who showed up to participate in our first outing at the Weibring Golf Course. A special welcome to our new members JoEllen Bahnsen, Bob Bahnsen, Al Pote and Ron Smith. There may be more members joining during our future outings. Thanks to all who showed up on Thursday with individual masks to get us off to a safer start and for those who submitted the $10 dues (in envelopes) to Hank Campbell. There are now 22 paid Teebird golfers.


Thanks are deserved to Tom Szymoniak, the ISU Weibring pro who helped us with sign-ins, carts, etc. And to Dave Williams who has worked with our website and the Golf Genius program to help all Teebird members with information and guidelines due to the COVID-19 situation, scheduling, formats, locations, time and sign up. Thank you, Dave!


What a nice beautiful morning to start our season on Thursday, June 4th.  We had 5 groups get off the new ‘Forward Tee” by our Starter, Wayne Lockwood.  Wayne is still seeking volunteer Starters for future weekly outings. Thank you, Wayne.


Even though it was a warm morning, it was no match for the ‘hot’ group of Roger Cann, Penny Stephens, Gary Duffy and Ron Smith. They had great fun with this Scramble scoring a sterling -5 for a 9-hole team score of 31!  They were our winning Team with each to receive a ‘Teebirds’ golfball. Each member must have routinely contributed to this robust achievement. However, no special events or shots were submitted on the scorecard.


Our second-best Team was Dave Ezell, Dave Williams, Jim Kellogg and Hank Campbell. Their scorecard showed a 33. Notably, Dave Williams made an off the green chip on #5 giving them a birdie. Jim K sank a 33’ putt on # 7 for a birdie.


John Shea, Bob Bahnsen, Dave Anderson and Chuck McGuire finished with a 34 with Dave Anderson having a solo birdie on #7.


Sandy Groves, Gary Klass, Al Pote and David Strand scored a one-under 35. Al Pote hit a booming drive of 288 yards on # 3.


Steve Kern, Dick Moore, Larry Lowe and Wayne Lockwood made it through the round with a 39. There was nothing of note for shots to report.


Thanks to all. We appreciate all of you! Please, continue to be safe and healthy. See you next week for a Scramble at Prairie Vista at 8 am.