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Past weekly TeeBirds play results for 2020. 

Listed in descending order with the most recent week at the top.


ISU Teebirds Weekly Report July 2nd, 2020 Weibring GC


What do you get when the Central Illinois temperature is 79 degrees with 75% humidity at 7:30 in the morning plus full sun and a slight breeze on the Ironwood golf course? We got 20 TeeBirds show up with their masks to sign in and get a single cart for a 9-hole SCRAMBLE. With added hats, sweat bands and a supply of water 5 Teams teed off to find those birdies and pars while dealing with the temperatures approaching 90 degrees. Thanks to Gary Klass for being our STARTER. The TeeBirds were up to the challenge as four of the five Teams scrambled for scores under par!


  • The top performing Team of Chuck McGuire, Gary Duffy, Dave Strand and John Shea had 33, three under par. Gary Duffy helped the Team with two birdies by sinking a 16’ putt on # 2 and a 20’ putt on # 6. This group had 3 birdies and 6 pars.

  • Two Teams tied for the next best score of 34. Dave Williams, Jim Kellogg, Bob Bahnsen and Gary Klass pulled together for 2 birdies and 7 pars. The Team had nothing special to report ‘just boring par play!’

  • Wayne Lockwood, Roger Cann, Sandy Groves and Bob Bradley had 3 birdies but gave a stroke back with a bogie on hole # 5. Of note, Bob B did sink a 30’ putt on hole # 4.

  • The last Team reporting a sub-par score of 35 included John Walker, Al Pote, Dave Ezell and JoEllen Bahnsen. They had 3 birdies and 2 bogies. Nothing noted. However, a scan of the scorecard showed Al Pote with the best drive on six of the 9 holes.

  • Hank Campbell, Larry Lowe, Melinda Walker and Dick Moore had a fun outing with a 37. Melinda Walker had her best drive on the par 3 # 4 hole leaving a 16’ putt to the cup. Team members barely missed putts and settled for a par. The Team had 8 pars and 1 bogie. Hank had two drives exceeding 220 yards for holes # 1 and # 9.

Prize balls go to the winning team of Chuck McGuire, Gary Duffy, Dave Strand and John Shea. Congrats on that 33!


Hopefully, all TeeBirds stayed well-hydrated during the high temperatures of the day. as we hope to see again next week for our ‘hot’ match at THE LINKS! It will be a SHAMBLE format with David Anderson as the Starter.   Those up to walking will find The Links executive 9-hole course--much shorter than Ironwood GC--an enjoyable option for some extra exercise.


Enjoy this Fourth of July weekend. Continue to be healthy and safe.


Hank Campbell



ISU Teebirds Weekly Report June 25, 2020 Weibring GC

It was a special morning with a nice breeze and nice starting temperatures for our masked Teebirds to get signed in for our SHAMBLES match at the Weibring golf course. Some players were still recovering from their INDIVIDUAL scores of last week. No doubt, our Teebirds were looking forward to today’s Team play for the best drives, playing their own ball to the hole. Using the Yard of Putts tape to help each Teebird golfer with good hole scores put some additional ‘fun’ in today’s game.

Of note, we welcomed four women to join our teams today. Two first-time golfers with us were JoEllen Bahnsen and Melinda Walker (John Walker’s wife). Sandy Groves and Trudy Strand were the other two. Thanks so much for joining us today.

Our starter was Roger Cann. With some small adjustments due to a no-show, all 6 teams of 4 golfers got off according to their tee times. Thank you, Roger! Prize balls were passed out by Bob Stefl for last week’s individual and High Five winners. Additionally, there were complimentary bottles of water and soda in coolers for our Teebirds. Temperatures in the 80’s was forecast. Staying hydrated is so important for all our Teebird golfers.

  • The best Team this week was Dave Ezell, John Kirk, Gary Duffy and Bob Bahnsen with combined scores of 147 for an average of 37! As a Team, they had 9 birdies and one eagle. Dave Ezell really found his short game to post a 32! He had birdies on holes 1, 3 and 6. An EAGLE was caught by Dave on hole # 2! Duffy had birdies on # 8 and # 9, while Bob B had birdies on # 2 and # 6. John K had a birdie on # 6. What a day guys! Fun, fun, fun.

  • The Team of Dave Anderson, John Shea, Trudy Strand and Dave Strand averaged a score of 43. Dave A had the low score of 39. John Shea launched a 230 yard drive in the middle of fairway # 5.

  • Roger Cann, Larry Lowe, Al Pote and Dick Moore had a Team average of 41 while Al P scored a 38.

  • The Team of Melinda and John Walker, Jim Kellogg and Bob Stefl reported an average score of 42 with Jim K being the low scorer with a 37. Jim had a birdie on # 1 while Bob S had birdies on # 3 and # 4. Jim contributed a long 230-yard drive on # 5.

  • As a Team, Chuck McGuire, Wayne Lockwood, Dave Williams and Gary Klass averaged a 41. Chuck had the low score of 37. Note that Gary K had a 41, 17 strokes better than last week! Welcome back, Gary! The Team all had birdies on the par 3 #7 hole. Chuck had a birdie on # 4 while Gary had a 240-yard drive on # 1.

  • Hank Campbell, JoEllen Bahnsen, Sandy Groves and Steve Kern pulled together for an average Team score of 40. Steve scored a 38, Hank a 39, Sandy a 40 and JoEllen a 43. It was a lot of fun seeing Steve sink a 33’ birdie putt on # 6 followed by a 32’ putt for par by JoEllen. This was helped with Steve’s 200-yard second shot in the fairway on # 6. The shot of the day may have been Hank’s drive on the par 3 # 4 hole as it stopped 6 inches past the cup. Using the Yard of Putts tape gave the card score of a HOLE IN ONE! Steve, JoEllen and Sandy sank their 6” putts for a birdie 2. Perhaps they, too, could have used their tapes for a HOLE-IN-ONE. Is there a rule on this? No matter. It was fun for the whole Team.

Prize balls go to the Team of Ezell, Kirk, Duffy and Bahnsen for low score of 37 while amassing 9 birdies and one eagle. Dave Ezell for the men’s low score of 32. Sandy Groves for low women’s score of 40. And prize ball to Hank Campbell for the tape assisted Hole-in-one!


Thanks to the 24 Teebird golfers who played today. Hope you stayed hydrated. Next week, we travel to Ironwood for a SCRAMBLE match. Gary Klass will be our Starter. Please, sign up and then check the pairings and tee times for July 2nd. Wear your mask to enter the clubhouse. Stay safe and healthy as we bring June to a close. 


And, don't be a no-show.  Call or text Dave Williams at 309-287-6427 if you need to cancel the morning of play or by email if you need to cancel before the day of play (isuteebirds@gmail.com)

Our best to all our Teebirds for a fine weekend.



ISU Teebirds Weekly Report June 18, 2020 Weibring GC


What a day for nineteen Teebird golfers to show up and play at the challenging Weibring golf course. The weather was quite nice starting in the low seventies with the forecast to reach nearly ninety later in the day. It was so good to see our Teebirds show up with masks in the clubhouse to get signed in and greet each other. Keep it up so we can continue to be safe for each other.


The format for the match was individual play. To add more interest and challenge for each player was the HIGH FIVE game. Drive your first shot into the fairway and you have 5 points. If the fairway is missed zero points for the hole. For each putt taken on a green one point is taken from the 5. After 9 holes, scores are added up. For our group, a score of 14 or better is respectable. It may show that a Teebird golfer kept their drive in the fairway for at least 5 of the 9 holes and 1 or 2 putted to get the ball in the cup.


Our starter was Chuck McGuire. With some small adjustments, all groups got off smoothly. Thank you, Chuck.  Wayne Lockwood shared that almost all Starter slots are filled for the season. Please remember your date and show up about 15 minutes early in case minor changes are needed. Just ask other Teebirds if you feel you need some help.


Individual scoring is a difficult format for many of our Teebirds. We really like to play the game but we find we have trouble consistently hitting our drivers, fairway shots, chip shots and then putting the ball in the cup. The results indicated our group today averaged 47 for 9 holes with the most frequent score being 47 and the middle score was 48. Our range of scores was 25 with a low of +2 and a high of +27. Our goal is to have fun and to be encouraging to each of our Teebirds shot by shot. 


With the HIGH FIVE results, we had seven of our 19 golfers score 14 through 18 points. Three of them tied with a high score of 18!


Al Pote* had a fine day with a 38, only +2 over par. However, he could only muster 7 High Five points.

Jim Kellogg* logged a 40 with a +4 plus scored 18 High Five points. A very nice combo!

Hank Campbell* anchored third place with a 44 while only earning 9 High Five points.

Sandy Groves* had the best women’s score with a 54 and did well with 14 High Five points.

Trudy Strand* had the women’s best High Five score of 16 points! Only 2 less than the men! Way to go Trudy. We are glad you are with the Teebirds.  Our top 3 High Five players tied at 18 points were Wayne Lockwood, Steve Kern and Jim Kellogg.

We want to encourage the Captains to report notable shots or accomplishments during each week’s outing. This week, we only had reports from one Team. Al Pote sank a 39’ putt on hole # 1 for a birdie 3 on the par 4 hole. It gave him 4 High Five points on this first hole! (He only got 3 more for a total of 7.)


Hank Campbell had a nice 250-yard drive down the middle of # 3. He had a 245-yard drive down the middle of # 9 fairway. (Then was two over par for the hole! Go figure.)


Prize balls go to the top 3 individual scores by Al, Jim and Hank. A ball to Jim, Steve and Wayne with a tied score of 18 on the High Five. Sandy Groves, a ball for best women’s score and Trudy a ball for best High Five for women.


Thanks to everyone who played today. Hope you stayed hydrated. Next week, we return to ISU Weibring for a SHAMBLES match. Please, sign up and then check the pairings and tee times for June 25. Wear your mask to enter the clubhouse.

Stay safe and heathy


Hank Campbell



ISUTeebirds Weekly Report June 11, 2020 Prairie Vista GC



Driving horizontal rains with 20 to 30 mph winds happened here in the Bloomington-Normal area for the two days before the Teebirds outing. The Thursday morning at the Prairie Vista course had 24 golfers who arrived a bit early for their tee times. We all experienced cloudless skies with mild temperatures in the low seventies. The golf course was in fine shape with crisp views in all directions. Thanks to Matt at Prairie Vista course for checking us in and having separate carts available. All Teebirds checking in inside the clubhouse were required to have a mask. Wayne Lockwood was our starter with all six groups. Thank you!


The results for our six groups for this Scramble outing were unique as we had 3 Teams scoring two under par 34’s for the 9 holes and 3 Teams with 1 over par scores of 37!


The top Team determined by a scorecard review was Sandy Groves, Steve Kern, Jim Kellogg and Dave Ezell. They had 3 birdies on the first 4 holes and 1 bogie on the treacherous putting green of the par 3 # 5. (What a pin placement!) Prize balls to each of the Team members!


  • The Chuck McGuire, John Kirk, Gary Duffy and Dave Anderson Team had a 34 reporting 2 birdies and 7 pars for the round. Dave A hit a 107 yard shot to within 3 ft of the pin on # 4 and a putt for the bird.

  • The Team of Wayne Lockwood, John Walker, Bob Bradley and Al Pote reported a 34 with 3 birdies and 1 bogie on the tough # 7 hole. They followed with a bird on # 8. John Walker had a chip-in from 25 ft on # 2 while Al Pote had a fine 235 yd drive on # 4.

  • Roger Cann, Bob Bahnsen, Gary Klass and Dick Moore were a Team with a 37 score with 3 bogies and 2 birdies. No special shots were noted on the scorecard.

  • The Team of Dave Williams, Ron Smith, Trudy Strand and Dave Strand had a 37. Three bogies were offset by birdies on the two par 3 holes. Trudy S sank a 20 ft putt on # 6 while Ron Smith contributed with a 190 yd second shot over the water on # 7 and a 20 ft putt for a birdie on # 8.

  • Hank Campbell, Larry Lowe, Penny Stephens and John Shea teamed together for a 37. It was a day of very close but missed putts. Larry Lowe hit his drive to within 30 inches of the pin on # 5. A tough side-hill lie for a birdie was missed by all, but the par putt was made.


It was a fun day to play at Prairie Vista! Next week, we return to ISU Weibring for Individual play.


Please, respond to the Play/No Play email and then check the pairings and tee times for June 18 on our website, isuteebirds.net. Wear your mask to enter the clubhouse. Stay safe and healthy.


Hank Campbell


ISUTeebirds Weekly Report June 4, 2020  ISU Weibring GC


Welcome to the  Teebirds golf group as we start our 2020 season of Play. Thanks to all who showed up to participate in our first outing at the Weibring Golf Course. A special welcome to our new members JoEllen Bahnsen, Bob Bahnsen, Al Pote and Ron Smith. There may be more members joining during our future outings. Thanks to all who showed up on Thursday with individual masks to get us off to a safer start and for those who submitted the $10 dues (in envelopes) to Hank Campbell. There are now 22 paid Teebird golfers.


Thanks are deserved to Tom Szymoniak, the ISU Weibring pro who helped us with sign-ins, carts, etc. And to Dave Williams who has worked with our website and the Golf Genius program to help all Teebird members with information and guidelines due to the COVID-19 situation, scheduling, formats, locations, time and sign up. Thank you, Dave!


What a nice beautiful morning to start our season on Thursday, June 4th.  We had 5 groups get off the new ‘Forward Tee” by our Starter, Wayne Lockwood.  Wayne is still seeking volunteer Starters for future weekly outings. Thank you, Wayne.


Even though it was a warm morning, it was no match for the ‘hot’ group of Roger Cann, Penny Stephens, Gary Duffy and Ron Smith. They had great fun with this Scramble scoring a sterling -5 for a 9-hole team score of 31!  They were our winning Team with each to receive a ‘Teebirds’ golfball. Each member must have routinely contributed to this robust achievement. However, no special events or shots were submitted on the scorecard.


Our second-best Team was Dave Ezell, Dave Williams, Jim Kellogg and Hank Campbell. Their scorecard showed a 33. Notably, Dave Williams made an off the green chip on #5 giving them a birdie. Jim K sank a 33’ putt on # 7 for a birdie.


John Shea, Bob Bahnsen, Dave Anderson and Chuck McGuire finished with a 34 with Dave Anderson having a solo birdie on #7.


Sandy Groves, Gary Klass, Al Pote and David Strand scored a one-under 35. Al Pote hit a booming drive of 288 yards on # 3.


Steve Kern, Dick Moore, Larry Lowe and Wayne Lockwood made it through the round with a 39. There was nothing of note for shots to report.


Thanks to all. We appreciate all of you! Please, continue to be safe and healthy. See you next week for a Scramble at Prairie Vista at 8 am.