ELIGIBILITY: Participants must be 25 years of age or older by the start of each Mid-Am Series Event. These tournaments  are open to any female amateur golfers who meet the age requirement. Mid-Am Series contestants are encouraged to have an active GHIN handicap to be eligible to compete in the Mid-Am Net competition.Those players who do not have an active GHIN handicap will not be eligible for the Net competition and will compete only in the Gross competition. 

FIELD: The field will be limited to the first 48 players. If that number is reached, the host club/course can decided to open up more spots at their discretion. 

Mid-Am Division: The Mid-Am Division will consist of a single18-hole round.  A tie for the Overall Championship will be decided by a hole-by-hole playoff. 
Net Division: All players who hold an active GHIN handicap  will be automatically placed in an Overall Net Division. Handicap Indexes will be taken on the date of the entry deadline for that specific event being played. 

SENIOR DIVISION POINTS:  The Senior Division ( Must be 50 years and older by start of event). All seniors will be pulled out and ranked according to their finish against the other seniors in the field for IGA Player of the Year points only.   

Saturday, May 18: Stableford 
A form of stroke play where your score for a hole is based on points awarded by comparing your number of strokes on the hole to par (for ex. - Birdie = 3 pts, Par = 2 pts, Bogey = 1 pt). The competition is won by the player who completes all rounds with the most points.
Saturday, June 29: Modified Alternate Shot
A form of stroke play where both players tee off and then pick the best ball to then alternate from there until the ball is holed.
Saturday September 7: Four-Ball (2-Gal Best Ball)
A form of play involving partners where you and your partner compete together as a side, with each of you playing your own ball, and your side’s score for a hole is the lower score of the two of you on that hole.

PAIRINGS, TEE TIMES: Pairings and Tee Times will created by the players through the entry portal. If a player chooses not to make a tee time, one will be made for them. Tee times may be altered by the committee to consolidate groups or fill gaps after the entry deadline has passed. The IGA will contact those individuals before making any changes. Pairings and Tee Times can be viewed on the IGA website, www.iowagolf.org and an email will be sent to all players after the deadline. 

PRACTICE PRIVILEGES: Practice rounds are at the discretion of the host club/course in terms of starting times and fees. Players are responsible for scheduling their own tee times with host club. 

WITHDRAWALS AND REFUNDS: Entry fees will be refunded if the IGA office is notified on or before the entry deadline. After the deadline, fees will be refunded only in event of injury or illness. There will be a $10.00 service charge on all refunds.

REGISTRATION: There will not be a registration table setup for each event.  Please check in with the pro shop to get your cart key. Arrive to the starting tee 10 minutes prior to your tee time.

ENTRIES — FORM, FEE, CLOSING DATE: Entrants are responsible for registering for the event by the entry deadline. You may enter online using a credit card at www.iowagolf.org up to the deadline or until a field limit is met, whichever comes first. All entries must be made by 11:59 p.m. of the entry deadline date with full payment made.
Event #1 Deadline - June 1 - 11:59 p.m.
Event #2 Deadline - July 1 - 11:59 p.m.
Event #3 Deadline - August 14 - 11:59 p.m. 

CONDITIONS, SCHEDULES: The IGA reserves the right to alter any of the conditions and schedules herein as needed. This may include, but is not limited to, suspending play to a following day, or canceling current or future rounds. The decision of the Rules and Competitions Committee in any matter shall be final. Under any circumstances, all possible attempts will be made to complete the event in the scheduled number of rounds.

Only brands of golf balls on the most current USGA List of Conforming Golf Balls and driver heads on the most current USGA List of Conforming Driver Heads may be used. Updated lists may be found on the USGA website at www.usga.org or by contacting the USGA Equipment Standards Department at (908) 234-2300. 

PERSONAL APPEARANCE: Players will be neat in appearance with respect to normal personal grooming and clothing at any IGA sponsored championship.  Appropriate golf attire is required (e.g. no short shorts, blue jeans or blue jean shorts, midriff tops, tank tops, halter tops, sports bras, gym shorts, leotards, undershirts).  Soft spikes are required for all IGA championships.

PACE OF PLAY: Please play ready golf and keep up with the group in front of you.

RULES OF GOLF: Play will be governed by the Rules of Golf. Local rules on scorecards do not apply. Decisions concerning the rules will be settled by the Rules Committee assigned by the IGA and those decisions will be final. 

For any additional information or questions, please call the IGA Office at 888.388.4442 (DSM area 515.207.1062)