Hiddenbrooke GC

Tuesday, Sep 22, 2020


ENTRIES CLOSE: Thursday, Sep 10 at 12:00 AM 
ENTRY FEES: $60; includes golf with cart, range balls, and prize fund

STARTING TIME: Tee time start at 8:00 AM off No. 1 tee

- Preferences for start time can be listed at registration but are not guaranteed

ELIGIBILITY: Players must have reached their 55th birthday by the event date.

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Senior Series Player of the Year (POY) points for both the Senior and Super Senior divisions will be awarded for this event.

By registering for this event, you are agreeing to take sole financial responsibility for any damages that you may cause. This includes, but is not limited to; damage to golf cart(s), the building facility, the course, or any bodily harm resulting in your actions. The NCGA, nor the facility, will be held liable for your personal actions. 

WEATHER: “Bad weather” (i.e. rain, wind) itself does not warrant cancelling this event. If inclement weather deems that the event be cancelled, all attempts will be made to reschedule. 
FORMAT: Individual Chicago Points 
-Individuals will each play their own ball and finish out on each hole and cannot take worse than a gross double bogey on any hole. Based on their course handicap, each player will be given a “Quota” number of points to be reached using points (Eagle – 8 pts, Birdie – 4 pts, Par – 2 pts, Bogey - 1pt, Double Bogey or worse – 0 pts) scoring. Players who exceed their “Quota” by the greatest margin in each flight will receive gift card money to the Golf Mart stores.
-Players play to gross in this format, but a player’s “quota” points are calculated using 95% of the course handicap (maximum Course Handicap of 36) they would have received in individual stroke play per USGA recommendations. (i.e. 39 - course handicap = player’s quota points)

-An optional skins game will be offered for this event (payable at check in, cash only). Typically, 50 percent of the skins money will go toward the gross pot, while the other 50 percent will go toward the net pot. For the net pot, all players will receive 100% of their course handicap with a maximum course handicap of 36 applied.

-This event will place players in flights based on their indexes. The handicap indexes used for this and all Sr. Series events will be a player’s index from approximately 3-5 days prior to the event date.




-USGA Rules of Golf apply during play.
- For both individual and partner events, players will be assigned to different tees based on their age (55-64) and (65 and older). For individual events players will compete in flights within their respective age division, while for partner events players will compete in flights based on partners’ combined handicap. Competitors within an age division (55-64; 65 and older) regardless of handicap index will play from the following yardage in respect to their gender: Men (55-64) – tees measuring between 5,800 – 6,200 yards, (65 and older) – tees measuring between 5,400 – 5,800  yards ; Women (55-64) – tees measuring between 5,000 -5,400, (65 and older): 4,700 -5,100 yards. Tee preferences that differ from a player’s tee assignment are allowed if submitted to and approved by Senior Series staff. All tee preferences must be submitted to staff no later than 5 days prior to the event.
-Players MUST be an active NCGA member to participate. NCGA tournaments are open to amateur golfers who are members of a current NCGA member club in good standing.  The USGA’s definition of an amateur golfer is the standard of the NCGA.  Participants must meet all the eligibility requirements for the event they are entering. Any member who has not established a current numeric handicap index (CI) is ineligible to win prizes or skins. 

-You can register as an individual and you will play with other participants of similar ability. We will do the best we can to pair similarly skilled players together. If you have a specific request as to who to play with, please note it in registration.
-All events will require that participants display proper golf etiquette and behaviors. This would include no denim, no cut-off clothing, the removal of hats when inside facility buildings and no foul language. Players could be given further prohibitions as the club sees fit but those will be provided in the player e-mail. The NCGA does have the right to remove anyone for not abiding by these rules at any time. Being removed from property would result in the loss of all funds.

-The NCGA reserves the right to adjust any player’s handicap index for Senior Series events.
-The cancellation date is July 2 at 12:00 A.M. for the cancellation cost of $10. All cancellations need to be submitted by the player, online, through their registration account. Any cancellation after the deadline is subject to a loss of all funds, unless a replacement can be filled from the waiting list. The cancellation cost with a replacement after the deadline is $25.