2020 Dolly Sullivan Team Best-Ball Tournament

 Indian Pond Country Club

August 24th & 25th, 2020



Player Information Sheet & Local Rules



History of the Dolly Sullivan Team Best-Ball Tournament: Tournament honors the memory of Dolly Sullivan, a long-time supporter of women’s golf and the niece of Francis Ouimet. This annual fundraising tournament and its proceeds benefit the WGAM Jr. Scholarship Fund, Inc., Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund and the WGAM/Ouimet Dolly Sullivan Restricted Fund. The tournament was first held at The Country Club of Halifax in 1982 and has been an annual staple tournament run for women in Massachusetts since 1994.


Rules of Golf: The USGA Rules of Golf, Local Rules and Terms of Competitions for Mass Golf Tournaments govern all play.


Mass Golf Policies & Procedures: Please refer to Policies & Procedures in Response to Covid 19, Policies & Procedures and Pace of Play Policy. Mask requirement still in effect at range and practice green.


Format: Teams play their own ball on each hole. At the end of each hole the four-person team writes down the best person’s score on that hole (gross) and the best handicapped score on that hole (net). Each golfer’s handicap dots will be put on their scorecard for reference.  


Starting Times: Morning and afternoon double shotguns starting at 8:00 AM and 1:30 PM. Refer to pairing and starting hole assignments.


Handicaps:  75% handicap. Indexes computed on August 6th, 2020.


Scorecards: Paper scorecards will be provided to all participants for the player’s own notes. All paper scorecards are considered UNOFFICIAL. Do NOT exchange scorecards at any time. Online/Mobile Scoring via USGA Tournament Management. Prior to the Tournament, players should download the USGA Tournament Management App. Click HERE for mobile scoring instructions. Click HERE to download the App. Enter Gross scores only. Net will be calculated by the App. After all gross scores are entered for a Hole, click “Save Scores”. Mass Golf will NOT be posting player’s scores. Only one person from the team is responsible for inputting scores on the App.


Tees:  Red Mass Golf Tees from approximately 5,000 yards.


Distance-Measuring Devices: Permitted as specified in Mass Golf Championship Policies & Procedures.


Practice Areas: The driving range and putting green will be accessible but will be extremely limited. Players should not expect to be able to have practice time as there are a limited number of stations at the practice range and putting green.


Hole Locations: Hole location sheet is in the player portal HERE.


Red Stakes/Lines:

Hole #1: Front left of tee box                                                            Hole #13: Pond left side

Hole #2: Left of green                                                                        Hole #14: Pond left through woods

Hole #5: Left side of green                                                                Hole #16: Left of green

Hole #10: Pond before right side of green 

Hole #12: Pond left side

*If it is not written above or marked on the course it is not a penalty area


Yellow Stakes/Lines:

Hole #2: Back left of green

Hole #5: Pond in front of green                                                                   

*If it is not written above or marked on the course it is not a penalty area


Out of Bounds:

Hole #1: Entire right side of hole                                                      Hole #15: Entire left side of hole

Hole #2: Entire right side of hole                                                      Hole #16: Entire left side of hole and behind green

Hole #4: Entire left side of hole

Hole #5: Entire left side of hole

Hole #10: Entire left side of hole

Hole #11: Entire left side of hole (staked and painted)

*If it is not written above or marked on the course it is not a penalty area


Additional Information

Ground under repair areas are marked with white paint.


Flagsticks: For the safety and well-being of all, the flagstick MUST NOT be touched and should always remain in the hole. A device has been placed in the cup to prevent players from touching the flagstick. A ball deflected out of the hole will not be considered holed and must be played as it lies. Flagsticks are Red for Front, Blue for Middle and Yellow for Back.


Bunker Relief: All bunker rakes will be removed from the golf course. A ball that comes to rest in the bunker may be marked, lifted, cleaned and dropped one club length no closer to the hole and come to rest within the relief area within the bunker. The area in which a player intends to drop may not be improved in any way. Players are expected to smooth all footprints (unkept areas) with their foot, club or other device to the best of their ability after they hit their shot.


Bathrooms: Located in the clubhouse between the pro shop and dining room. Additional restrooms are located downstairs in the back of the dining room and upstairs beyond the dining room.


Inclement Weather: Click link HERE.


Drinking Water: Players must provide their own water as water coolers will not be available.


Snack Bar/Beverage Cart: Accessible for snacks and drinks after the 9th/18th green in the clubhouse. Two beverage carts will be on the course and will be cash only. There is an ATM between the pro shop and the restaurant past the women’s restroom.


Lunch: Deli boxed lunch. Options are Sliced Lean Roast Beef Wrap, Sliced Roast Turkey Wrap or Vegetarian wrap. Also included will be potato chips, chocolate chip cookie, fruit, granola bar and choice of Bottled Water or Gatorade. Adult beverages available for purchase.

-Boxed lunches for the morning shotgun will be available upon completion of the round up the staircase inside the foyer.

-Boxed lunches for the afternoon shotgun will be available before the shotgun downstairs in the restaurant.

*Any updates to this procedure for lunch due to state restrictions will be communicated.


Scoring: At the end of the round all scores must be verified by the team before your designated scorekeeper reports to the scoring tent. The designated scorekeeper is the ONLY individual that needs to report to the scoring tent. All other players must not congregate near the scoring area. Scorekeepers must keep social distance in a line to confirm their scores with Mass Golf staff. Mass Golf staff will verify with each designated scorekeeper that their scores are accurate and will take a verbal yes as a confirmation/signature as this will be a no touch process.


Awards: Overall low gross and low net teams engraved onto trophy. Ties honored for first place gross and net only. All other ties will be decided by matching cards in accordance with USGA recommended method. Prize certificates to be used at host club. Tee prizes will be distributed to all participants.





Mass Golf Staff Members:


Naomi Nesenoff, PGA

Manager of Women’s Events and Player Development


(516) 840-8802


Hogan May

Women’s Tournaments & Events Intern


(336) 263-0509



We would like to thank the host club staff for their hospitality:

Debby Saulnier – General Manager

Brian Langevin, PGA – Head Golf Professional

Laura Derby – Event Sales

Thomas Stone – Course Superintendent