1. Please make certain your Golf Professional is available by phone, no later than 6:00am, on those days where weather delays or cancellation of play may be a factor.  The determination will be made by the Host Club Professional with the Captain of Captains.


  1. Make certain your Pro Shop has a list of Teams and Opponents well before Team day.


  1. Arrange for Food Services with your club staff. Currently, it’s $35.00 inclusive for breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast is to be ready at 7:45am (7:30am at The Country Club).  All Players will be charged even when not eating. Snacks/beverages, on the course, are also appreciated. As well as, water on the carts.


  1. Arrange for courtesy Range Balls to be available by 7:00am.


  1. Have tables set up for 8 with labels of each club. Make sure tables have 2 envelopes, score cards and pencils.


  1. Make certain you and your Golf Professional have selected a hole # for Closest To the Hole contest.  And that a marker has been set out on the appropriate hole on the course.  Have available an envelope for the collection of money for those entering the contest. Give the envelope to the Captain of Captains for the winning announcement and awarding of prized money following play.


  1. A Marshal should be present to help make certain the appropriate Pace of Play is reinforced. Penalties shall be given, if necessary. (Refer to Pace of Play Procedure).


  1. Host Golf Professional should make all Team Players aware of any special course conditions or rules for the day.


  1. Announce at 8:45am to start heading for holes for 9:00am shotgun. (The Country Club, 8:15am for an 8:30am shotgun). This greatly enhances our ability to get off the course in 4 hours and 15 minutes. It is helpful to have Pro Shop Staff to assist players out to the holes quickly.