23rd Carolinas Parent-Child

Mid Pines Inn & Golf Club

July 17, 2020

Entry Window: May 21 at 8:00pm - July 9, 2019 at 11:59pm


IMPORTANT: Please review the COVID-19 Tournament Protocols before playing in or attending this championship.


The Carolinas Parent-Child Championship is open to any team comprised of a parent and child, regardless of age, in any gender combination excluding male-male. Step-parents, grandparents and in-laws are eligible. The format is alternate shot except that both team members hit from each tee and then select the ball to be played (modified alternate shot).  A team must complete the hole with the ball selected.


Teams select the division in which to compete if eligible:


Amateur Division: Team comprised of two amateurs. Overall champions are determined from this division. Gross scores only. Flights and course assignments are determined by team handicap index. Both team members play the same yardage.


Open (Pro-Am) Division: Team comprised of one golf professional and one amateur (or an amateur awaiting reinstatement “A/R”). Open division competes at gross and net. Net scores are calculated using 40% of the amateur partners' course handicap. Golf professionals play at scratch handicap. 13 & Under team member plays a shorter yardage.




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