The UGA player performance rankings are a cumulative system of ranking amateur golfers in Utah. The PPR rankings are used in determining the UGA Players of the Year and to fill spots on UGA traveling teams.



How Does it Work?

The UGA Player Performance Ranking system runs on a revolving calendar year basis.  When a player earns points in an event, those points will remain on the players record for 365 days at which point they will fall off regardless of when that event takes place the following year.  Only a select number of events will be counted in their overall total.  Each different category of PPR has a different number of counting events.

PPR – Top 10 Events

WPPR – Top 4 Events

SPPR – Top 8 Events

SWPPR – Top 4 Events

SSPPR – Top 4 Events



Other PPR Policies

Players qualifying for a USGA event at an out-of-state qualifier when the UGA does not offer that qualifier, or if a player is exempt into a USGA event, will receive 20 points as a separate event. Points will only be honored for players who are amateurs and members of the UGA at the time of earning the points.



Tournament Host Policies

Clubs are granted PPR status by the UGA Competitions Committee. The UGA will not award points until the club fulfills its responsibilities of a sanctioned PPR event. If a facility fails to fulfill its responsibilities the UGA reserves the right to revoke PPR status. There are additional policies each club must follow to retain their PPR status, those policies can be found HERE.