Members Season 2020/2021




Dear Member,


We are delighted to share the 2020-2021 Member Events Calendar. The calendar contains information that you will need to have a fun and successful season at the Royal Golf Club, and sharing it in advance will allow you to plan and choose the events you wish to participate in. Finalizing all events this far in advance took weeks of planning by Jerome and the rest of the team.


The aim with this calendar is to:

1. Provide a full and comprehensive Event Calendar that will allow the opportunity for all skill levels, good competition and chance to socialize and network.

2. While providing a full Event Calendar we need to be conscious of having availability for those choosing not to participate in certain events or formats.

3. Finding a balance between fun and social Events and handicap rounds throughout the year.

To further manage your expectations please note that changes to the calendar are unavoidable and will do our best to communicate any changes well in advance with enough notice and accurately.

Please find below further information with regards to this year’s Events. Please take the time to look over these notes carefully as it will help further understanding of what Events are taking place at the Club this season.


Sign – Up Process:

This season we will be implementing a new sign-up process. We are extremely excited about this as it will enhance the experience for you as a Member while simplifying things for the team. Through our tournament software Golf Genius, you will now be able to sign-up for all Events online. It is an easy process and will give you all the required information for each Event as well and will be followed by a confirmation e-mail once your registration is complete. We will utilize Rolling Tee Times or Roll-Ups (unless stated otherwise) which will not require signing-up prior to the Event in order to, as far as possible, accommodate all tee time preferences.


Please note the dates, times, formats, entry fees and all sign-up start and deadlines, which will be released at least one month before each Event. It is imperative to follow event deadlines in order for us to host and execute successful Member Events. Unfortunately if you miss the sign-up deadline it reduces the chance to enter Events and we will not be able to always accommodate late entries.


Lastly, please note that most sign-up deadlines are about a week BEFORE the scheduled Event. We need to do this to ensure there is no displacement of tee times for other Members to utilize. This information will be posted on the website, on the notice board and it will be sent out in our Members Weekly Catch-Up. We will update each event with more information as we get closer to the actual dates of the events.


Seasonal Knockouts will be held in the winter ranging from months May to October and in the summer from November to April. We will host both, Individual Knockouts as well as Pairs Knockouts.


There are a total of ten Monthly Medal events from October 2020 onwards which will replace

the Order of Merit events, however they will continue in the same format. Your best five rounds will count towards overall Monthly Medal events with prizes for best overall gross and best overall nett. We have also introduced a Season Points Award which will be known as the Player of the Year Award. Players who place in the top five of each handicap qualifying event will be awarded points as follows:


1st place – 5 points

2nd place – 4 points

3rd place – 3 points

4th place – 2 points

5th place – 1 points


Members will automatically receive 1 point for participating in each event.


Team Golf