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TOURNAMENT POINTS LEVELS:  Tournaments are placed in points levels based on the field size of the tournament upon the first round. This is known as “live points.” Size of field is determined by the total number of players that meet the maximum index criteria. A tournament’s points may go up or down depending on actual participation of eligible players at that year’s event. All new points tournaments are placed in the 50 points level.


          The points levels are as follows:


          Regular Division                                    Senior Division / Super Senior Division


          50 Points Level         10-19 Players          50 Points Level         10-14 Players

          75 Points Level         20-39 Players          75 Points Level         15-19 Players

          100 Points Level       40-69 Players          100 Points Level       20-29 Players

          150 Points Level       70-119 Players         150 Points Level       30-39 Players

          200 Points Level       120+ Players           200 Points Level       40-Plus Players


          Women’s Division / Senior Women’s Division


                50 points level          8-12 Players

          75 points level          13-16 Players

          100 points level        17-20 Players

          150 points level        21-24 Players

          200 points level        25-Plus Players


Note:  The NCGA reserves the right to exempt events from this requirement.



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