Northern California Golf Association

2020 Weekend Net Tour – Tour Championship

Bayonet GC & Carmel Valley Ranch GC

December 5-6, 2020


Player Information Sheet


Club Information (website/address):                      Bayonet GC                  Carmel Valley Ranch GC

                        1 McClure Wy.              One Old Ranch Road

                        Seaside, CA 93955      Carmel, CA 93923

            (831) 899-7271             (831) 620-6406        


FORMAT:  36-hole Individual Net competition. Contestants will play their own ball over two 18-hole rounds and will receive 95% of their course handicap. A player will compete based on his/her November 25th index or tournament index*, whichever is lower. The top overall finishers will receive gift card money to Golf Mart stores. Players are required to play from the designated tees based assigned by the NCGA for this event.


TEES: (Tee assignment is required for the Championship)

Men: Bayonet GC: Custom Blue Tee (6,233 yards, par 72; 71.0/131); Carmel Valley Ranch GC: Custom Brown Tee (6,006 yards, par 70; 69.7/129)

Women: Bayonet GC: Red (5,229 yards, par 72; 70.2/123); Carmel Valley Ranch GC: Lavender (5,230 yards, par 70; 71.0/131)


Play will begin Saturday at 10:10 a.m. with tee times in 10-minute intervals off the No. 1 tee. Please be at your assigned tee ready for play 10 minutes prior to your start time. There you will go over scoring and other important procedures with the starter. Players will receive a point value based on his/her 36-hole finish, (please see Playoff Points Distribution sheet). Any “no-show,” “no-card,” or “disqualification” will result in no points being awarded to a player.


PACE OF PLAY & RULES: Please be sure to keep up with the group in front of you. Groups that miss their 18-hole checkpoint (finishing over the designated time and more than 14 minutes behind the group in front of them) are subject to a two-stroke penalty.  In order to keep an adequate pace of play, players are asked to pick up once maximum score has been reached on a respective hole; failure to do so will result in a two-stroke penalty.

          The Rules of Golf as approved by the USGA and the R & A are in effect. It is the player’s responsibility to have a working knowledge of the rules. For more information regarding the rules, players can visit the NCGA’s website:


MAXIMUM SCORE:  A gross 9 on any hole.


TIES: If there is a tie for first place at the completion of 36 holes, a sudden-death playoff will take place until a winner is determined. Ties for gift card prizes will be settled using USGA recommendations of a card off: best back 9 net score, best back 6 (net), best back 3 (net), followed by best 18th hole (net), finally, tie-break by coin-flip.


PRACTICE ROUNDS: Players looking to play practice rounds at either golf course may book directly with the course and based on course availability. NCGA rate at Bayonet is $110 and at Carmel Valley Ranch $115. Carmel Valley Ranch is currently allowing public play beginning at 11:30 a.m.


SERIOUS MISCONDUCT & DRESS CODE: A player who is removed from the course for Serious Misconduct will result in a loss of all funds and potentially a suspension from future events. Players and Caddies are to dress appropriately. For more information, please refer to the NCGA Weekend Net Tour Hard Card.


CARTS: Single-rider carts are available to all players, unless two players are from the same household. Walking is allowed and at the player’s discretion.


DRIVING RANGE AND PRACTICE GREEN: The driving range and practice green are available for use 50 minutes prior to a player’s tee time. To avoid overcrowding and to give everyone the opportunity to use these areas, players are to limit the amount of time at each area to a maximum of 20 minutes.  


SPECTATORS AND CADDIES: In an effort limiting the number of people at the facilities, spectators and caddies are not allowed. Spectators and caddies who show up at the facility will be asked to leave.


DIGITAL SCORECARDS & SCORING: Digital scorecards will be used for this event, so everyone is required to have the Golf Genius (Android) or USGA TM app (iPhone) downloaded and ready to use. Each player will be assigned to mark (keep score) for one other player in the group. At the conclusion of the round, players should go over his/her scores with the marker to make sure scores have been entered correctly. An NCGA official will be near the 18th green to assist in scoring at the conclusion of the round.


SUNDAY PAIRINGS: Pairings for Sunday’s round at Carmel Valley Ranch will be based on first round scores, with the lower scores going out last and the higher scores going out first. Play will begin at 9:00 a.m. off the No. 1 tee and the final time at 10:30 a.m. Pairings will be available approximately one hour after play is completed on Saturday around 5:30 to 6:00 p.m. A pairings email will not be sent out, and players are to use the original pairings link to view pairings for the final round.