Northern California Golf Association

North Valley Zone Championship

Poppy Hills GC and Carmel Valley Ranch GC

Monday-Tuesday, April 5-6, 2021


Player Information Sheet


Club Information (website/directions):               

Carmel Valley Ranch GC                              Poppy Hills GC                              

1 Old Ranch Rd                                            3200 Lopez Rd                               

Carmel, CA 93923                                        Pebble Beach, CA 93953             

(831) 626-2510                                             (831) 622-8239                                        


COVID-19 Protocols:

Competitors are required to comply with all current Monterey County Public Health Order requirements. In particular, face masks must be worn in the parking lot and in all adjacent areas near to and around the Clubhouse, as well as when completing scoring upon conclusion of your round. Monterey County requires that all individuals maintain social distancing of at least 6’ from others, except when from the same household.  All other protocols can be reviewed on the NCGA COVID-19 safety protocols below at the Poppy Hills  and Carmel Valley Ranch Website.


NCGA “Play it Safe – COVID-19 Tournament Policies”



Best Two Balls of Four. 36-holes stroke play, 18-holes per day. Two players from each club will be paired with two players from another club. For this format, the NCGA defines a “side” as the two players from a club playing together. Should a disqualification penalty affect the “side,” the other two players from that club are still eligible to compete. The two best balls can both come from any of the four players.


Men will play from the BROWN tee markers at Carmel Valley Ranch GC and the WHITE NCGA tee markers at Poppy Hills GC. Women will play from the LAVENDER tee markers at Carmel Valley Ranch GC and the RED NCGA tee markers at Poppy Hills GC. Please see the “Yardage” page on the event portal for hole-by-hole yardages. Play will be 85% of the Course Handicap using a maximum current Handicap Index of 18.4 (men) and 25.4 (women). Players with a Handicap Index of 18.5 (men) 25.5 (women) or higher are eligible but must play to the maximum Handicap Index. The tournament will be played using the April 2, 2021 Handicap Revision. Teams will be paired by score for the second round.


Local Rules / Hole Locations / Scorecards:

All paperwork will be available for players on or before Sunday, April 4th via the links below:

  • Notice to Players (Local Rules) Carmel Valley Ranch | Poppy Hills
  • Hole Locations:  Round 1 | Round 2
  • Scorecards:  Round 1 | Round 2  (Scorecards are available to print as a convenience for players, but have no Rules status)

No paper materials will be provided or available on site.


Scoring Unfinished Holes:

If a player starts but does not complete a hole, their marker shall record an “X” followed by the score he most likely

would have made. This score is for handicap purposes only and shall not exceed net double bogey.


Net Double Bogey = Double Bogey + any handicap strokes you receive


Competition Schedule: 

The first round will be played at Carmel Valley Ranch GC. The second round will be played at Poppy Hills GC. The first starting time will be at 7:30AM on BOTH days. Players should be at their assigned tee 10 minutes prior to their starting time.



Caddies are not permitted at any NCGA event until further notice.


Practice Round Information:

The NCGA does not arrange practice rounds for either golf course.

Carmel Valley Ranch GC – Contact the Golf Shop at (831) 626-2510 to schedule a practice round. NCGA member green fees are $115 Monday-Sunday after 11:30 a.m. cart rental is included.

Poppy Hills GC – Contact the Golf Shop at (831) 622-8239 to schedule a practice round. NCGA member green fees are $90 Monday-Thursday and $120 Friday-Sunday.


Cart Fee Information:

The NCGA is committed to providing golfers with disabilities as much course access as the conditions allow. Please contact the host Head Professional to make requests for additional access at least one week prior to the event.


Each side is entitled to one cart. Carts will be limited to one rider per cart, but you may have two bags per cart, unless side members are from the same household, which they then may ride together.  This is to maintain social distancing requirements and comply with Monterey County health and safety protocols.  A maximum of two carts per group allowed.  GUEST OR NON-COMPETITOR CARTS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


Carmel Valley Ranch GC – Golf carts are optional at the player’s expense. Cart rental is $25 per rider. Carts are not permitted in the parking lot. Players should utilize the bag drop before and after their round.

Poppy Hills GC – Golf carts are optional at the player’s expense. Cart rental is $25 per rider.


Spectator Policy:

Spectators are not allowed at this time during competitions due to COVID-19 protocols.  Competitor teams are allowed to have one (1) guest with them during the competition.  Guests may not ride in or otherwise occupy golf carts for any reason.  Guests must comply with all other Monterey County and Poppy Hills property COVID-19 regulations.


Practice Balls:

Practice balls are included at both facilities before the round.

Carmel Valley Ranch GC – Range opens at 6:45 AM or sunrise, whichever is earlier.

Poppy Hills GC – Range opens at 6:45 AM or sunrise whichever is earlier.


Payment Information:

Cash and major credit cards accepted at both facilities.



Food and Beverage Information:

Carmel Valley Ranch GC – The restaurant opens at 6:30AM.

Poppy Hills GC – The restaurant opens at 6:30AM.

No outside food and beverage is permitted at either facility. To avoid losing position and penalty for slow play, we recommend all players order ready-made food at the grill or restaurant if doing so during their stipulated rounds.



Only a club official may make substitutions, pairing changes and/or revisions by notifying the NCGA Rules and Competitions Office at least one week prior to the first tournament day.



The winning team will be awarded a plaque for the club and silver medals for each player. The second place team will be awarded bronze medals for each player. These two teams qualify for the Zone Championship on Monday-Tuesday, August 30-31, 2021 at Spyglass Hill GC and Poppy Hills GC.


Rules Information:

Prior to the first day of the event, you must make yourself familiar with the Player HandbookHard Card, and Pace of Play Policy.


See the above links for policies on Dress Code, Withdrawals, No Shows, and Conditions of Competition.

It is the PLAYER’S responsibility to know the Rules and Conditions of the Competition.


Golf Shoes:

Model Local Rule G-7 is in effect.


Maximum Score:

The maximum allowable score for a side on any hole is 9, Rule 21.2 applies.


Alternative to Stroke and Distance:

Model Local Rule E-5 is in effect.



The format is the same as the championship, two best balls of four. All players start from the same tee. Ties for first place or second place will be broken by a hole-by-hole play-off. If a play-off cannot be conducted (decision of the Committee and the golf course) the USGA suggested method of matching cards will be used. Only two teams will advance to the Zone Championship at Spyglass Hill GC and Poppy Hills GC on August 26-27, 2019.                  


Code of Conduct – Flagstick:

The flagstick must not be moved or deliberately touched by hand during the round, including with a gloved hand or a towel wrapped around the flagstick.  Any player who deliberately ignores this code of conduct policy will be considered guilty of Serious Misconduct (see Rule 1.2b), the penalty for which is Disqualification.


Holing Out

Poppy Hills has installed a foam insert that allows the ball to fall into the hole part way, while making the ball easily retrievable to minimize shared contact points. The foam is treated as part of the flagstick, and if any part of the ball is below the surface of the putting green and is resting on that device or leaning against the flagstick, the ball is treated as holed. However, a ball that hits the foam and does not come to rest with any part of the ball within the hole below the surface of the putting green is not holed.  


Preferred Lies in Bunker

When a player’s ball lies in a bunker, the player may take free relief once by placing the original ball or another ball in and playing it from this relief area:

  • Reference Point:  Spot of the original ball
  • Size of Relief Area Measured from Reference Point:  Six inches from the reference point, but with these limits:
  • Limits on Location of Relief Area:
    • Must not be nearer the hole than the reference point, and
    • Must be in the same bunker.

In proceeding under this Local Rule, the player must choose a spot to place the ball and use the procedures for replacing a ball under Rule 14.2b(2) and 14.2e.



Players are expected to arrive at their first tee with the latest version of the GolfGenius or USGA Tournament Management App. The player GGID is available on the scorecard PDF available above and will be given to you on the first tee by the starter. When logging in, you MUST login using the provided Player GGID or you will not get access to the digital scorecard portion of the app.


  •  DURING THE ROUND - Within the group, players will be marking for one other player (just as you would with a paper scorecard). The electronic scorecard has a section for "Marker's Notes". This is the equivalent to the tear strip at the top of a scorecard where the marker may keep his or her own scores. 
  •  WHEN ROUND IS COMPLETED - At the end of the round, all players in the group must report any rules issues to the committee and confirm hole-by-hole scores are correct.  If there are any discrepancies between your "Marker's Notes" and the scores your marker entered for you, they will be highlighted in yellow.
  • CERTIFYING SCORES - Once all scores are correct you will be prompted to "Certify as Marker" and then you will move to "My Scores", located at the top of your screen, and then be prompted to "Certify as Player".  This is the equivalent of signing a paper scorecard and satisfies the requirements of Rule 3.3b. Scores will be considered to be official and returned once the player has left the defined scoring area, the scoring area will be defined within The Notice to Players. 
  • Digital Scorecard Training - A step-by-step guide to digital scorecards.


Staff contact information is available in the Notice to Players (see link above) if you have any questions after your round. 



Please direct any questions concerning this event to the NCGA Rules and Competitions department at (831) 625-4653.