Washington Golf (WA Golf) cares deeply about the health, safety and well-being of our players, spectators, staff, volunteers, as well as everyone at our host facilities. The intent of the following policies and guidelines is to minimize potential exposure to COVID-19 by utilizing publicly available guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but WA Golf cannot guarantee a risk-free environment. Everyone is responsible to do their part by following these guidelines to make our tournaments as safe as possible. The following policies and procedures may be updated and/or modified at any time.


Before arriving on-site, please be certain that you have signed and returned the WA Golf’s COVID-19 Participant Release and Waiver that will be sent to you electronically after the close of entry. You will be able to sign at Player Registration if you have not signed in previously. Players must only sign the waiver once during the 2021 season.

We will communicate with host facilities prior to and throughout each tournament to ensure that recommended sanitization practices for common touchpoints are met.

Before arriving on-site for a practice round or tournament, if you feel sick or show any symptoms of COVID-19, or if within the last *ten days you have felt sick, have shown any symptoms of COVID-19, have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have been in close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, we request that you stay home and notify us before your starting time. If you are unable to start the tournament due to any of these, a refund will be granted.
*When diagnostic testing resources are sufficient and available, then quarantine can end after day 7 if a diagnostic specimen tests negative and if no symptoms were reported during daily monitoring.

Social distancing must be practiced at all times by maintaining a minimum 6-foot distance from others.

A mask or facial covering must be worn in accordance with state/provincial government guidelines.

Wash your hands frequently. If you are unable to wash your hands, use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer will be available on the starting tee and at the scoring area.

Players are asked to refrain from handshakes, hugs and high-fives.

There are no restrictions on caddies. Caddies must sign WA Golf’s COVID-19 Participant Release and Waiver at player registration and maintain proper social distancing for other spectators and players.

There are no restrictions on spectators attending tournaments. Spectators are asked to remain on cart paths and to maintain proper social distancing for other spectators and players.


Players are asked to not arrive to the golf course more than 60 minutes prior to their starting time.

Practice range stations will be spaced to promote social distancing. Practice balls will be set out at each station and practice putting green cups will be removed or modified.

Players must register with WA Golf staff upon arrival to the golf course. Contestants will receive their tee gifts, $10 Puetz Bucks, scorecard, and local rules at registration.

Tee prizes will be safely handled using PPE.


Players must register immediately upon arriving to the golf course.

Tournament paperwork (Local Rules and Terms of the Competition, Notice to Competitors, Pace of Play Policy, etc.) will be emailed to players the evening prior to each round and posted on the Championship Portal.

Scorecards will be provided and picked up by the player from the registration table.

Players and WA Golf staff must wear a face covering at player registration.


Motorized carts will be restricted to one player for individual events.

Motorized carts may be limited and based on availability. Carts will only be guaranteed if pre-paid during registration.

Pull carts may be available at the discretion of the host facility.


Caddies are permitted and should follow the same player guidelines.


Players and caddies may remove the flagstick from the hole, but are encouraged to use hand sanitizer before and after handling flagsticks.

Rakes have been placed back in the bunkers. Players and caddies are encouraged to use hand sanitizer before and after handling rakes.

WA Golf staff and volunteers will wear face coverings when engaging with players and unable to maintain social distancing.

Players should call, text or email the WA Golf Official in Charge (contact info will be provided) with any questions. This number may also be used to call in rules assistance is needed during the round.


Proceed to the scoring area immediately after the round is complete. Tables (no chairs) will be setup to provide proper social distancing.

Scorecards need to be signed and verified and returned to the Committee. Players will be required to provide their own pencil.

Players can use the USGA Tournament Management app to follow live scoring using the event GGID.