Player Roster

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Last Name First Name Club Name H.I.
Alden Mike Pacific services Emplyees GC 16.1
Au Andrew IFGC 13.2
Baham Matt Sacramento Semi-Pro Golf Association 6.8
Bauer Keith Sacramento Builders GC 9.7
Brady Martin Bay Area Pinseekers 12.9
Brooks Jeremy Sacramentoo Builders GC 15.9
Brooks Thomas Lawyers and Judges 16.6
Brosius Christian Koaches Golf Klub 17.2
Brown Keith North Valley Coed Golf Club 8.1
Burgess Dustin Sacramento Builders GC 12.2
Caballero Jorge UAL 32 Golf Club 7.5
Carlson Don Bay Area Pinseekers 17.5
Casey Bill Two Rivers Golf Club 9.9
Champathong Theppy Martinez Golf Association 12.9
Chew Byron OBC GOLF CLUB 53-676-1 10.3
Chou James IFGC 13.5
Clark Al Leisure Tour Golf Club 15.7
Coleman Kevin Lawyers and judges 11.7
Cooley Bob Fir's & Gir's 12.0
Covacevich Andrew Fresno Maga 8.6
Covacevich Rufus Fresno Maga 5.3
Cowan Dan North Valley Coed Golf Club 15.4
Dang John OBC GOLF CLUB 53-676-1 3.1
Drury Mark Netscape GC 12.7
Erway Brad Two Rivers Golf Club 3.2
Farmer Jim Parroyal4 9.5
Foley Thomas Leisure Tour Golf Club 19.9
Forsgren Kurt Electronic Systems Golf Association 19.1
Fraser Zac Fir's & Gir's 8.3
Gish Dan Two Rivers Golf Club 13.0
Griego Joe solano blades 6.4
Groshong Greg E-Club Sacramento 11.2
Halvorson Keith Martinez Golf Association 11.4
Helgesen Don UAL 32 Golf Club 16.3
Hellmann Peter Bay Area Pinseekers 12.6
Higgins Jeremy Sacramentoo Builders GC 15.7
Holter Keith UAL 32 Golf Club 17.0
Immel Jeremy Electronic Systems Golf Association 11.7
iwasaki riki Hi-Lo Golf Club 8.2
Kahn Jamie Parroyal4 6.5
Kaufman Doug Martinez Golf Association 14.9
Kennedy Chris Greater Fresno Area Golf Club 16.8
King Alex High Rollers 2.5
Kitapan June E-Club North Bay 14.3
Lee Chaleen PLA E-Club North Bay 16.5
Lincoln Claude UAL 32 Golf Club 16.4
Loftin Todd E-Club East Bay 11.0
Long Rich Leisure Tour Golf Club 14.9
Lotridge Jason E-Club North Bay 7.8
Maloney Zac Koaches Golf Klub 16.4
McCurry Dean Bay Area Pinseekers 12.6
McDonald Chris Greater Fresno Area Golf Club 12.9
McGuinness Michael E-Club Sacramento 12.6
Merkel Rick North Bay GC 9.0
Moninger Jon Friends in Low Places GC 16.0
Nankivell Todd E-Club East Bay 17.0
Needham Jeff North Bay GC 16.1
Olson Sean E-Club North Bay 14.5
Orlando Don Bay Area Pinseekers 17.2
Patterson Mark Pacific Services Employee GC 16.5
Patterson Nathaniel Pacific Services Employee GC 19.0
Pendley Paul Vintage Park GC 18.1
Pendley Pete Vintage Park GC 13.5
Pennington Eddie Leisure Tour Golf Club 10.7
Powell Ed Betty's Bogeymen GC 25.4
Price Jeremy Friends in Low Places GC 20.7
Rangel James Martinez Golf Association 13.3
Reinking Gary Netscape GC 15.9
Rhodus Kyle Parroyal4 8.2
Riddle Elizabeth Bay Area Pinseekers 15.4
Rigney Brian Parroyal4 8.2
Rios Joe Fresno Maga 15.9
Romo Jose Fresno Maga 20.7
schenkel cliff Hi-Lo Golf Club 2.7
Shower Bill Betty's Bogeymen GC 18.5
Shows Glenn solano blades 12.5
Sifuentes Larry Two Rivers Golf Club 10.8
Stanfill Jake Sacramento Semi-Pro Golf Association 11.3
Tapper Andy High Rollers 3.1
Wirth Eric Pacific services Emplyees GC 14.3
Wong Riley Sacramento Chinese Golf Club 15.7
Wong Sean Sacramento Chinese Golf Club 10.3