Registering for a WGANC Legacy Tournament


1.  All members need to create a profile account ONE TIME only when landing on the first page. (We do NOT share your information.)  

    a.  To start click the green "Click Here to Register" button below. 
    b.  Once you fill out the question boxes, click the green "Update" button one time at the bottom of the page. (The screen does NOT change).
    c.  From there you may click the Event Schedule link (in the green bar at the top of the page) to view open Tournaments and to sign up for a Tournament.




2.  If you already have a Profile you may SIGN IN and click the Event Schedule link (in the green bar at the top of the page) for Tournaments.


NOTE: You do NOT need to update your password once your have created it (even though the text boxes are on your profile page). Just leave blank.

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