AUGUST 9-13, 2021


Club Information:                   

Spyglass Hill Golf Course

3206 Stevenson Drive & Spyglass Hill Road, Pebble Beach, CA 93953

Pro Shop: (831) 625-8563


MASKS: Masks are REQUIRED for anyone entering the Pro Shop or Spyglass Grill, or any circumstance where it is not possible to maintain social distancing.


Registration:  There is no formal registration.  Make sure to arrive at your starting tee 10 minutes prior to your starting time. The atomic clocks at the putting greens or starting tees display the official tournament time.




MONDAY, AUGUST 9:                 Round 1 of 18-hole stroke play qualifying – 7:30 AM & 12:00 PM off tee #1 & 10


TUESDAY, AUGUST 10:               Round 2 of 18-hole stroke play qualifying – 7:30 AM & 12:00 PM off tee #1 & 10


                                                       PLAY-OFF: In the event of a tie for the last (32nd) spot after 36 holes of stroke play, there will be a hole-by-hole play-off for the                                                                 final match play spots immediately following the conclusion of the round. If a play-off cannot be conducted (decision of the                                                                           Committee and the golf course), the play-off will commence on Wednesday morning at 7:00 AM from the 10th tee. Rule 6.3a                                                                         applies for any player not present and ready to play at the 10th tee on time. Match times are adjusted to accommodate matches                                                                   that are filled from players in the play-off.


                                                       SEEDING FOR MATCH PLAY:     Ties in stroke play will be decided by blind draw, except for those participating in the play-                                                                 off will be determined by the order of the public scoreboard and performance in the play-off.


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11:       Play-off at 7:00 AM (if necessary)

                                                       Low 32 players will begin match play at 7:00 AM

                                                   Round of 16 - 1:00 PM


THURSDAY, AUGUST 12:            Quarter Finals - 7:00 AM

                                                        Semi Finals - 12:30 PM


FRIDAY, AUGUST 13:                   Finals - 36 holes - 7:00 AM and 11:30 AM



Local Rules / Hole Locations / Scorecards:

All links to the paperwork below will be available for players on or before August 8th.

  • Notice to Players (Local Rules)
  • Hole Location sheets will be provided at the player’s starting tee
  • Scorecards: Round 1 – Round 2 – Match Play Generic Scorecard


Food Services:  Spyglass Hill Grill is open 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Payments must be made by CREDIT CARD only and masks MUST be worn inside the Grill.   


Water: Spyglass Hill has water coolers on holes 5, 8, 12 and 15. Bottled water will be provided on the 1st and 10th starting holes.


Practice Rounds: The NCGA does not arrange practice rounds and does not administer Spyglass Hill GC.  If you wish to play prior to the tournament, you must make reservations by calling Golf Central (800) 654-9300.  Green fees are $415 per NCGA member (does not include cart).  Carts are $45/rider. Please call the Pro Shop for more information. 


Driving RangeThe Pro Shop and Driving Range open at 6:00 AM. Range balls are available at no charge throughout the championship. The driving range is NOT available after the round. Players are only permitted on site one hour prior to their starting time.


Gate ClearanceFor Pebble Beach gate clearance, please state your name and the NCGA tournament you are playing into the Pebble Beach Security personnel upon arrival at any gate to 17-Mile Drive. 


Caddies: Caddies are permitted and need to adhere to the dress code policy. Please plan accordingly.


Guests:  Spectators are permitted.  Guests must walk, carts will not be permitted.


Withdrawals: If you are unable to play in the Championship, please call the NCGA Rules & Competitions Department at (831)625-4653 as soon as possible so that an alternate may be notified.


RULES INFORMATION – It is the player’s responsibility to know the Rules and Terms of the Competition.


Rules of Play:  The Rules of Golf effective January 2019 are in effect and are supplemented by the 2021 NCGA Hard Card.  The Committee will provide any additional Local Rules needed at the championship site.  Please be familiar with the NCGA Regulations and Policies, and Pace of Play Policy.


Transportation:  Automotive Transportation is prohibited for players. See Model Local Rule G-6.


ScoringPlayers are expected to download the USGA TM app (or GolfGenius). The GGID for the group is available on the scorecard PDF available above. This GGID will also be texted to each player and available with the starter.

  • Within the group, players should enter scores for one other player.  If someone does not have a phone available, players must ensure at least one player in the group is entering scores.
  • At the end of the round, all players in the group must confirm hole-by-hole scores posted online are correct.  This can be done using the Leaderboard in the app or online in this event portal.
  • Any issues with scores after leaving your group must be communicated to staff via text, call or email no later than one hour after the final group has entered the 18th hole scores.  After that time, the scorecard is treated as officially returned and certified. Staff contact information is available in the Notice to Players linked above.
  • For guidance using the Mobile Scoring App, please see this training video.


Dress Code:  See NCGA Hard Card. Players AND caddies must adhere to the dress code.


FootwearNon-metal spikes required.  Shoes with traditionally designed spikes (regardless of composition, i.e., ceramic) or spikes, regardless of design, comprised either entirely or partially of metal (when such metal comes in contact with the surface of the putting green) are prohibited.  Penalty for breach of this condition:  See Rule 4.3a. See Model Local Rule G-7.