AUGUST 9-13, 2021



CLUB INFORMATION:                      Poppy Hills GC                                        Spyglass Hill GC     

                                                             3200 Lopez Rd                                        Stevinson Dr & Spyglass Hill Rd                                                                                                                                           Pebble Beach, CA 93953                       Pebble Beach, CA 93953                 

                                                             (831) 622-8239                                      (831) 625-8563



NCGA Tournament play at Poppy Hills Golf Course and Spyglass Hill Golf Course shall be in conformance with any applicable County and State PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER requirements.



REGISTRATIONThere is no formal registration. Make sure to arrive at your starting tee 10 minutes prior to your starting time. The atomic clocks at the putting greens or starting tee display the official tournament time.





MONDAY, AUGUST 9:                      18-hole stroke play qualifying – Poppy Hills GC – 7:30 AM off Tees #1 & #10.


PLAY-OFF:                                           In the event of a tie for the last qualifying spot(s), there will be a hole-by-hole play-off immediately upon                                                                         completion of the round. All announcements regarding the play-off, including the sequence of holes, will                                                                         be made immediately upon completion of the round. Rule 6.3a applies for any player not present and                                                                               ready to play at the start of the play-off.


  A blind draw will be used to break ties for seeding purposes, except that seeding of those participating in            the play-off will be determined by the order of performance in the play-off.


TUESDAY, AUGUST 10:                     Top 16 players on Senior Points List (as of July 18) and low 16 players from qualifying begin match play

                                                             Poppy Hills GC – 7:30-8:40 AM


                                   Top 8 players on Super Senior Points List (as of July 18) and low 8 players from qualifying begin match play

                                       Poppy Hills GC – 8:50-9:20 AM


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11:             Round of 16 – Spyglass Hill GC – 9:40-10:50 AM / Quarterfinals 2:36-3:12 PM (Senior Flight)

                                             Quarterfinals – Spyglass Hill GC – 11:00-11:30 AM (Super Senior Flight)


THURSDAY, AUGUST 12:                 Semifinals – Spyglass Hill GC – 8:00 & 8:15 AM (Senior Flight) / 8:30 & 8:45 AM (Super Senior Flight)


FRIDAY, AUGUST 13:                        Final – 18 holes – Spyglass Hill GC – 7:15 AM (Senior Flight) / 7:30 AM (Super Senior Flight)



Local Rules / Hole Locations / Scorecards:

All paperwork below will be provided at the player's starting tee:

  • Notice to Players (Local Rules)
  • Scorecards 
  • Hole Location Sheets


Food Services:

Poppy Hills GCPorter’s in the Forest opens at 7:00 AM. Snack Bar opens at 9:00 AM.

Spyglass Hill GCSpyglass Hill Grill opens at 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Practice Rounds:

Poppy Hills GCGreen fees are $90 (M-TH) / $120 (FRI-SUN); carts are $25 per rider. Practice rounds must be booked through the pro shop or online in advance.

Spyglass Hill GC – The NCGA does not administer Spyglass Hill GC.  If you wish to play prior to the tournament, you must make reservations by calling Golf Central (800) 654-9300. Green fees are $415 per player (cart not included). Carts are $45 per rider. Please call the Pro Shop for more information. 


Automotive Transportation

Automotive Transportation is optional at the player’s expense. A maximum of two carts per group allowed.


Practice Facility

Poppy Hills GCThe driving range is open and spaced for safe distancing. Poppy Hills range will open at 6:45 AM and will have limited spots available. Players will not be allowed on the range more than 45 minutes before their scheduled tee time will be limited to 10 minutes on the driving range for pre-round warm up.

Spyglass Hill GCThe Driving Range opens at 6:00 AM. Range balls are available at no charge throughout the championship.


Gate Clearance

For Pebble Beach gate clearance, please state your name and the NCGA tournament you are playing in to the Pebble Beach Security personnel upon arrival at any gate to 17-Mile Drive. 



Caddies are available on a limited basis and may be reserved by calling the Caddie Master at (831) 622-6162.



All spectators must walk. The NCGA does not allow spectator carts.



If you are unable to play in the Championship, please call the NCGA Rules & Competitions Department at (831) 625-4653 as soon as possible so that a waitlisted player may be notified.




It is the player’s responsibility to know the Rules and Terms of the Competition.


Prior to the first day of the event, you must make yourself familiar with the Player Handbook, Hard Card, and Pace of Play Policy.


See the above links for policies on Dress Code, Withdrawals, No Shows, and Terms of the Competition. It is the PLAYER’S responsibility to know the Rules and Terms of the Competition.



Non-metal spikes required.  Shoes with traditionally designed spikes (regardless of composition, i.e., ceramic) or spikes, regardless of design, comprised either entirely or partially of metal (when such metal comes in contact with the surface of the putting green) are prohibited.  Penalty for breach of this condition:  See Rule 4.3a. See Model Local Rule G-7.



Please direct any questions concerning this event to the NCGA Rules and Competitions department at (831) 625-4653.