Tournament Rules & Regulations

Tournaments are governed by the USGA Rules of Golf effective 1/1/19, Supplemental Local Rules and the Philadelphia Section PGA Hard Card.

Withdrawal Policy

PGA of America has a "no refund" policy in effect if withdrawing after the deadline for their Championships.  Please notify your Section directly if you need to withdraw after PGA of America's deadline.  After the entry deadline, no money will be refunded from PGA Headquarers and anyone requestiong a refund after that time will be referred to their respection Section.  A $25 admin fee will be withheld for any withdrawal prior to the entry deadline.  Any amount collected above $60 can be refunded by the Section at their discretion.


Section Deadline:

Players must withdraw by 5 p.m., 7 days prior to the event by submitting a Withdrawal Form to receive their Section part of the entry fee.  Withdrawing after the deadline without a medical reason, injury or family emergency, shall be refunded their Section part of the entry fee minus an admin fee (1-day event: $15, 2-day event: $30).


If an event deadline is extended, the withdrawal deadline will remain the same even if the deadline is moved within the 7 day deadline.