Northern California Golf Association

18th Annual Valley Amateur and Senior Valley Amateur Championship

Schaffer’s Mill Club & Whitehawk Ranch Golf Club

August 30-September 1, 2021


Player Information Sheet



Club Information:                         

Schaffer’s Mill Club

9045 Heartwood Dr.

Truckee, CA 96161



Whitehawk Ranch Golf Club

768 Whitehawk Drive

Clio, CA 96106

(530) 836-0394





36 holes of stroke play (18 holes per day). Each division will play the first round at Schaffer’s Mill and the final round at Whitehawk Ranch GC. The Championship Division will play from BLUE NCGA tee markers and the Senior Division will play from the GREEN NCGA tee markers wherever they are situated (refer to Yardage Sheet). There will be a play-off to determine first place immediately following the conclusion of play.  Ties for second or third place will be broken using the USGA method of matching cards.


Incomplete Round Protocol:

Play will consist of four rounds of nine holes each.  If the entire field completes 36 holes, the champion will be based on the total score for the four rounds.  If the entire field completes any 27 or 18 holes the champoins will be based on these rounds.  If less than 18 holes can be completed by then entire field, the scores will be null and void and the championship canceled.


Competition Schedule:  

Valley Amateur: Schaffer's Mill August 30th and Whitehawk Ranch August 31st. Senior Valley Amateur: Shaffer's Mill August 31st and Whitehawk Ranch September 1. 8:00 AM off Tee #1 and #10 at both courses. Players will be re-paired by score for the second round. Please check the NCGA website for starting times. Please be at the tee 10 minutes prior to your starting time.


Practice Round Information:    

Schaffer’s Mill:

Please contact the Pro Shop to schedule practice round tee times. Practice rounds may be scheduled on a space available basis Monday – Thursday after 12 PM and Friday – Sunday after 2 PM. Greens Fee is $95 including cart. Practice rounds are available to contestants ONLY.

Whitehawk Ranch:

Please contact the Pro Shop to schedule practice round tee times. Practice rounds may be scheduled on a space available basis 7 days a week after 1 PM. Greens Fee is $99 including cart and range.


Automotive Transportation (both courses):


Golf carts are optional at the player’s expense. Cart rental is $30 per cart. Maximum of 2 carts per group. No spectator carts.


Golf Shop and Clubhouse:         

The Golf Shop and Clubhouse will open at 7:00 AM.


Practice Facilities:

The driving range will open at 7:00 AM and balls will be available at no cost prior to the round.


Payment Information:    

Credit cards and cash are accepted at both facilities.


Food and Beverage Information:        

The Turn Stand and Marcie’s will be open from 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM.



NCGA will provide water bottles at the #1 and #10 Tees. Player’s should prepare for warm weather and plan on personal hydration.


Caddies and Spectators:

Caddies are permitted. Spectator carts are prohibited.


RULES INFORMATION – It is the player’s responsibility to know the Rules and Terms of the Competition.


Rules of Play:  The Rules of Golf effective January 2019 are in effect and are supplemented by the 2021 NCGA Hard Card.  The Committee will provide any additional Local Rules needed at the championship site.  Please be familiar with the NCGA Regulations and Policies, and Pace of Play Policy.


Scoring: Players must download the USGA TM app (or GolfGenius). The GGID for the group is available on the scorecard PDF available above. This GGID will also be texted, emailed and available with the starter.

DURING THE ROUND - Within the group, players will be marking for one other player (just as you would with a paper scorecard). The electronic scorecard has a section for "Marker's Notes". This is the equivalent to the tear strip at the top of a scorecard where the marker may keep his or her own scores.

 WHEN ROUND IS COMPLETED - At the end of the round, all players in the group must report any rules issues to the committee and confirm hole-by-hole scores are correct.  If there are any discrepancies between your "Marker's Notes" and the scores your marker entered for you, they will be highlighted in yellow.

CERTIFYING SCORES - Once all scores are correct you will be prompted to "Certify as Marker" and then you will move to "My Scores", located at the top of your screen, and then be prompted to "Certify as Player".  This is the equivalent of signing a paper scorecard and satisfies the requirements of Rule 3.3b. Scores will be considered official and returned once the player has left the scoring area as defined in the Notice to Players.

Digital Scorecard Training - A step-by-step guide to digital scorecards.