Eligibility for KGA Events other than the State Amateur

For all other KGA events, both residents and eligible nonresidents may play.


Date of Residency

The date for meeting the residency requirement or the nonresident requirement is the entry closing date for each competition.


Kentucky Resident

“Kentucky resident” is a person who maintains his or her legal place of residence in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. To establish residency for the purpose of KGA eligibility, an applicant must meet one of the criteria listed below in subsections 1-4:

  1. Is a person who meets one of the criteria listed in paragraphs (a)-(d):


  1. Has resided in Kentucky for thirty (30) consecutive days immediately preceding the date of the entry deadline of the event; or


  1. Holds a Kentucky Driver’s License; or


  1. Is registered to vote in Kentucky; or


  1. Owns property in Kentucky; or


  1. Is a student who physically attended a high school or college in Kentucky at any time during the four months before the date of the entry deadline; or


  1. Is a student who graduated from a Kentucky high school and who attends an out-of-state college, but remains a legal dependent of a parent or guardian who meets the Kentucky residency requirement; or


  1. Is a member of the military who is based in Kentucky on active duty as of the date of the entry deadline.


Nonresident Requirements

To be eligible to participate in a KGA event other than the Kentucky Amateur, a nonresident shall:


  1. Be a dues paying member of a private Type 1 KGA member club and hold an active KGA Handicap Index from that club at the time of entry; or


  1. Be an annual fee paying member of a semi-private or public Type 1 KGA member club and hold an active KGA Handicap Index from that club at the time of entry.


Annual fee paying member” includes all arrangements whereby a nonresident pays some form of fee or charge for the privilege of playing golf at a discounted rate for either a specified number of rounds or period of time in the current calendar year.


A Type 1 KGA Member Club” shall include any KGA member club that holds real estate consisting of a golf course.




  1. As a part of the application process, an applicant shall attest on the application that he or she meets either the residency requirements or the nonresident requirements listed above. 


  1. The KGA has the right, at any time, to request documentation from an applicant verifying that claimed status.  


  1. Any falsification or misrepresentation of the facts pertaining to the applicant’s eligibility may result in that person being disqualified, pursuant to USGA Amateur Status Rule 8-1, stripped of any prize or title, and that person being declared ineligible to participate in any future KGA events.