60th WV Senior Amateur Championship Information



Eligibility: Entries are open to male amateur golfers who are regular Members of the WVGA, and who are 50 years of age or older by the first round of Championship. Please Reference WVGA Policies and Procedures for further details.


Format: The tournament will be 18 holes of stroke play qualifying followed by match play. 


**BACK for For 2021** We will have a Championship division and a Senior division. There will also be a consolation bracket for Both Divisions.


Format Following Stroke Play: 16 players will advance in the Championship Division main flight, 16 players will advance in the Senior division main flight, while 8 players in each division will advance to the Consolation bracket. 



Monday: Stroke play will take play in the morning. The Round of 16 in the Championship and Senior Divisions as well as the Quarterfinals in both consolation brackets will begin after the completion of the stroke play qualifying at approximately 2:00 pm.


Tuesday: The round of 8 in the Championship and Senior brackets will take place followed by the Semifinals in the afternoon.


The semifinals of the Consolation brackets will take place the morning of day 2 followed by the championships of both that afternoon.


Wednesday: The championship matches of the Championship and Senior brackets will take place. 




** Please note that the defending champion of the previous year's Senior Amateur Championship flight will automatically be secured the 2-seed position moving into match play unless they're stroke play medalist in which case they would secure the 1-seed position.**


** The defending champion in last year's "Silver division" will be secured the #2 seed in the Senior flight, unless they earn the overall #1 seed in stroke play qualifying. 


Field Size: The maximum field size is 72 players.


Practice Round: $20. Available at the discretion of the Club. Please call for Tee Time. 304-984-9207 


Championship Yardage:  Championship - (app. 6,300 yards)  Senior -WIll play tee based on age (50-59 app. 6,300) (60-69 app. 5800) (70+ app. 5400)


Player Registration: Info will be sent with tee times and other pertinent information whihc will be emailed by Thursday August 19th.  


Player Lunch: There will be a player lunch following stroke play on Monday the 23rd. 


Cart Fees: All cart fees are included in your entry fee.


Spectator Carts: Spectator carts will not be permitted during this championship with the exception of a spectator who can provide an issued and active Handicap Permit. Final decision will be made by the WVGA Staff.


Caddies: Caddies are permitted during the championship. Players are responsible for supplying their own caddie. Caddies may ride in golf carts if it adheres to the WVGA cart policy and their is an available seat. * WVGA Cart Policy - there will be a maximum of 2 carts per group and 2 individuals per cart. *


Pairings: Pairings for stroke play qualifying will be released and updated on the WVGA website by Friday, August 20th. Pairings will also be included in the Player Information.


Awards / Gift Certificates: The Fox/Payne trophy will be awarded to the champion and the runner-up will receive a trophy as well as the winner of the senior division. Top finishers in Match Play will receive gift certificates


POY Points: Senior and Super Senior (where applicable) State Player of the Year points will be awarded to everyone who advances to the quarterfinals of the match play portion of the championship flight. Player of the Year points list will be updated online immediately following the completion of play.


Electronic Measuring Devices: Electronic devices that measure distance only are permitted for this championship.


USGA Groove Condition of Competition (Not in Effect): The USGA groove rules effective January 1, 2010 are NOT in effect for this competition.


Score Posting: At the conclusion of the championship each players stroke play qualifying scores will be automatically posted as a "C" or competition score to the GHIN handicap system. Please do not enter your own scores from the competitive rounds as this will result in a double post.


Withdrawal Policy: In the event of a tournament withdraw; the player must notify the West Virginia Golf Association Office at 304-391-5000 no later than one week prior to the tournament. If withdraw is made prior to tournament registration deadline, the player may receive a refund regardless of reason minus a $20 administrative fee. For a withdraw made after the entry deadline, the player may receive a refund only if player has experienced a sudden illness or injury, and only if the West Virginia Golf Association is notified prior to the first round of the tournament. 



West Virginia Senior Amateur Championship Schedule of Events:


Monday, August 23rd 2021
Morning: Stroke play qualifying 8:30 Shotgun

Approx 2:00pm- Round of 16 in Championship and Senior flight will begin 

Approx 2:00pm- Round of 8 in Championship and Senior Consolation brackets begin 


Tuesday, August 24th, 202


8:30 am –  Round of 8 in Championship and Senior flight will begin off #1
8:30am - Semi-finals in Championship and Senior Consolation brackets begin off #10

Approx 1:30pm- Semifinals of Championship and Senior flights begin 

Approx 1:30pm- Finals of Championship and Senior Consolation begin 


Wednesday, August 25th, 2021
8:30 am –  Championship matches in Both flights begin off #1


ff #1