RDGA Code of Conduct


The Rochester District Golf Association (RDGA) and its member clubs believe that participation in RDGA amateur events is a privilege that carries responsibilities.  In order to enter an RDGA event, a player must be an amateur golfer and be a member in good standing at an RDGA member club.  He or she must adhere to all RDGA tournament requirements, including possession of a USGA Handicap Index, age and/or gender for selected events, appropriate golf attire, mandatory use of riding carts at selected events, and obey local host club rules that may apply to players during a competition.


The most recent edition of the USGA Rules of Golf will govern all play in RDGA events, along with the RDGA Conditions of Competition and any Local Rules that may be put into effect for selected events.  All players must familiarize themselves with the provisions of Rule 1.2 of the USGA Rules of Golf and conduct themselves accordingly, i.e. by playing in the spirit of the game, acting with integrity, showing consideration for others, and taking good care of the golf course, as those concepts are described in Rule 1.2a.


In accordance with Rule 1.2b of the USGA Rules of Golf, the RDGA has adopted this Code of Conduct to apply to all players in RDGA events.  In the discretion of the RDGA Rules Committee, a player may receive the General Penalty (loss of hole in match play or 2 strokes in stroke play) for conduct that breaches this Code.  A penalty of Disqualification may be applied for any serious misconduct that occurs.  Examples of “serious misconduct” include, but are not limited to:  deliberately damaging a putting green, deliberately moving tee markers or boundary stakes, deliberately distracting other players, refusing to follow the Rules of Golf, repeated use of vulgar or offensive language, or showing disrespect to a Rules Official.


Adopted: Effective January 1, 2019