Race to the Weekly Net Championship

Thursday, Oct. 14 Kirkbrae CC


  • After a round is completed, each players Gross and Net Stableford point totals will be calculated. 
  • Gross Stableford points will be used for the gift certificates for that individual round. See the bottom of the page for the breakdown.
  • Net Stableford points will be used for the race to the Weekly Net Championship.
    • For the 2021 Weekly Net Championship, the Top 30 players with the highest Net Stableford point totals from each round will earn points. Please check the graph below for the point breakdown.


Points earned by each of the Top 30 Net Stableford point totals from each round.

1st - 60 6th - 50 11th - 40 16th - 30 21st - 20 26th - 10
2nd - 58 7th - 48 12th - 38 17th - 28 22nd - 18 27th - 8
3rd - 56 8th - 46 13th - 36 18th - 26 23rd - 16 28th - 6
4th - 54 9th - 44 14th - 34 19th - 24 24th - 14 29th - 4
5th - 52 10th - 42 15th - 32 20th - 22 25th - 12 30th - 3

All players that turn in a scorecard will earn 2 points.


Qualifying for the Weekly Net Championship


After six rounds have been completed, the Top 18 (plus ties) players who have accumulated the most points will qualify for the Championship.


2021 Weekly Net Championship Information


The 2021 Weekly Net Championship will be played on Thursday, Oct. 14, at Kirkbrae CC. There will be a mid-morning shotgun. A lunch buffet and award ceremony will follow play. Each player that qualifies will be responsible for their cart fee only.


Additional Information for the Weekly Invitational Program


  • Gift certificates will be awarded for each round based on Gross Stableford points. The field is broken down into four handicap divisions: 0-9, 10-14, 15-19, and 20+. The three players from each division with the highest Gross Stableford points will receive a gift certificate from the host course.
  • The RIGA will continue to post all scores to the GHIN system as a non-tournament score.
  • If a group has a substitute for any round, please make sure to let the Dalton Balthaser (dbalthaser@rigalinks.org) know who they are replacing.
  • Pace of Play - A group is expected to keep up pace with the group in front of them. If a group cannot, they will be moved to later tee time in the next event for that Package.
  • YARDAGE/TEE MARKERS: The Weekly Invitational’s will be set up to play 6,100-6,200 yards. If a group or player would like to play a forward or back tee, they may do so and are asked to make an indication on the scorecard as to which tee they have played.