90th WPGA Senior Amateur Championships

Conducted by the Western Pennsylvania Golf Association
Played for the Thomas S. Jamison Vase
October 11 & October 12, 2021 • The Country Club of Meadville • Meadville, PA


FORMAT: 36 holes of stroke play. Golfers age 65 and older may choose to compete in either the WPGA Senior Amateur Championship or the WPGA Super-Senior Amateur Championship. Players must select the division in which they intend to compete during registration. The field shall be limited to 78 players and the Committee reserves the right to select the most representative field. Players will be repaired for round two based on scores and the WPGA reserves the right to make a cut after round one if necessary.


ELIGIBILITY: Open to amateur golfers who have reached their 55th birthday by October 11, 2021 with a Handicap Index not exceeding 12.4 strokes as follows:


A. Amateur golfers that are affiliated with a WPGA Member Club as of May 1 and who have had a Handicap Index® issued by a WPGA Member Club for three (3) years, or

B. Amateur golfers residing within 50 miles of the WPGA's jurisdiction as of April 1 and who have a Handicap Index® issued by a WPGA Member Club with a minimum of five (5) rounds in the preceding twelve months posted at the WPGA club issuing the WPGA handicap index.


Players without a Handicap Index® issued by a club licensed by the WPGA will be directed to an existing WPGA Member Club or an Association-sponsored Type 3 Golf Club.

Contestants in doubt of their eligibility for the championship should contact the Association office.


The Committee reserves the right to select the most representative field and submission of entry does not guarantee field acceptance.


ENTRIES (Fee & Closing Date): All entries and fee of $185.00 must reach the Association by 5:00 PM EST on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, to be considered. Entry fee includes greens fee, cart fees, range fee, locker fee, prizes, trophies, and lunch. Late entries are accepted for an additional fee of $50 up until the publication of Groupings & Starting Times, or if players are needed to fill open groupings at the discretion of the WPGA.


Online registration – Players must enter online on the WPGA website. Players must have a valid e-mail address and a WPGA account to register online. Player accounts can be created on the WPGA Online Registration Portal, by contacting the WPGA office at 412-826-2180, or by email. Online entries may be paid by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card. American Express is not accepted.


Entry fee will be refunded with a $15.00 service charge for withdrawals before the close of entries. Withdrawals after the close of entries will be subject to a $25.00 service charge. No refunds will be issued for withdraws taking place 48 hours prior to the first tee time.


PRIZES: A trophy will be awarded to the winning player and runner-up in the Senior division and a trophy for the winner in the Super-Senior division. Prizes will be awarded to top finishers in the Senior division as well as the Super-Senior division. Prizes will consist of credits in the host club’s golf shop. The Senior Amateur is a WPGA Senior Honor Roll and Palmer Cup Team points event. Please see the Honor Roll Center for applicable points table.



A. Carts are permitted for the championship and players may bring their own caddies or carry their own bags during the championship.

B. It is a condition of competition that shoes with traditionally designed spikes, regardless of composition, or spikes comprised either entirely or partially of metal, regardless of design, are prohibited during the championship.

C. Play will be governed by the USGA Rules of Golf, conditions stated on the WPGA Rules of Play card, and other Local Rules as posted.

D. Proper attire is mandatory in all phases of the championship. Shirts with collars and sleeves are required. Shorts of Bermuda length or longer are acceptable.

E. A tie for first place shall be decided immediately upon completion of play with a hole-by-hole playoff. 

F. Players falsifying a Handicap Index may be subject to indefinite suspension from WPGA Championships. 

G. Starting times and other information will be available on the WPGA website approximately one week before the championship.  Players unable to retrieve starting times should call the WPGA office (412-826-2180).



By submission of this entry, I agree to the following:


I have read and understand the entry requirements and championship regulations.

I agree that there are certain risks inherent in golf and accept personal and sole liability for such risks including but not limited to health risks.

This entry is subject to rejection at any time (including during the Championship) by the WPGA.  The reason may include unbecoming conduct.

The WPGA may reject an entry application, revoke an accepted application, expel from a Championship and/or suspend a player from future championships if the player engages in conduct detrimental to the integrity and image of the game of golf and/or public confidence in the WPGA. Such conduct may include but is not limited to, damage to the golf course or the players’ equipment, verbal or physical abuse of spectators,officials, volunteers or staff, blatant and excessive profanity, disorderly behavior, failure to abide by club/course rules or any other unbecoming conduct.  

Responsibility for ensuring entry is received by the WPGA prior to the specified deadline is mine alone and that this application may be automatically rejected by the WPGA if received by after such date and time.

Risk of delay or error in transmission is solely with me and that the WPGA has no liability with respect to any such delay or error and the consequences therefrom, including the entry not being accepted.