Limited to the first 8 players


Players will be seeded using 2020 Mike Coury Award for Senior Player of the Year points.


Players will have TWO months to complete rounds 1 & 2.


Matches will be posted on April 2nd


Competition will be NET match play. 


Calculate your Course/Playing Handicap, and the low professional adjust/plays to a 0.  
Player A: 4 hdcp(adjusts to 0) & Player B: 7 hdcp (adjust to 3)

Player B will receive one handicap stroke on the 3 hardest holes.



Competitors are to arrange their own site and date to play their matches, but it must be within the time frame established by the Tournament Committee.  A competitor not present for his match shall be deemed to have conceded the match.  If neither player is present for a designated match, the match may be rescheduled as long as it is before the deadline.


If a match cannot be played prior to the deadline, and the players cannot determine a winner by default,

a coin toss will take place the day after the match deadline.


 All disputes shall be resolved by the Tournament Committee and its decision shall be final. 





Quarter-Finals - May 31


Semi-Finals - July 31


Finals - August 31



Entry Fee: $125


Registration Deadline: Wednesday, March 31st at 5:00pm