2021 Allen Bowl Four-Ball Tournament

The Meadow at Peabody

July 19th, 2021


Player Information Sheet & Local Rules


History of the Allen Bowl Four-Ball Tournament: Miss Eleanor W. Allen donated the trophy in 1938. Last year’s winners were Julie Corcoran & Mary Barry.


Rules of Golf: The USGA Rules of Golf, Local Rules and Terms of Competitions for Mass Golf Tournaments govern all play.


Mass Golf Policies & Procedures: Please refer to Policies & Procedures in Response to Covid-19, Policies & Procedures and Pace of Play Policy.


Format: 18 Hole event. Better ball (hole) of two. Teams play their own ball on each hole. At the end of each hole the two person team writes down the best person’s score on that hole (gross) and the best handicapped score on that hole (net). There will be Gross and Net Divisions.


Shotgun Times: 9:00 AM Shotgun Start. Refer to pairings and starting hole assignments. Golfers to be ready at their carts by 8:45 AM and at their designated hole to start at 9:00 AM.                         


Handicaps: 95% Playing Handicap as of June 29th, 2021.


Scorecards: Paper scorecards will be provided to all participants for the player’s own notes. All paper scorecards are considered UNOFFICIAL. Do NOT exchange scorecards at any time. The official scorecard will be the mobile golf genius app scoring. Prior to the tournament, players should download the USGA Tournament Management App. Click HERE for mobile scoring instructions. Click HERE to download the app. You will be provided a GGID number on your scorecards and that is the number you type into the app to see your foursome.


Enter Gross scores only in the app. Net will be calculated by the app. After both team’s gross scores are entered for a hole, click “Save Scores”. Only one person from the foursome is responsible for inputting scores in the app and another is responsible for the unofficial written scorecard. These will be two golfers from different teams and it is up to each foursome who those individuals will be. Scores will not be posted by Mass Golf.


You can toggle back and forth from the score input page to the leaderboard near the top of the phone app screen.


Tees: Mass Golf Red Tees from approximately 5,120 yards.


Distance-Measuring Devices: Permitted as specified in Mass Golf Policies & Procedures.


Practice Areas: The Meadow at Peabody is a public course, so players are welcome to call for tee times if they are interested in having a practice round. Practice chipping and putting area is located behind the clubhouse. PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS NO DRIVING RANGE AT THE MEADOW AT PEABODY.


Yardage Markers: Markers in the fairway for 100, 150, and 200 yards.


Hole Locations: Hole location sheets are in the player portal HERE.


Items to Note:

General – Lattices and rock debris from cart paths are considered extensions of the cart path

#6 – Drop zone located up by green

#7 – Drop zone located left of bunker

#8 – Drop zone located next to cart path at green


Out of Bounds: Defined by the inside edge at ground level of all white stakes, white lines, club driveway/parking lot or roads. When defined by a stonewall/fencing a ball is considered out of bounds when it is completely OVER the stonewall/fence.                              

General – Maintenance Building

#10 – Right (Stonewall)           

#11 – Left (Stonewall)


Penalty Areas: Defined by red lines or red stakes. In the absence of a line, the stakes shall define the margin of the penalty area.

#1 – Entire Left side, Behind Green                                        

#2 – Entire Left side, Fairway at top of hill in line with maintenance building, Right side past maintenance building         

#3 – Left of tee box (No Play Zone*), Left side mid-way up fairway (No Play Zone*)

#4 – Left of tee, Right of tee

#5 – Entire left side (No Play Zone*), In front of tee, Left of Green, Right of Green, Behind Green               

#6 – Front of Tee, Left, Right, Behind Green   

#7 – Entire Left side, Entire Right side, Behind Green            

#8 – Front of Tee, Left, Right, Behind Green

#11 – Entire Left side, Right side near tee, Behind Green

#12 – Entitre Left side, Right of green, Behind Green

#13 – Entire Left side, Right of tee, Behind Green

#14 – Entire Left side, Front of Green, Behind Green

#15 – Entire Left side, Entire Right side(No Play Zone*), Behind Green

#16 – Entire Left side, Behind Green

#17 – Entire Left side (No Play Zone*), Entire Right side, Behind Green

#18 – Entire Right side (No Play Zone*)


Note: (No Play Zone*) – When a ball is in the no play zone, the ball must NOT be played as it lies and relief MUST be taken under Rule 17.1e. Do not enter these environmentally protected areas.

Immovable Obstructions: All cart paths (paved or unpaved), roads (paved or unpaved), their immediate extensions/adjacent worn areas and white lined areas tying into cart paths. Relief may be taken.


Ground Under Repair: Areas enclosed with white painted lines are considered ground under repair. Relief may be taken. Also, all flower beds are considered ground under repair. Any construction or wood chipping, downed trees are considered ground under repair.


Pace of Play:  Pace for this round is 4 hours and 30 minutes. Please ensure that you are keeping within a hole of the group in front of you and within the time par printed on your scorecard.


Bathrooms: Bathrooms are located inside the club house as well as in the Maintence Building by 2nd hole and 9th Tee.


Inclement Weather: Click link HERE.


Water and Snacks: Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase in the Pro-Shop. NOTE: THERE IS NO BEVERAGE CART.


Food and Beverage – Boxed Lunches:

The Meadow at Peabody is a DRY COURSE. No alcohol is permitted on the property. There are NO WATER COOLERS on the golf course. Boxed lunches will be provided. Sandwich options include a chicken salad sandwich, ham and cheese or turkey and cheese. All sandwiches will come with a bag of chips, piece of fruit and a cookie.


Scoring: At the end of the round all scores must be verified by the team before your team’s designated app scorekeeper and unofficial written scorekeeper reports to the scoring tent. These designated scorekeepers are the ONLY individuals from the foursome that needs to report to the scoring area. All other players must not congregate near the scoring area. Scorekeepers must keep social distance in a line to confirm their scores with Mass Golf staff. Mass Golf staff will verify with the designated scorekeepers that their scores are accurate and will take a verbal yes as a confirmation/signature as this will be a no touch process.


Awards: The Eleanor W. Allen Bowl is a permanent trophy and will be engraved with the names of the gross winners. Ties for overall gross will be honored. Other ties will be decided by a matching of cards in accordance with USGA recommended method.  Prize Certificates (gross & net places) will be given out and must be redeemed at The Meadow at Peabody.


Additional Information: Golf carts are equipped with a GPS system. The distances listed on the carts are measured to the middle of the greens. Golf carts are NOT allowed in the parking lot, so please drop off carts before heading to your cars at the end of the day.





Mass Golf Staff Members In Charge:

Naomi Nesenoff, PGA

Manager of Women’s Events and Player Development



Abbie Weaver

Women’s Events Intern



We would like to thank the host club staff for their hospitality:

Peter Cronan – Head Golf Professional

Eric Still – Golf Course Superintendent


Thank you to our Mass Golf Volunteers:

Lisa Ewing

George Demeritt

Julie Lombara

Elizabeth Moran

Stella Nahatis

Kathy Otterson

MJ Wagner

Brenda Pearse