U.S. Amateur Sectional Qualifying

Castlewood Country Club

Valley Course

July 15, 2021


Player Information


Club Information (website/directions):        

Castlewood Country Club

303 Castlewood Drive

Pleasanton, CA 94566

(925) 462-2213



Two 18-hole rounds of individual stroke play.  Contestants will play from the USGA Tee Markers wherever they are situated (see Yardage sheet).  The low TWO individuals will advance to the U.S. Amateur Championship at Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pennsylvania on August 9-15, 2021. Any play-offs will take place immediately after the conclusion of play for the last spot and two alternate positions.


Competition Schedule:           

Starting times will start at 7:30 AM and 12:40 PM off Holes #1 and #10. Players should be at their assigned tee immediately following the group in front of them. Please do not congregate near the starting tees.


Local Rules / Hole Locations / Scorecards:

All links to paperwork below will be available for players on or before Wednesday, July 14th:


Practice Round Information:

Please contact Don Winter, 1st Assistant/Valley Course Manager via email ( to request a practice round. Absolutely no phone calls. Green fee: $75/cart included.


Cart Information:       

Automotive transportation is prohibited. Players and caddies must walk. Pull-carts are permitted. SPECTATOR CARTS ARE PROHIBITED.



Caddies are permitted; however, there are no caddies available at Castlewood Country Club.


Practice Balls:

Provided for players prior to and following competition round at no cost. The practice range is behind the 18th tee. There will be shuttle carts available for players.


Payment Information:            

Credit Cards and reciprocal club charge accepted for golf shop purchases. Credit card only for food and beverage purchases.


Food and Beverage Information:      

The Valley Grill will be open at 6:30 AM. A limited menu will be available for breakfast and lunch.



A player who wishes to withdraw from Qualifying must notify the USGA (908-326-1950 or via e-mail at and the NCGA (831-625-4653) prior to their scheduled qualifying round. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from future USGA competitions.



In the event of injury or illness, contact the USGA at (908) 234-2300 for a refund prior to August 12, 2019. No refunds will be issued after August 9, 2021.  A $35 service charge will be deducted from all refunds.



Additional Rules Information


Rules Information:                                       

The Rules of Golf effective January 2019 are in effect and are supplemented by the 2021 USGA Hard Card. The Committee will provide any additional Local Rules needed at the qualifying site. It is the player’s responsibility to know the conditions of the competition.



Players are expected to arrive at their first tee with the latest version of the GolfGenius or USGA Tournament Management App. The player GGID is available on the scorecard PDF available above and will be given to you on the first tee by the starter. When logging in, you MUST login using the provided Player GGID or you will not get access to the digital scorecard portion of the app.


  •  DURING THE ROUND - Within the group, players will be marking for one other player (just as you would with a paper scorecard). The electronic scorecard has a section for "Marker's Notes". This is the equivalent to the tear strip at the top of a scorecard where the marker may keep his or her own scores. 
  •  WHEN ROUND IS COMPLETED - At the end of the round, all players in the group must report any rules issues to the committee and confirm hole-by-hole scores are correct.  If there are any discrepancies between your "Marker's Notes" and the scores your marker entered for you, they will be highlighted in yellow.
  • CERTIFYING SCORES - Once all scores are correct you will be prompted to "Certify as Marker" and then you will move to "My Scores", located at the top of your screen, and then be prompted to "Certify as Player".  This is the equivalent of signing a paper scorecard and satisfies the requirements of Rule 3.3b. Scores will be considered official and returned once the player has left the scoring area as defined in the Notice to Players.
  • Digital Scorecard Training - A step-by-step guide to digital scorecards.


Staff contact information is available in the Notice to Players if you have any questions after your round. 


Golf Balls and Driver Heads:                                                                   

Only brands of golf balls on the most current List of Conforming Golf Balls and driver heads on the most current List of Conforming Driver Heads may be used. Updated lists may be found on the USGA website at or by contacting the USGA Equipment Standards Department at (908) 234-2300. See Model Local Rules G-1 and G-3.


Automotive Transportation:                                      

The Local Rule prohibiting the use of motorized transportation as prescribed in Section 8 of the Committee Procedures is in effect. See Model Local Rule G-6.


Prohibition on Certain Types of Shoes:                 

The Local Rule as prescribed in Section 8 of the Committee Procedures is in effect. Model Local Rule G-7.


Limitation of Golf Balls:

The one ball Rule as prescribed in Section 8 of the Committee Procedures is in effect. See Model Local Rule G-4.


Grooves Condition:

The Local Rule as prescribed by Section 8 of the Committee Procedures is in effect, except that the Exception in the Model Local Rule does not apply.  You may check to see if your grooves are conforming by using the Informational Club Database -