Welcome to the 2021 - 22 Men's Club Challenge




2021 - 2022 Cordova Bay Winter Challenge


Returning for another winter season is the Cordova Bay Winter Challenge! We will host both daily competitions for both our Men’s and Ladies Club members.


What you need to know...


  • There is no additional cost to participate
  • Separate divisions for Men’s and Ladies’ Club members
  • Scoring is based on your NET front 9 score only. You do not need to play 18!
  • To be eligible, scores must be recorded on result sheets that will be located on pro shop window by end of day.
  • Daily Prizes will be allocated in the form of credit book monies applied to your account
  • Daily Prize Purse will vary daily based on the number of competitors in your division for the day.
  • Monthly competition will be calculated on points.
  • Monthly Points will be allocated by finish position and will vary based on the number of competitors in your division for the day.
  • All players will receive participation points regardless of score. A little something for the effort!
  • Monthly leaders will be awarded prizes based on final point standings 


Monthly Award Winners
Men's Club Ladies' Club
1st  $    75.00 1st  $    75.00
2nd  $    60.00 2nd  $    60.00
3rd  $    50.00 3rd  $    50.00
4th  $    40.00    
5th  $    35.00    
6th  $    30.00    
7th  $    25.00   $500


Players are reminded they must post their scores to Golf Canada all season long. 


Play safe, Be well, and Enjoy the Walk!