2022 Match Play - Rules


General Rules

  • USGA rules apply including USGA Match Play rules.  Local BCMGC rules are also applicable.
  • The use of Match Play Rules: 
    • In the 2022 Match Play Championship, all matches will be played with Match Play Rules – players will be ineligible for the weekly flight and skins games.
    • Because of this rule, players in matches may “give” putts to their opponents and/or concede holes when desired.
    • Once a putt is conceded, the concession takes effect – i.e., if the player then misses the putt that was conceded, it does not affect the concession (the putt is still good).
  • Match square (tied) after 18 holes played - If match is square at the end of 18 holes, players would go to the NEXT hole in order based on what hole the match started on.  This may not be Hole #1 on the course they are playing.  For example, if players start their match on hole #17 (due to modified shotgun start that typically occurs on Saturdays), and if the match is square after they complete their final hole (in this case Hole #16), then they continue on with the hole #17 and continue in order (then #18, #1, #2…) until the match is decided.  Any handicap strokes given during the match would be given during extra holes – i.e., if a player got a handicap stroke on hole #17 during the round, then they would get a handicap stroke on hole #17 for any extra holes.  Players would need to coordinate any continuing play with the Bear Creek Staff if it requires playing hole #1 again as the “general public” may be impacted.
  • Entry fee is $25.  Of the $25, $24 will go to the prize fund and the remaining dollar into the Men’s Club general fund.  
  • Four places will be paid with a payout of 45%, 30% and 15% and 10%, respectively.
  • Entry deadline is before normal weekly league play on March 12th.  Fees are due at time entry is submitted or before registration ends on March 12th unless prior arrangements made to pay the fee; but all players must be registered in this event by March 12th.
  • The random draw defining the brackets for match play will take place on March 12th after league play.
  • Out of the 4 brackets, it will be divided up into four sections
    • Lowest Handicaps
    • Low-Mid Handicaps
    • Mid-High Handicaps
    • Highest Handicaps
  • Brackets will be published and available on or prior to March 12th.  THERE WILL BE NO realignment of brackets once the draw has taken place.  Those entered are expected to understand the deadlines and options to play ahead of the published schedule.



Eligible Play

  1. Only members of the Bear Creek Men’s Golf Club in good standing are eligible to play.
  2. All members who have played in at least 5 Men’s Club events as a member (an event would be the normal Saturday’s events) in the current or past year (2021 or 2022) are eligible.
  3. The first 64 eligible players to sign-up will be entered into the draw.  Any players after the first 64 will be put on a first-come, first-served waitlist.  Once the first round of the tournament is completed, no further substitutions from the waitlist will be allowed.
  4. All entry fees must have been collected prior to play and are non-refundable.
  5. Players may choose which player eligible tees they want to play for the entire Match Play event (white or blue).  These tees may be different than the tees the player plays in our weekly events.  Once the player chooses a set of tees, that choice may not be changed for the duration of that player’s matches.  Example: a player who usually plays the white tees may decide to play the blue tees for the Match Play.  Therefore, for each match, the player will play from the blue tees.  However, for each week of play that the player does not have a match, he must go back to the white tees.
  6. Play cannot begin prior to March 19th  and play cannot take place after June 11th.
  7. If one of the competing players in a defined match cannot complete their round in the timeframe defined, or before, that player defaults and the opposing player is considered the winner. 
  8. If both players are not available to play their match before the deadline defined, or before, then both players are eliminated from the tournament and the player who was scheduled to meet the winner of the match between these players is considered to have won that specific match.
  9. Both players must agree to the following:
    • Play may occur at any time after play starts (March 19th) and on or before the last date specified for the specific round.
    • The date and time for their match must be agreed to.  It is recommended that play occur during our normal Saturday tee times.
    • Scheduling of the match is between the players and when they sign up for the weekly game they must indicate to the coordinator at time of sign-up that a match is scheduled.
    • All local rules that are applicable during regular Men's Club play are also applicable during the Match Play Tournament.
    • Play may occur at ANY course as long as both players agree and the Match Play Coordinator is aware of the location when the results are reported.  However, it is recommended that play occur on the home course. 
    • If the match is played on the deadline date, and on that Saturday the club is playing at another course, if both players cannot agree on the course to play the match, it will be held on regular Saturday play at the other course.
    • If playing on a normal Saturday, please let us know when you sign up for play that week that you will be in a match so we can place your match on the #1 tee if possible.
  10. Bear Creek Men’s Golf Club handicaps as reported and noted by the Bear Creek Men’s Golf Club Handicap Chairman are in effect at time of play.  Handicaps can be found by asking the Handicap Chairman or the Match Play Coordinator.   If players are in disagreement with handicap and it cannot be resolved, then play should not occur.  Both players must be aware and agree to the handicaps in play.
  11. If match occurs during a regular Saturday event, use the Handicaps that are posted in the clubhouse; and on the score sheets, on a regular Saturday game.
  12. To define proper handicaps for match play; after handicaps are set to a whole number (using the USGA formula using slope rating as well as USGA Handicap Index then rounding, which are applied in calculating the normal club handicap), the lowest handicap is subtracted from the highest handicap amongst the two players.  If the resulting difference is greater than 18, then 18 will be noted as the difference as no one player will ever get more than 18 strokes per round.   The player with the highest handicap will get a stroke on the lowest handicap holes designated on the scorecard up and to the difference.
    • Examples
      • Player A has a handicap of 15, Player B has a handicap of 2, and the difference is 13.  Therefore, player A receives a stroke on the 13 lowest handicap holes on the course being played.  Player B does not get any strokes.
      • Player A has a handicap of 21, Player B has handicap of 2, and the difference is 19, but the difference CANNOT be more than 18.  Therefore, player A receives a stroke on the 18 lowest handicap holes on the course being played (all of them).  Player B does not get any strokes
      • Player A has a handicap of 9, Player B has handicap of 9, and the difference is 0.   Neither player receives a stroke.